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The best accessories for the Canon eos 7d reviewed and compared


Best Canon 7d accessories to improve your photographs

The Canon EOS 7D is an awesome camera that sits in between the entry level digital slr camera and the professional grade digital slr cameras, which means the eos 7d is ideal for photography enthusiasts keen to take their digital photography skills to the next level.

The best Canon 7d accessories will help you get the most out of your Canon 7d. The eos 7d has some remarkable features, such as an 18MP sensor, high burst rate (making it perfect for sports and wildlife photography) and a tough magnesium body to name but a few. There are many different sites on the full specification of the Canon 7D therefore this article focuses solely on the best eos 7d accessories available.

There are loads of different accessories for the Canon eos 7d and choosing the appropriate accessories can be a real head ache. The choice is vast and not all of the accessories are actually needed. In fact, many of the accessories are a total waste of money and items you will seldom use. There are many manufacturers out there who will quite happily sell you a pointless accessory, so you need to keep your wits about you, unless you want to shell out your hard earned money on a load of rubbish that is.

So, if you are looking for some accessories for your Canon eos 7d and don't want to waste your hard earned cash please carry on reading.

Canon 7d Accessories - Camera strap

The Canon EOS 7D is not a cheap camera and you are going to want to protect your investment right? Dropping a camera is the number one cause for serious damage and whilst the Canon EOS 7D has a tough magnesium body that is durable, it is not a good idea to drop the camera.

A camera strap is the best way to stop your Canon EOS 7D from being dropped and damaged. The EOS 7D is supplied with a neck strap, however these are pretty much useless and very uncomfortable to wear, so it is advisable to change this as soon as possible.

Camera straps are cheap and can end up saving you a lot of money, therefore there are no excuses not to have a good quality camera strap attached to your EOS 7D at all times.

Sniper camera strap


The over should style sun sniper strap is one of the best straps for the Canon 7D ever. It is strong, it is durable and great value for money.

Cotton Carrier Vest System for 1 camera

If you want to make sure your eos 7d never hits the ground, unintentionally of course, you are going to need some kind of camera strap or carrying device. Camera straps are good, in fact some of them are exceptionally good, but if you want the ultimate 7d carrier you need to look to the Cotton Carrier harness system.

The Cotton Carrier harness system is the ultimate 7d camera that will ensure your Canon eos 7d is protected at all times. The Cotton Carrier consists of a vest top, which you wear like a waistcoat, to which a holder is attached. There is a separate attachment that screws in to the tripod screw of the 7d, which then attaches to the holder on the vest top.

With the Cotton Carrier system is a bit like a baby carrier, where your eos 7d (your baby) is carried on your chest, out of harm's way. This set up not only leaves both hands and arms free to do what you want but also means there is no camera and lens swinging by your hips, which you could easily knock in to something. The Cotton Carrier system is a fantastic idea.

The Cotton Carrier harness system is useful for many different types of photography. I use mine for motorsports, wildlife and when on a general walk around session. With the Cotton Carrier Harness system you can have your eos 7d to hand in a matter of seconds, which means you will never miss an opportunity again. The Cotton Carrier Harness system is very comfortable and I have no problems walking around with my 7d and Canon 100mm - 400mm L IS lens all day, and this is a heavy combination.

The Cotton Carrier Harness system isn't cheap but when you consider you have a few thousand bucks of serious photographic equipment on you it is well worth spending around two hundred bucks on a decent harness system that is not going to let you down. When it comes to accessories that are going to protect my eos 7d and expensive lenses I do not scrimp to save a few bucks that could easily end up costing me thousands of bucks in the future.

California Sun Sniper Steel- Steel Reinforce padded camera sniper strap- Black

Out of all the camera straps available I would have to say the Sniper is the best strap out there. Your eos 7d attaches to a ring that is inserted in the tripod screw, which means it won't come out. The strap itself is thick, padded and very comfortable. When the camera is attached to the Sniper it hangs down beside your waist making it easily accessible so you can get to it in a second or two, meaning you will never miss a shot again.

Protect your Canon 7d - With a Delkin Snug-It


Delkin Snug-It for Canon 7d

I primarily use my Canon 7d for sports and wildlife photography so it spends most of its working life in the great outdoors. I know a bit of dirt and a few bumps and scrapes won’t hamper the performance of my Canon 7d, however I do want to keep my 7d in the best condition I can and keep it looking nice. Besides, I spent quite a bit of money on my 7D so it is my pride and joy.

After a brief encounter with a Delkin Snug-It on a friend’s dslr camera I decided to invest in one for my Canon 7d. The Snug-It is a black silicon sleeve that encases the 7d leaving access to all the controls for taking photographs.

The Delkin Snug-It is an awesome accessory and one I highly recommend to all Canon dslr users (it is available for other Canon models). The fit is nice and tight, and the holes for all the controls are in the exact spot so everything works as it should. It is clear the Snug-It is specifically designed for each individual model and it is not a “universal and one size fits all” product. Using the 7d with the Snug-It on is natural and if it weren’t for the soft feel of the silicon you wouldn’t even know it was there.

So would I recommend the Delkin Snug-It for Canon 7d? Without a doubt. The Snug-It is a top product that will keep your 7d looking like new and at such a great price you can’t go far wrong with it.

Canon 7d Accessories - Long reach telephoto lens

canon eos 7d lens

canon eos 7d lens

With numerous focus points, upper quick autofocus and 8 frames per second burst mode the Canon EOS7D is a great camera for action/sports photography and wildlife photography, and this is what most Canon EOS7D shooters use their camera for.

For sports, and wildlife photography, you are going to need a lens with a long focal length in order to get those frame filling images. Long tele lenses cost a lot of money and few people can justify spending a few thousand bucks on a piece of glass, unless they are professionals of course.

However, Canon has developed a "budget" option zoom lens, which is called the Canon EF100mm - 400m L f4.5 - 5.6 IS USM lens. This lens

Canon EF100 - 400 L telephoto lens


Canon 100 - 400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM telephoto zoom lens for Canon SLR cameras

The Canon EF100 - 400 lens is the best value professional grade lens you can buy for your Canon eos 7d. WIth a focal range of 100mm - 400mm this lens is very versatile. If 400mm isn't long enough, even with the eos 7d's 1.6 x crop factor you can use an extender for even more reach. The build quality of this lens is simply superb. It is tough, durable and built to last. The push/pull mechanism is easy to get used to, and unlike what some people say it does not suck in the dust.

The image quality of this lens is simply stunning and it is possible to create some stunning images with this lens. If you buy one telephoto lens for your Canon eos 7d this has to be the one.

The Canon 100 - 400 is one of the best Canon lenses ever made. This is a versatile lens that is great for sports photography, wildlife photography and also macr


Other Canon 7d compatible telephoto lenses

The tele photo lenses above are my recommedations (especially the 100 - 400) however there are alternatives out there. So, if the Canon L range of telephoto lenses isn't for you take a look at the alternative tele photo lenses below, all of which are very good.

Canon 400mm f4.5L - An alternative to the Canon 100 - 400L IS USM

If you want a long reach zoom lens of 400mm and prefer a prime lens, i.e. fixed focal length, an alternative to the canon 100 - 400L IS USM lens is the Canon 400mm f4.5L prime lens. This professional grade lens is a popular bird photography lens, and when you see the images you can take with this lens it is easy to see why. In addition to excellent image quality this lens is tough, durable and built to last. The Canon 400mm f4.5L is definitely a lens to consider.

Canon 7d accessories - 70mm - 200mm zoom lens

As well as sports and wildlife photography the Canon 7d is also suitable for photo journalism and street photography because of the fast burst rate. If you have a passion for photo journalism or street photography one of the best Canon 7d accessories is the 70mm - 200mm telephoto lens, which is big enough to get up close and personal to the subjects but not so big that it is too obvious or intrusive.

There are four Canon 70mm - 200mm lenses, all of which are simply superb. The build quality of all the lenses is second to none and the image quality is amazing. Photographs are tack sharp, colours are bright and vivid without being oversaturated and there is little distortion.

Canon 7d accessories - 70mm - 200mm lenses for sale

Canon 7d Accessories - Lens Extender

canon eos 7d extender

canon eos 7d extender

If sports and wildlife are your target subjects and you can't afford a 600mm or 800mm prime lens, the Canon EF lens extender is exactly what you are looking for. There are two types, one extending by 1.4 times and the other extending by 2 times.

Using an extender with the Canon 75mm - 300mm or the awesome 100mm - 400mm L lens means you can get the long reaches required to get frame filling shots of distant subjects.

Canon lens extender

Canon 7d Accessories - Lens cleaning equipment

canon eos 7d lens cleaning

canon eos 7d lens cleaning

A mark caused by a dirty lens can easily ruin a great photograph and since it is something you can't fix using post processing software, it is essential you keep your lenses and filters spotlessly clean.

At the very least you should always carry a lens cleaning cloth, however it is also useful to have a lens pen (consisting of a carbon tip and a brush tip), some lens cleaning fluid and a "blower" of some description.

When cleaning a lens or filter the first step is to blow away the loose dust, muck and debris. Next, you use the brush to sweep away any excess muck before wiping the lens or filter with a lint free lens cleaning cloth to buff it up. For stubborn marks use a small amount of lens cleaning fluid and all your lens or filters will end up spotless.

A tutorial on how to clean a lens

Many people think that cleaning a camera lens is easy, however this is not the case. Sure, anyone can wipe a cloth over a lens but if you want to ensure your camera lens is spotlessly clean you need to take your time and think about what you are doing. Camera lenses are expensive and you don't want to end up scratching it right?

Imperfections on images taken with a dirty lens cannot be rectified in Photoshop or any other editing software so you need to make sure your lenses are clean all the time.

For some great tips and advice on how to clean your camera lenses check out this footage, courtesy of Youtube.

Canon 7d Accessories - Memory cards

canon eos 7d memory cards

canon eos 7d memory cards

With the burst mode of the Canon EOS7 7D you will find yourself using up memory cards in no time at all, therefore you are going to want a good supply of them.

When buying memory cards for the Canon EOS 7D you are going to want a card that is professional grade and fast. So you don't miss any of the action waiting for your camera to "buffer" you need the fastest memory card you can afford.

Canon 7d Accessories - Canon 7d battery grip

canon eos 7d battery grip

canon eos 7d battery grip

As a result of the quick burst rate of the Canon EOS 7D you are going to find yourself taking loads of photographs, which is going to drain the battery life somewhat. A Canon 7d battery grip will help prolong the life of your 7d camera and ensure you can carry on shooting, although you will need an additional battery to do this.

Not only does a Canon 7d battery battery grip provide more power it also makes the camera more comfortable to use, especially when shooting in portrait. THe Canon 7d battery grip is an excellent Canon 7d accessory and well worth buying. I wouldn't be without mine.

Canon BG-E7 battery grip for the EOS7d Digital SLR Camera

It is possible to buy cheaper third party battery grips for your eos 7d however you want the specific Canon branded grip. The Canon grip is made for the eos 7d and fits like a glove whereas the other types feel a bit loose. The Canon grip is tough, durable and built to last whereas the other grips feel inferior in comparison.

The genuine Canon 7d battery grip is more expensive than other 7d compatible battery grips however you do get what you pay for and it is well worth spending a bit more and getting the real deal. After all, the eos 7d is an expensive camera and it deserves the genuine Canon 7d battery grip to go with it.

The eos 7d is a Canon digital camera. In the past I used to shoot Nikon however things changed and I thought I would give Canon a go, and boy am I glad I did. There is a massive rivalry between Canon and Nikon and there is no signs it will cease soon. There are other brands, although these aren't quite a big as Nikon or Canon. So, which do you prefer?

Canon LP-E6 battery

Canon LP-E6 battery

Canon 7d accessories - LP-E6 Battery

The Canon 7d runs off a Canon LP-E6 battery, which is a powerful cell. The drawback of this battery is they aren't as readily available as standard batteries, such as AA or AAA. So, when your Canon LP-E6 is fully discharged you have to stop shooting, which is not good since you may miss the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

In order to keep taking images all day long you are going to need at least two batteries, therefore it is always best to have a spare battery. Genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries are quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives available, however I would always recommend buying a genuine Canon battery. The cheap replicas are underpowered and they don't last as long as genuine Canon batteries, so they are best avoided.

So, a spare Canon LP-E6 battery is an essential purchase.

Power monkey

Power monkey

Canon 7d Accessories - Portable Solar Charger

Keeping your Canon 7d batteries fully charged when out and about used to be difficult, however not any more. If you want to keep your spare Canon LP-E6 battery fully charged you need to constantly trickle charge it, and the best way of doing this is via a portable solar panel and the best one available is the Power Monkey.

The Power Monkey is an awesome bit of kit and well worth a purchase. The power Monkey is tough, durable and will ensure your 7d battery is charged at all times. The manufacturer of the Power Monkey states it will charge your unit as long as there is daylight however I have not found this to be the case. In my experience you need sunlight to get the Power Monkey to charge.


Canon 7d Accessories - User guides

The Canon 7d is user friendly, however if you want to learn how to use your camera properly and be able to adjust the settings to the way you want them quickly and efficiently you are going to need a Canon 7d user guide.

Personally, I prefer to read books and find the best 7d user guide is a good book. There are loads of paper 7d user guides available but one of the better ones is by David Busch.

If you prefer to watch a movie as opposed to read a book you can also get Canon 7d user guides in DVD format. Once again, there are plenty available although the choice isn't as vast as the books, so dive in and have a look although the Crane ones are highly recommended.

Video turorials for the Canon 7d

Want a video tutorial on how to use the Canon eos 7d or do you simply want to see how good the 7d is before buying one? Check out the tutorials below, courtesy of Youtube.

Canon 7d Accessories - Camera Support

canon eos 7d tripod

canon eos 7d tripod

Since you are likely to be using long telephoto lenses with your Canon EOS 7D you are going to need some kind of support. In an ideal world the best thing to use would be a tripod, however these are not great when you need to be mobile, as is the case with sports and wildlife photography.

Fortunately, there are some alternatives you can use instead of a tripod to steady a long lens, and make sure you get a sharp shot.

First off there is a beanbag, which as its name suggests is a waterproof bag, full of beans, you can lay on the ground, on a wall, on a rock or wherever else you want to put it before resting your Canon EOS 7D on it. Bean bags offer a stable support however it can sometimes be difficult to find something the desired height in order to rest the bean bag on.

An alternative to the beanbag is the monopod, which is a telescopic carbon fibre or fibre glass pole to which you screw the camera in to. Since the monopod is telescopic you can vary the height, making it very versatile. Monopods are small, light, transportable and cheap. The monopod is an essential accessory for your Canon EOS 7D and well worth a purchase.

Gitzo tripods


Gitzo GT0531 Series 0 6X Carbon Fiber 3-section Tripod

Gitzo make excellent tripods, fact. Gitzo tripods are strong and sturdy yet lightweight. Gitzo tripods are fully adjustable, which makes them very versatile and are capapble of supporting a lot of weight, which means you can load your eos 7d with a heavy lens and still safely use the tripod.

If you are on the look out for a tripod any made by Gitzo comes highly recommended.

Canon 7d Accessories - Camera bag

Camera bag

Camera bag

A Canon EOS 7D is an expensive bit of photographic equipment and you are going to want to look after it and make sure it is adequately protected whilst it is not in is, right? It doesn't matter whether you are between taking shots or whether you are between sessions, it is important to keep your EOS 7D safe and sound.

The best way of doing this is to store your 7D in a padded camera bag. There are loads of different styles available, including shoulder bags and rucksacks, made by different manufacturers, some of which are obviously better than the others.

When choosing a camera bag make sure you go for as large one. Even if you think the bag is too big, in reality it never is and you will soon find this out as you start buying and using more and more accessories.

I think the rucksack is the most useful type of camera bag, although there are other photographers who have a different opinion. At the end of the day it is down to personal choice. Just make sure the camera bag is big, padded and comfortable to carry and you won't go too far wrong.

Canon deluxe backpack


Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR cameras

My favourite style of camera bag is the rucksack. If you want a good quality and padded rucksack for your eos 7d you need to take a look at the Canon Deluxe backpack. It is large enough to carry a 7D, some spare lenses, a falsh gun and a whole whost of other essential accessories. The Canon Deluxe is

also highly protective and will make sure your eos 7d remains safe at all times.

Photo Editing Software

No matter what photography equipment you use, all photographs will benefit from some processing using some kind of photo editing software. Basic photo editing software allows you to crop and resize, increase/decrease saturation, clone out distracting elements and tweak the exposure amongst other things. More advanced editing software has the same features as basic editing software but a whole range of advanced features, such as changing levels and creating various effects.

It is possible to get free photo editing software, however it is very basic and really not worth having and if you are serious about your photography you are going to need to spend some money on good photo editing software.

The most well known photo editing software is Photo Shop CS however it is also one of the most expensive. Photo Shop CS is a complex piece of software that is jam packed full of basic and advanced features, and if you want to learn how to use it to its full potential you are going to need to spend some time with the software and money on some training material.

Photo Shop CS is an advanced program and has features that many people simply wouldn’t use, therefore it is often a waste of money and a cheaper alternative is Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements is an excellent program with loads of features, and everything you will ever need. Photoshop Elements is quick and easy to learn and you will be up and running in no time. Photoshop Elements is a fraction of the price of Photo Shop CS therefore you get a lot of bang for the buck. Photoshop Elements is an awesome piece of software that is well worth buying.

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