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61 Awesome Craft Ideas Using Old T-Shirts

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Are you looking to re-do a t-shirt and want ideas for doing so? Or maybe you want ideas to make crafts using old t-shirts. In this article I'll share with you sites that have outstanding makeovers. Some of the projects are refashions that give a new look, and some of the projects use the old t-shirts to make crafts.

For each of the projects shown in this article, you'll find a nice photo of the project, and the site name and address where you'll find the tutorial or instructions.

For the tutorial for making the back bowed tee shown, go to CREATING Laura


1. Disney Frozen Olaf Shirt

If you've seen the Disney movie, Frozen, you're probably a fan of Olaf. Now you can make a t-shirt to display your favorite Olaf. Find the directions and patterns at Mom ENDEAVORS, and enjoy this craft project.


2. Wrapped Hangers

Although the hangers shown are wrapped with cotton fabric, you can use the same instructions using yarn you've cut from t-shirts. Find the instructions at Corrieberrypie.


3. Multi Strand Scarf

It's hard to believe that this beautiful, mod scarf was once a lowly t-shirt. RABBIT FOOD FOR MY BUNNY TEETH has the tutorial for making a multi strand scarf like the one shown.


4. Laptop Cover

This is a great way to reuse a loved, but worn, t-shirt. Imagine the college logo t-shirts that start to pile up after a year or two, and what you can make with them....and give as gifts. Go to the Makezine site for the instructions.


5. Cat Tent

Your favorite cat will love you for making this cute hiding place for it. A very easy to make tent for your pet. Find the instructions at Huffpost.


6. T-Shirt Flip Flops

Go to prMake It & Love It to see how easy it is to refashion your flip flops.


7. Pot Holders

Go to Mommy Potomus for the tutorial for making beautiful and useful pot holders using t-shirts.

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8. iPod Holder for Exercising

This would be a great gift for someone who likes to listen to music while exercising. Make this iPod holder by going to Creating my way to Success for the tutorial.


9. One Shoulder, No Sew Shirt

Easy, and no sew, what could make this makeover any easier? The pictures and instructions on the WOBISOBI site makes this a piece of cake. Beautiful too!


10. Make an Apron

Ruffles & Stuff will show you how easy it is to make an apron from a t-shirt. This is a very easy re-do and also a very useful way to reuse a tee. Think of all the different looks you can get with the different colors and logos on the t-shirts.


11. Plastic Bag Buddy

This plastic bag holder is a perfect place to save, and know where they are, plastic bags. The instructions can be found at the instructables website.



12. Folded Roses

Imagine all the ways to use these flowers besides for jazzing up a scarf. I love this project by CATHIE FILIAN, and can think of lots of uses for these attractive roses.


13. Girl's Upcycled T-Shirt Dress

This is really a sweet little girls dress. I have granddaughters who would look mighty cute in dresses like this. The tutorial for making an upcycled t-shirt dress is found at I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR.


14. Macrame Tank Top

A pretty dressed up t-shirt look for the young ladies. To make one of these macrame top t-shirts, go to CHICTOPIA for the instructions. Outstanding look and not difficult to do.


15. Design a t-shirt

I think this would be a great project to do in a classroom or for an activity for a scout group. HOUSE of JOYFUL NOISE explains how to use the permanent Sharpies and alcohol to set the designs made.


16. Covered Bangle Bracelets

This would be a fun activity for a girl's scout camp or a sleepover night with girl friends. Girls love to make things that they can wear and this is a nice project for them. The instructions for making covered bangle bracelets is at the FAMILY CHIC site.


17. Knotted Baby Hat

Isn't this little knotted baby hat the cutest? Because it's made from a t-shirt, it's nice and soft for the baby too. A cute baby gift idea.


18. Throw Pillows

Find the instructions for making unique throw pillows with old t-shirts at The Wicker House.


19. Newsboy Cap

I've always thought that the newsboy caps were really cute, but I notice that they are even cuter when made using colorful t-shirts. The tutorial for making this newsboy cap is found at my JUNK inspired life.


20. Woven Place Mats

Go to creative JEWISH MOM for the instructions on how to make this woven place mat using t-shirt strips. Consider this as a classroom or scout project.


21. Shirt to Skirt

This perfect-for-summer skirt can be made in many sizes when you consider all the sizes that t-shirts come in. You'll find out how to make this skirt by going to the Sugar Bee crafts site.


22. Twisted Headband

This is a project that is shown with the cute t-shirt skirt on the Sugar Bee Crafts site. A very cute combination.


23. No-Sew Ringlet Scarf

Make and wear a ringlet scarf like this to the high school and college football games. This is an interesting and attractive way to make a no sew scarf. You'll find the tutorial at Kevin {&} Amanda.


24. Knit Dish Cloths

You'll love this project if you can knit, and your friends will appreciate these dish cloths as gifts. For the instructions go to instructables. I really like this idea, but since I don't knit I'll have to find a free crochet pattern to make them with.


25. Ruffled Collar

I wish I was young enough to wear this t-shirt redo, it's so very pretty. You'll find a very easy to follow tutorial for making this ruffled collar t-shirt at Little Inspirations.


26. Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

I'm really impressed with the beauty of this polka dot infinity scarf. No-sew and incredibly fashionable!


27. T-shirt Wreath

Those favorite t-shirts need never be tossed. Just make a t-shirt wreath out of them and enjoy them for ever.

28. Flip Flops Into Grecian Sandals


29. Tote and Clutch In One

This is the perfect tote to take along shopping. You can leave it as a clutch until you need a larger tote to carry your packages in. For this smart project for re-doing a t-shirt, go to BRIT+CO.


30. Crocheted Bowl

A very interesting, and beautiful way to change an old t-shirt into a useful bowl. The tutorial is found at Crafty Lemon.



31. Festive Wreath

CATHIE FILIAN shows us how to make this festive Christmas wreath using t-shirts. Remember you can always dye t-shirts to make them the color that you want.


32. Produce Bag

This is a cute idea for changing a t-shirt into something that is attractive and useful. See how to make the produce bag from an old t-shirt at HGTV.


33. Fringed Bag

Who doesn't like a nice big tote bag for going shopping? This project shows us how to change a t-shirt into a great fringed bottom bag. Find the directions at M&J BLOG.


34. No-Sew Headbands

Very simple to make headbands to make for yourself or as gifts for your friends. You'll find the instructions for making these no-sew headbands at I AM MOMMA HEAR ME ROAR.


35. Fringe Necklace

When you go to BRIT+CO for the directions to make this fringed necklace, you'll also find that there are fourteen other projects for making jewelry from t-shirts. Don't forget to check this site out.


36. T-Shirt Skirt

By following the tutorial that you'll find at Infarrantly CREATIVE, you'll know how to make a plain t-shirt into a painted skirt. Easy to follow directions.


37. Lined Burlap Bag

Make a t-shirt lined burlap bag and enjoy the compliments for your creativity.


38. Workout Shirt

RABBIT FOOD FOR MY BUNNY TEETH has a tutorial for how to remake your t-shirt into a workout shirt. You might as well look cool while you're sweating those calories away.


39. Pom Pom Garland

Make a colorful, or not so colorful, pom pom garland to decorate your room or for a party decoration. Find the instructions for making these pom poms at BLOG A LA CART.


40. Rolled Rosette Pillow

This is a great way to keep an old t-shirt that you just can't part with. This outstanding project's tutorial can be found at CRAFT goodies. I love the looks of this pillow and am sure I'll be making one of them in the near future.


41. Bowed Sleeve Tee

This update of a t-shirt makes it look fashionable enough to wear for an occasion that is a bit more than casual. Find the instructions for this bowed sleeve tee at Sew What’s New.


42. Chevron Necklace

This beautiful chevron necklace, made using a t-shirt, shows how to get added value from discarded tops.


43. Braided Belt

What a great opportunity, to make a fashionable braided belt out of an old t-shirt.

44. No-sew Bolero Shrug


45. Lampshade

I had to read through the directions at my JUNK inspired life a couple of times before I noticed that this project is really easy to do. One of the photos in the directions appears, to me, to be upside down which made me read the information more than once. You'll probably understand it immediately, so take a look.


46. Ruffled Pillow

This ruffled pillow tutorial is brought to you by Oh So Crafty This is another very attractive pillow and a great way to reuse t-shirts.


47. Galaxy Top

This tutorial, by Mrs Ferguson, shows us how to change a plain t-shirt into a beautiful galaxy top. Easier than you would think.


48. Jersey Necklace

Make an attractive jersey necklace by following the instructions given at Michele Ng. Who would believe that something so simple could look so fashionable.


49. T-Shirt Shrug

There are always some projects that I see that really impress me, and this is one of them. Simple to make and so very fashion wise. Go to U Create for the instructions to make this beauty.


50. T-Shirt Skirt Refashion

The instructions for refashioning a t-shirt into a skirt is found at Melly Sews. It's amazing what can be done with an oversized t-shirt.


51. T-shirt Pillow

You can create your own cute t-shirt pillow. It's a fun and easy project to do. If you don't sew consider using fabric glue to make your pillow.


52. Coasters

The tutorial for making these coasters can be found at Nellie Bellie.


53. Black Ruffle Top

T-shirts are so comfortable, and usually affordable, that most everyone has lots of them. The trouble is, the style is mostly boring, so when a project like this, from Life is Beautiful, comes along it's a very pleasant surprise. And what's so great about it is that this is a very easy to do redo.


54. Easy T-Shirt Refashion

This is an easy refashion, with directions at The Renegade Seamstress. to change a plain t-shirt into something very fashionable. I love this look.


55. Easter Basket

Make and Takes has the tutorial for making this t-shirt Easter basket redo. So attractive and so simple to accomplish.


56. T-shirt Bibs

You know how soft t-shirt fabric is, so you know how nice these little t-shirt bibs will feel next to baby's face. Find the instructions for making bibs from old t-shirts at small fry & co. There are templates for the appliques for boys and girls.

57. Transform a Lampshade


58 Apron

The tutorial at Ruffles and Stuff shows you how to make aprons like the ones shown above.


59. T-shirt Pumpkins

I think these are such cute pumpkins and would be so much fun to make for this Halloween's decorations. The instructions for making pumpkins out of t-shirts can be found at Grandparents and Grandchildren.


60. Ruffle Shirt

This is a very attractive re-do. Learn how to make this ruffled shirt by going to favecrafts for the instructions for this project.


61. Crocheted Rug

Isn't this a beautiful way to re-do a t-shirt? Find the directions at One Dog Woof.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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Patty Poet from Suffolk, VA on July 12, 2020:

I love the barefoot sandals! And I know just the right little person to make them for!

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Definitely going to try some of these out.

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Love this!

Chris on August 09, 2018:

Great Ideas- will start some Xmas gifts now. Thanks for all your sharing,

lesliesinclair on October 05, 2013:

Yes, several of these appeal to me, especially the pillow with the flowers in white.

IreneL11 on October 05, 2013:

Wooow. Love them all. Great lens!

Barbara from USA on October 04, 2013:

You have the best ideas here, so unique!

Renaissance Woman from Colorado on October 04, 2013:

I can't remember the last time I found a lens like this where I absolutely loved every single craft idea that was presented. You win the prize for having found such exceptional ideas for upcycling old t-shirts. Fantastic! Congrats on your feature.

ColettaTeske on October 04, 2013:

This is a great list of ideas for ways to re-purpose all those "been there, done that" t-shirts that clutter my closet. I love all the creative ways to re-style a t-shirt. Thank you, lbrummer!

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