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Tea Bag Folding Resources By Paperfacets

Ms. Venegas has been using origami to make rosettes and medallions since 2003. She shares art/craft techniques and ideas online.

Tea Bag folding tile with folds

Tea Bag folding tile with folds

Flat Unit Origami Information

This page is a hub for information about tea bag folding resources by hobbyist Sherry Venegas. Included is a HubPages' collection of articles on this popular paper folding craft. Tea bag folding uses flat unit origami folds.

Paperfacets is an experienced TBF enthusiast since 2002.

What is here? Each of the pages listed below will explore a different avenue of tea bag folding. You can use this hub as a bookmark for easy access to the world of tea bag folding. Last enjoy the tea bag folding photos gallery: a link list to Flickr and other showcases.

Simple origami for greeting accents

Simple origami for greeting accents

Tea Bag Folding

Paper folding has enjoyed a popularity surge as you can see on Pinterest. Origami is well known and TBF is an off-shoot. The characteristics are simple origami folds, usually eight, folded the same and interlocked together, forming a rosette that lays flat for card embellishment applications.

Tea bag folding is like walking on the beach and looking for the unique shell to save. Each folding project is new and curious. Expand your creativity and see how you will use your embellishments and paper rosettes.

List of HubPages Articles

Tea Bag Folding: a Flat Unit Origami Craft
Tea bag folding is a paper folding craft originating in Europe. One can compare it to origami because the basic origami folds are used, such as, the water bo...

Tea Bag Folding Christmas Tree Pattern and More
On this page is included my version of the tea bag folded Christmas tree for handmade Holiday cards. A set of simple 4x5 inch Christmas greeting cards...

10 Tips for Starting Your Handmade Card Business
Card making can enhance your budget or simply be little art pieces to give away. After nine years experiencing many levels of selling handmade cards I have d...

Tea Bag Folding Paper Crafts for Children and Beginners
Children are especially drawn to my Farmer's Market paper craft display. Several have asked,"Did you make all these?" Tea bag folding for children...

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Paper Frame to Make for Hanging or with Magnet
It is easy to get started with these lovely paper craft ornaments using a simple origami fold and a dab of glue. This technique is tea bag folding and childr...

Card Embellishment at the Homestead Museum
Very simple rosette embellishment for Christmastime, but use the design for general cards too...

Tea Bag Folding Template for All Your Patterns
Use this Tea Bag Folding Pattern Template as your guide for using printed paper found in the marketplace. Tea Bag Folding can be expensive when printing or b...

Tea Bag Folding for Hand Made Card Ideas
Hand made card ideas just got easier. Use this new tea bag folding pattern series for the next round of hand made cards you want to give out. After pursuing...

  • Make A Skull Halloween Card
    A Handmade Halloween card is fun to make. Draw a skull that fits your mood and put wings on it. The flying skull is a version of the flying heart.
  • 9 Ideas for Zig Zag Fold Paper Rosettes
    A paper rosette with big or small impact. Nine different craft ideas included with this tutorial. Instead of the eight piece rosette: fashion the fold into a Holiday tree, as well. Fun for all ages.
  • How to Paper Fold Wreaths
    A fun, flat-unit origami fold to use for holiday wreaths or any occasion. Try pink and red on a Valentine's card or red and green for a Christmas card.
  • How to Make Paper Rosettes for Party Decor
    Farmer's Market paper rosette instructions. Even striped papers make a colorful paper hangup. Use thinner paper for whole circles and double sided thicker papers use only half circles.

Are You Just Starting with Tea Bag Folding?

Handmade card embellishment used for greeting card

Handmade card embellishment used for greeting card

HubPages Tea Bag Folding

Endless Creativilty

Different versions of the same folded medallion.

Different versions of the same folded medallion.

Paperfacets' Photo Sets of Tea Bag Folding

More images of Paperfacets tea bag folding work. Fast links to the photo storing site called Flickr. I have 5 groups of tea bag folding images that I have photographed through the years.

Once you are in Flickr press slideshow at upper right for easy viewing.

© 2010 Sherry Venegas

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glutenallergy on June 26, 2012:

I had no idea these existed, or that tea bags could be so beautiful.

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