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42 Fun Frog and Turtle Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Kids love to make both frog crafts and turtle crafts because the crafts are usually quite easy to make and are brightly colored.

It sometimes surprises me that a craft subject that I think should have lots of variations, doesn't. While looking for different frog crafts I noticed that the number of craft projects with frogs as the theme, and that had directions on how to make the craft, were pretty sparse.That's when I decided that for this article I would combine the frog and turtle craft projects that I found. And, although there may not be an awful lot of them, the ones that I found I think are worthy of being featured.

To make paper mache turtles like the one shown above, go to About Family Crafts for the tutorial.


1. Squeeze 'n Croak Frog

Imagine how much fun the kids will have making cute little frogs like this. Find the directions for this cute project at Kids Craftroom.


2. Egg Carton Frog

Make this super easy frog using an egg carton and a styrofoam cup and following the instructions given at ALL FREE KIDS CRAFTS. The kids will love this frog project with the google eyes and red tongue.


3. Pop-up Frog Card

Help the kids make this cute frog pop-up card to give to Mom for Mother's day or to Dad for Father's day. Add a saying such as "You make me hoppy." Go to the Art for Kids hub for the tutorial to make this pop-up card.


4. Paper Plates Frog

This is a nice paper plate craft that has the kids painting and gluing. You'll see lots of unique frogs when the kids finish this project. You'll find the instructions for making the paper plate frog at EASY CRAFTS FOR KIDS.


5. Paint a Frog

Even the littlest artist will love making this frog. Find the directions for this project at Housing a Forest.


6. Turtle Treat Tray

You'll need three of the light weight paper plates to make this little turtle that holds treats. Find the tutorial for making this turtle treat tray at education. Imagine using these for a birthday or classroom party. The kids will love it.


7. Frog Prince Finger Puppet

Use the instructions at Happy Paper Time to make your frog puppet. An inexpensive and soooo cute project.

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8. Paper Bowl Turtle

Using paper plates or, as in this project paper bowls, keeps the kids crafts inexpensive to make. I like that idea because the kids usually want to make more than one. One for Mom, and one for Grandma or a friend. The tutorial for this craft project is found at firstpalette.


9. Sea Turtle Softie

The sewing project, the sea turtle softie, will look unique with each different color or fabric print used. The pattern and directions for this turtle softie is found at Positively Splendid.


10. Egg Carton Frog Prince

You have to love this frog, turned prince, with his bright yellow crown. Find the instructions on the crafty morning site. The really long, red tongue makes you think he's waiting for the flies to come.


11. Ninja Turtle Puppet

You'll find the tutorial for making this really cute stick Ninja puppet at Amy Latta Creations. A project that is easy and fun to do.


12. Turtle Sun Catcher

Kids seem to especially like projects that have to do with sun catchers. This turtle craft uses contact paper and tissue scraps for the sun catcher look. All the information for making this turtle sun catcher can be found at learn create love.


13. Life Cycle Froggy

Written on the tongue of this frog is the stages of it's life cycle. Not only is this a fun project, but also educational. Lakeshore is the site where you'll find the tutorial for this frog life cycle project.


14. Terra Cotta Turtle

This is such a cute little turtle and, depending on the sizes of the flower pot dishes, you can make little or very large turtles. To find out how to make this project, go to favecrafts.


15. Rock Painting Turtle

This will be a great family summer vacation project. Go to Easy, Peasy and Fun for the instructions for this project.


16. Paper Cup Frog

Would you believe that you could make such a nice project out of a paper cup? This cute project can be found at Crafts by Amanda. This would make a great decoration for a boy's birthday party.


17. Egg Carton and Felt and Buttons Turtles

I love the looks of these little guys. And I can imagine they are ever bit as much fun to make. Look on the Munchkin Time site for the tutorial on how to make these turtles. This would also be a great activity for scouts or senior crafts.


18. Wine Cork Turtles

Look how easy it is to make turtle print paper. The kids will love helping to print the turtles off and then finding uses for the beautiful papers they have made. The instructions for this project are found at crafty morning .


19. Jumping Frog

Make a jumping frog for a Halloween "in a witches brew" paper plate project. Little kids love this kind of craft.


20. Hanging CD Turtle

Making this little hanging turtle is very easy using the pattern and instructions provided at Kids & Glitter, and an old CD disc and some gems, beads or buttons. The kids love making this turtle and get very excited about how they are going to decorate him.


21. Frog Rice Bags

A grown up sort of "boo boo bear." These flannel frog rice bags are heated in the microwave and used to relax achy muscles.


22. Turtle Pincushion

So cute and also so useful. You'll find the directions for this fabric project at Craft Passion.

23. Polymer Clay Frog Tutorial


24. Frog Baseball Cap

This would be a really cute cap for a team or group to wear to distinguish them from other teams. If you'd like to make caps like these for your team, go to CRAFTS BY Amanda for the instructions.


25. Egg Carton Turtles

It's so easy to get many egg cartons, so this is a great classroom project. Go to for the directions for this project.


26. Frog Card and Treat Holder

Make this card for any holiday of occasion. There is a space to place a candy bar for a little added treat. Find the instructions for making this frog card and treat holder at Kids & Glitter.


27. The Chubbies

Beautiful fabric prints make these outstanding turtles. Go to make it-love it to find the directions on how to make them.


28. CD Frog

Use an old cd to make this little frog, you can get the directions at Artsy Crafty Mom.


29. Clay Pot Frogs

It's amazing what you can do with a simple clay pot. Make this little clay pot frog using the instructions at Glued to My Crafts.


30. Turtle Box

This cute little turtle is actually a box. Go to Polymer Clay Workshop for the instructions.


31. Frogtainer

Making useful items out of tin cans,or any recyclable, is a great lesson to teach the kids. This useful container made using a tin can and adding a little humor by giving it the looks of a frog, is a thriftyfun project. You'll find the directions on their blog.


32. Recycled CD Turtle

Recycling is a great lesson for kids to learn early. Making a CD turtle is a fun way to learn about it.

33. Egg Carton Turtle


34. Paper Turtle

Here is a new take on how to make a paper turtle. The DLTK site has a template for making this turtle.


35. Bottle Top Turtles

Make these really cute little turtles using bottle caps, Q-tips and craft sticks. Here is a great project to use up all the bottle caps that you've been saving. The instructions for this project can be found at mama jenn.


36. TP Roll Frog

Too cute for words. To make this little tp roll frog, go to Easy Peasy and Fun.


37. Turtle Cuff Bracelet

You'll be able to download the pattern for this frog bracelet when you go to the ravelry site.


38. Frog and Fly Game

So easy to make and so much fun to play. Make this frog and fly game by following the instructions at Beth Watson Design Studio.


39. Frog Frame

A perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day. Even Grandpa or Grandma would enjoy receiving this cute frog frame with a picture of their grandchild in it. Go to All Free Crafts for the instructions on how to make one like it.

40. Plastic Spoon Turtle Craft


41. Paper Bag Froggie

Use this little paper bag frog as a puppet, or use it for gift wrap. The tutorial for this super cute little frog project is found at Cooking With Ruthie.


42. Tissue Paper Turtle

Another great paper plate project for the littlest crafters. A tissue paper turtle is a fun and busy activity for preschoolers and older.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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peachy from Home Sweet Home on May 23, 2020:

i guided my son for making frog from toilet paper roll.

was not easy for kids but great idea to recycle trash.

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So adorable! Thanks for sharing! I just love frogs and turtles and crafties with the kids so this is perfect

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I have a STEM kindergarten teacher that collects frogs!!!! Great ideas

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Everything here looks fun to make :)

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I can make a frog prince now :D

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I like your craft lenses. The paper cup frog looks brilliant, thanks for putting all this together.

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Very nice. I collect turtles. I really enjoyed this lens.

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What a cute projects!!!

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