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Tea Bag Folding Template for All Your Patterns

Ms. Venegas has been using origami to make rosettes and medallions since 2003. She shares art/craft techniques and ideas online.

Tea Bag Rosettes

Tea Bag Rosettes

Make Templates for Your Paper Rosette Patterns

Use this Tea Bag Fold Pattern Template idea as your guide for using printed paper found in the marketplace. TBF can be expensive when printing or buying tiles for your creative projects. This tip has enabled me to make more than 1100 greeting cards with papers found in bargain bins and sale tables.

If you know a little about the patterns used for tea bag folding this is an easy tip you can apply for each pattern you know how to fold.

The paper used for this demonstration was purchased at the discount store Tuesday Morning. There were two sized pads of the same motif. I have made dozens of strawberry items with the paper: bookmarks, notecards, 5x7 inch greeting cards, and gift tags.

Papers bought on vacation are fun to work with. The papers are a pleasant reminder of the good times away from home and the shopping fun I had.

This tutorial is for the folder that has had some experience with the craft. Even if you print all your tiles it is handy to have a template, so you can gauge the colors that will pop after the tile is folded. The series of photos below include written directions.

If you are new to this style folding here is the chance to learn all about the craft by viewing Tea Bag Folding: a Flat Unit Origami Craft.

All the area of your tile that is not highlighted will not show when folded.

If you like to use the back of a pattern turn over and mark with a different color for back side colors.

The template above is the rosette at the top right in the intro photo.


Where Is the Pattern?

#5119 Memory Folds

Memory Folds (Design Originals)

The fold I am using above as an example is on page 24 of Memory Folds by Terri Pointer. This book has all the basic folds I use over and over again for my own cards.

Using  tea bag folding Template

Using tea bag folding Template

How to Use

This is an example of a different pattern template in my stack of templates.

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The card embellishment is shown below on red cardstock. Notepad elements for accents on a crafted greeting card.

Flip the embellishment and made a coordinating gift tag to go with.

A Finished Note Card and Gift tag

A Finished Note Card and Gift tag

A Finished Note Card and Gift tag


This example ended up being the card below.

Strawberry Motif Card

Strawberry Motif Card

Strawberry Motif Card

Using Templates for Making Rosettes


The pattern directly above is made into the card in the center with white background. The template, two above, is the green card below.

Tea Bag Folding Greeting Cards

Tea Bag Folding Greeting Cards

tea bag folding using templates

tea bag folding using templates

Collection of Templates for Paper Crafting

This collection of templates has served this hobbyist for 10 years. I use the collection for instant ideas. It is very helpful for recalling what patterns I know how to fold. I use the template in aiding memory about how to make an individual rosette fold.

It is a good filing system for the folds I have learned through the years from books, the Internet, and the group I share with every week.

I can get the most out of all the tea bag tiles I want to cut myself. It helps with false starts too. How many square tiles have you folded and had to set aside because the motif did not pop?

Some Extra Tips

  1. Use the vellum template on both sides to get opposite looks for all your patterns.
  2. Put notes on the template to aid in remembering the fold.
  3. When you can not decide on a pattern, browse through your template stack for ideas.
  4. While you are coloring the top of your vellum fold, put stripes or dots on the back for the back side of your rosette. Some finished rosette patterns are just as pretty on the back as the front.

Vellum Tracing Paper

Use this paper for your TBF templates and for beautiful wedding card and anniversary ideas. The paper rosette flower is one that can used for a whole wedding party motif.

Was this tip for TB tiles helpful? For more info on this flat unit origami see Tea Bag Folding Resources On HubPages.

And last visit all new

© 2012 Sherry Venegas

Tea Bag Tile Templates

Jeremy Richmond from Hubbard on August 19, 2012:

An amazing amount of skill in the making of those things, I'd never be able to do it, but can appreciate the craft.

darciefrench lm on August 16, 2012:

Very pretty - reminds me of the years that Chinese women spent behind their upper window lattices, creating together.

Loraine Brummer from Hartington, Nebraska on August 13, 2012:

Very interesting and informative. I have yet to try origami, but I really like the card you made. Nice lens.

fathomblueEG on August 12, 2012:

You make these look easy to make. They are very pretty and super creative as well:-)

jlshernandez on August 12, 2012:

Makes ordinary gift wrapping to extraordinary presents.

anonymous on August 02, 2012:

Those that can do this well simply amaze me. Thanks for the dazzle, I like it.

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