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Star Wars Printable Coloring Pages

Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the most popular and iconic film franchises in history, as the story of the fall of Anakin Skywalker from the Jedi Knights - whom he betrayed after being seduced by the dark side of the Force by the Sith master Darth Sidious, who hid behind the persona of a politician until he maneuvered himself to become Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic - and his ultimate redemption after being named "Darth Vader" by his master, is a story the vast majority of people can relate to in regard to someone they met or know.

The wide array of characters in the Star Wars storyline have captured the imagination of young and old alike, and that has provided great material for art work, including printable coloring pages that children love to color in.

As a matter of fact there are so many that it's almost impossible to choose from among them to give an idea of what there is out there. Even looking at one villain and his henchmen such as Jabba the Hut provides an enormous number of characters to choose from.

Even the powerful technological creations of the Galactic Republic are fascinating and interesting, including many different things that can be colored in. There is a printable of the Walkers used in the final installment of the film series where they were used to attack the Ewoks.

There were also some great space ships that were a big part of the story. The TIE fighter was the one chosen to print out and color in here. TIE fighters were those used by the "Rebellion" to fight against the Empire.

Robots were another major part of the story, including those on both sides of the battle. Interestingly, those used by evil took on the characteristics of their masters, while the same went for those representing good. R2D2 is one of those chosen as a printable, as are the ubiquitous droid robots that weren't that much of a challenge to overcome; at least not for the Jedi and more experienced fighters.

Ongoing Star Wars Legacy

While George Lucas' place in history is assured, it's not as certain what the legacy of his Star Wars franchise will be after Disney acquired LucasFilm from him.

Concerns over which direction Disney will take the story has been aired by many fans, and from past experience with other franchises Disney has acquired, it's not a surety it will be a success.

Disney has plans to offer several more films in the series, and the success of the initial one or two will determine how deep and wide the entertainment giant will take the franchise. Disney has pulled back from other major projects which have failed, and even with the Star Wars name the company won't continue to throw money at it if profits don't accompany the films and other projects lined up.

Either way, what it will do is create even more characters that will be available for not only printables and other art projects, but for merchandise that will continue to attract the rabid collectors that can't get enough of Star Wars-related products.

For now there are plenty of Star Wars characters to choose from for coloring pages. Let's look at a few.

Luke Skywalker Printable of Him Riding Tauntaun

Did you remember the name Tauntaun for the creature Luke Skywalker was riding here when you first saw it? It appeared near the beginning of the 5th film in the series, or the 2nd as far as in the order it was released in theaters.

It's a very cool creature from the series; one which fans enjoy - especially little fans who like to color. It think it was the friendly and docile character of the Tauntaun that made them so endearing.

This image was one just before look was attacked by the snow creature.

Do you remember the name of the type of creature that attacked Luke and the Tauntaun? It was called a Wampa.


Star Wars Products

Battle Droid Coloring Page

For those who know who the Keystone Cops were long ago, this battle droid is representative of the entire group of them revealed in the Star War saga.

Very few times were they anything other than fodder for the light sabres of Jedi Knights to slash through. The exception would be when they battled against the Gungan (Jar Jar's people), where they were more formidable against the more primitive species.

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Nonetheless, they make a great image to color in for children, who loved to root against the mostly hapless droids.


R2D2 Printable

Probably the most like and beloved of all the Star Wars characters - whether man, machine or animal - was the colorful R2D2.

The sounds emitting from his metallic body were not difficult to decipher or understand in the midst of a scene that left no doubt as to what his attitude towards it was.

Just about everyone likes R2D2, and children especially gravitate towards him, almost assuredly because they relate to him as one of them.



TIE Fighter Coloring Page from Star Wars

Representing the flying vehicles from Star Wars is this TIE Fighter flown by the Rebellion, which all the little boys (and a few big ones as well) liked to see them separate as they were flown by their skilled pilots.

There is a lot of detail accompanying them, and make for a great image for children to color in. The extra space in the background allows for some extra creativity if the little artists want to make their own space world to complement the TIE Fighter.


Star Wars AT-ST Walker Printable

There were different Walkers used mostly by the Empire in Star Wars, and the one below,the AT-ST Walker, was my personal favorite of the bunch. I think it's because of its cool shape and its ability to be more flexible than some of the others in the story.

As far as I remember these were first introduced in the final installment of the original Star Wars series, where they were used to attempt to stop the Rebels from removing the shield which protected the new Death Star.

The vegetation and environment make for a nice change in contrast to the rest of the Star Wars coloring pages included in the article.


Printable Coloring Pages from Star Wars

From the time the first Star Wars was shown on the big screen until today, it remains one of the most popular stories ever told, and the images and characters associated with the epic film are forever etched on the minds of those that have viewed it.

That's why illustrations like those here, which all represent different scenes from the movies, are so compelling and attractive to children who never tire of observing and interacting with the characters from the show.

These are just a small sampling of what is available for Star War fans that can be quickly printed out and enjoyed by anyone wanting to have some fun coloring in and reminiscing about the amazing story that has had such a profound effect on several generations.


Michelle from Iowa on June 26, 2014:

These are great! i love star wars so much, I can't wait to print these out and color them haha

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