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50 Spring Arts and Crafts for Adults

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Marie (a.k.a. CraftyMarie) has created hundreds of online craft pages. She writes many fun tutorials, mostly for adult crafters.

50 Fun Ideas on DIY Spring Craft Projects for Adult Crafters

Spring crafting is a real favorite of mine. At this time of year it is still cool enough for me to spend more time indoors making things but yet there is the definite promise of warmer days ahead to look forward to. In this season, with most of the major occasions out of the way, there's more time to actually enjoy arts and crafts rather than having to create in a hurry as can be the case with other times of year.

Most of the crafts I make are aimed at other adult crafters like me. I've included many fantastic tutorials on this page with the best picks from what people are making. There are all kinds of wonderful spring craft projects to inspire you and that you will want to have a go at. I recommend bookmarking this page so you can come back to it again during the whole of the season.

15 Spring Flower Crafts

Easy Folded Flower Tutorial and Free Template

Easy Folded Flower Tutorial and Free Template

Easy Folded Paper Flower Decorations: A Great Spring Papercraft for Cards, Scrapbook Layouts and Home Décor

This paper craft is ideal for the spring season and it is so easy. Many adults are put off paper folding projects because they think they are hard but I can promise you this is an ideal beginner project.

Not only are paper flowers quick and easy to make but they also look great used on the font of handmade cards, in scrapbook layouts, as pretty gift tags, hung as decorations and more. I make a ton of these flowers every year. I have never got bored with making them and there are so many ways to personalize them with your own style.

This detailed project page will show you how to make these paper flowers in detail and you get a free template that you can download and print for a quick way to make these designs. You'll see more images on the page too.

More Floral Themed Projects

  • Paper Flower Rosette
    Farmer's Market paper rosette instructions. Even striped papers make a colorful paper hangup. Use thinner paper for whole circles and double sided thicker papers use only half circles.
  • How to Make a Money Rose
    This step-by-step tutorial with photos and text instructions shows you how to turn a few bills of any dollar denomination into a pretty flower that makes money fun to give as a gift for any occasion.
  • Free Crochet Flower Patterns
    All these patterns are so easy that once you make one, there will be no stopping you. Learning how to make a flower is easy when you use these applique patterns ideal for headbands, hats, scarves, bags. In fact I can attach a flower to most of my...
  • Origami Rose Flower Paper Crafts
    I enjoy so may crafts but one theme I never tire of is that of flowers because you can use these for so very many occasions where you may need a handmade card or gift. Making realistic looking blooms from paper is not all that easy and Origami Roses.
  • Do It Yourself Tulip Wedding Flowers
    Learn to make wedding bouquets and elegant candle centerpieces using gorgeous and inexpensive tulips. These instructions were designed to be easy by an award-winning professional floral designer.
Beautiful paper flower embellishments can be used for a range of crafty projects.

Beautiful paper flower embellishments can be used for a range of crafty projects.

Paper Crafting with Flowers

Paper crafting is a favorite of mine and there are some simply beautiful floral items that can help to bring some seasonal flair into whatever you choose to make. Scrapbook papers can be used for so many things. I love the fact that all the papers match up which makes them so easy to use and they are often beautiful for embellishing cards too.

You can also make your own flower paper designs using colored tissue papers or a flower craft punch. Punch out lots of the same design and layer them all together with a brad or fastener in the middle.

More Flower Crafts for Adults

Use a Clover Kanzashi flower maker to create your own embellishments like this one.

Use a Clover Kanzashi flower maker to create your own embellishments like this one.

Creating with Flower Kits

There are tons of great kits you can use for floral themed arts and crafts. Quilling with strips of colored paper is an ideal choice that lends itself well to making flowers of all kinds and you can make beautiful quilled cards and framed pictures to enjoy.

I'm used to making my own cross stitch designs and you could quickly make some bookmarks using this craft. How about making fabric flowers using a Kanzashi maker - these look like a lot of fun and something I'd love to have a go at myself.

Clover make a whole range of different fabric flower makers which help you to create your own embellishments. This one has pointed petals but you can get loads of different designs.

Different Types of Paper Flowers

  • Origami Sunflower Projects
    Here is all the inspiration and the help that you need to produce beautiful folded sunflowers from just paper. There are some very good quality links to tutorials that have some great folding instructions available for different skill levels with...
  • Make A Paper Rosette Decoration
    A paper rosette with big or small impact. Nine different craft ideas included with this tutorial. Instead of the eight piece rosette: fashion the fold into a Holiday tree, as well. Fun for all ages.
  • How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers - Step by Step Tutorials
    I always loved crepe paper. As a kid I enjoyed doing all kinds of crafts with this magical paper, I made my Halloween mask, 3D pictures, garlands and much more. I remember how my mother would make a paper flower on occasion and how I admired it....

What Type of Flower Crafting Do You Like?

15 Spring Crafts with Butterflies and Birds

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Sweet Bird Template and Craft Tutorial Make Felt and Paper Crafts

Sweet Bird Template and Craft Tutorial Make Felt and Paper Crafts

Tweet Bird Template and Tutorial: Make this Spring Birdie from Felt, Fabric or Paper

I'm a backyard bird watcher and I'm always inspired to make things with birds as a theme. Birds at springtime are fun to watch and listen to because this is the time more than any other when they are singing with so much gusto to attract a mate. They are busy building nests to prepare for their young ones. So this is really the season of birds.

The free template provided is for a rather whimsical bird design with a heart shaped wing. This is the same template that I use to make handmade card embellishments as well as stuffed felt designs too. You can use it as an applique template if enlarged to make motifs for pillows or blankets, use it to trace a motif to embroider, for scrapbook embellishments and for painting. I can bet there is a craft you enjoy that this could be used with and I'd love to see what you make.

Felt Pennant Banner Bunting Ideal for Spring

Felt Pennant Banner Bunting Ideal for Spring

Make a Felt and Fabric Pennant Banner in Bright Spring Shades to Lighten Up a Room or Party

Banners and garlands are a great way to add splashes of color and style across blank walls or to decorate quickly for indoor or outdoor parties and events. This felt and fabric banner design was made for my daughter's playroom which was looking really bland. Now she loves taking her friends into her bright and cheerful looking room to play.

This is a fairly easy make. I really don't like crafts that are too fiddly and time consuming. The hardest part was actually fixing the finished flag sections onto the ribbon but I explain how you can do this faster than I did in the actual tutorial. You can even get away without sewing if you just want to stick to using felt and glue. However, I really liked the combination of adding patterned fabrics in and the zig-zag machine stitching which pulls it all together.

Make Cute Things with Wings

  • How to Sew Wings
    Step-by-step guide to sewing beautiful yet simple wings that can be worn and enjoyed by all ages. Includes an intermediate design and a simplified design.
  • Make Your Own Fairy Wings
    Fairy wings, or any style of costume wings, can be as easy or detailed as you wish to make them. Learn how to design and craft your own custom wings for any type of cosplay or special occasion.
  • Hofri's Crocheted Butterfly Motif
    A quick butterfly motif
  • How To Paint Ladybugs on Rocks and Stones
    How To Paint Ladybugs and ladybirds on rocks and stones. Sells well at craft shows Step by step instructions
  • How To Make Wooden Fairy Doors
    How To Make a Wooden Fairy Door. Fairy doors tutorial with step by step instructions.
  • Gorgeous Glitter Paper Butterfly Decorations
    Making your own beautiful butterfly embellishments and decorations from paper can be easier than you think. Included are tips on creating DIY hand crafted versions for cards and crafts at home.
  • How to Create Your Own Fairy Dust Necklace
    In need of a little magic in your daily life? This illustrated tutorial and tips/resources from around the web will help you design and create your own fairy dust necklace.

Using Butterflies as a Craft Theme

Does anything smack of spring quite so much as butterflies do? Butterflies are so much fun to watch as they flit and flutter from flower to flower and they can be really hard to get great photos of too, except when they stop for a rest somewhere. I love the idea of making a butterfly stepping stone or two for the garden as a permanent feature to add a pop of color into the back yard.

Beautiful Butterfly Cupcakes Ideal for Spring Celebrations

Beautiful Butterfly Cupcakes Ideal for Spring Celebrations

Fluttering Butterfly Cupcakes: a Yummy Spring Season Baking Project

I'm not a natural baker and I also don't like to spend hours in a kitchen so whatever projects I do are never ridiculously hard. These butterfly cupcakes can be as easy or hard as you choose. If you want to make this project really easy, then just go out and buy some pre-made cupcakes and make the butterfly decorations for the top. It's not cheating at all.

The beauty of making your own cupcakes is that you can choose exactly the look that you're wanting and pick colors of icing to suit. I'm really terrible at icing so this frosting was put on with a spatula, how easy is that. Making the butterflies for the top is really fun and I challenge you not to enjoy that part.

Using Bird Themed Rubber Stamps for Paper Crafting

Using Bird Themed Rubber Stamps for Paper Crafting

Stamp Sweet Spring Birds: Decorate Paper Crafted Projects with Tweet Designs

If you love watching birds as I do, consider buying rubber stamp designs of your favorite birds to enjoy for years to come. A good rubber stamp will last for a very long time. I've had this one above for over 10 years and I'm still using it and enjoying it and am always finding different ways to apply it to craft projects.

Although I mostly use them for handmade greeting cards, you can use stamps to decorate tags, stationery, wrapping paper, gift boxes, scrapbook layouts and even fabric with the right ink. Birds make beautiful designs for spring and you can choose from realistic versions or more whimsical ones as you prefer.

Add Birds to Your Spring Projects

Actually I use birds all round the year to craft with since they lend themselves well to all seasons. I like to make my own templates to draw around to create embellishments but it is easy now to pick up good bird punches or die cuts for a cutting machine. Stickers are an essential part of my stash and the ones you can get now are simply beautiful and ready adorned for you to use immediately which makes them quick and easy to work with.

Spring Bird Craft Projects

  • Easy Biodegradable Bird Feeders
    A fun craft for kids and adults, these eco-friendly bird feeders are just what your garden needs. Attract birds the earth friendly way by using these easy to follow instructions, including photos.
  • How to Wet Felt a Bird Pod using Merino Wool Fibers
    This simple step by step free wet felting tutorial utilizes a tumble dryer, a balloon, a bubble-wrap template and some beautiful brightly colored merino wool roving to create this stunning bird pod.
  • Recycle Wine Corks to Make a Birdhouse
    An easy wine cork craft that only requires a hot glue gun and wine corks.
  • DIY Craft Tutorial: How to Make Decorative Clay Birds
    These pretty clay birds are easy to make using clay and some household tools. These birds can be made in any size or color and used to decorate your home, garden, door wreaths, or your Christmas tree!
  • How To Mosaic: Art For Your Garden
    Learn how you can make your own mosaic bird baths, tabletops, gazing balls, flowerpots, stepping stones, and more. Find out what materials are needed, what methods are best for completing each mosaic project and how to find inspirational designs...

Your Favorite Winged Animals for Crafts

10 Outdoor Crafts for the Spring Season

Make your own sweet birdhouses to hang up in the garden.

Make your own sweet birdhouses to hang up in the garden.

Spring Crafts for the Outdoors

  • Wine Cork Bird Feeder
    This birdfeeder is easy to build from wine corks crowding your kitchen drawers or corks you purchase from your local wine making store. The size of the birdfeeder might vary with the size of the corks
  • How To Create A Wine Bottle Fountain
    Wine bottle fountains really simple to make and can become the center of your garden. If you have a power source it's as easy as drilling a hole and plugging it in. I took longer to think out how I wanted my fountain than it took to put it together..
  • Garden Crafts - Make a Leaf Shaped Bird Bath
    DIY sand cast concrete garden ornaments. How to make a leaf shaped bird bath garden art craft from lightweight acrylic concrete using a large leaf from your garden as a textured pattern mold.
  • Backyard Fun: How to Make a Butterfly Habitat
    Want a fun backyard activity? Make a butterfly habitat. Butterflies are drawn to habitats everywhere. They are in cities, museums, towns, schools, and backyards across the nation. Why not? Butterflies are colorful, charming, and enchanting....
  • Butterfly House Plans: How To Build A Butterfly House
    DIY plans with photos and step-by-step instructions for making a Butterfly House. Our version of the butterfly box is made from pieces of salvaged mahogany.

Outdoor Inspired Crafts: Add a Touch of Spring into the Garden Year Round

This season is the time to start jazzing up your outdoor space ready to enjoy it more during the summer. I'm not much of a gardener but I enjoy it because I like to watch the birds visit the feeders so I will be looking for ways to add to the back yard for a better view. I love the idea of adding in some pretty stepping stones, especially as a decorative path leading up to my birding area or even to a fairy garden and birdhouse projects are a favorite of mine.

Make on a Magical Garden Theme

  • How to Make a Lavender Wand
    Lavender wands are pretty, fragrant, and are great gifts. Learn how to make a lavender wand with my step-by-step tutorial.
  • How to Make Mosaic Table Top Designs
    How To Create a Mosaic Design for a Table Top. Ceramic Tiles make an awesome table .
  • Birds Nests Crafts: Make Birds Nests
    Welcome to my birds nests crafts page. I want to show you how easy it is to make really attractive birds nest decorations at any time of the year. So in this article I'm working my way through the seasons making birds nests and taking pictures as I..
  • Ladybug House Plans: How to Build a Ladybug House
    DIY plans with step-by-step instructions, photos and diagrams for building a Ladybug House. Plus, lady bug facts and tips for attracting lady bugs into the garden.
  • How To Create A Secret Fairy Garden
    I couldn't believe my eyes. For weeks, each night a small hole in one of the trees in the yard would glow. At first I thought it was a nest of fireflies. I never knew where they lived and I like taking pictures of bugs so I got out my camera and...

Your Favorite Outdoor Crafts for Spring

10 More Crafts for You To Enjoy in Spring

Bright and Fun $1 Butterfly Picture Frames

Bright and Fun $1 Butterfly Picture Frames

Bright Butterfly Picture Frames - Make Butterflies Fly Free from the Frames

I never could stand looking at real butterfly collections, how could a mounted butterfly ever compare with watching a living one as it flits and flutters around the flowers. We can take lots of inspiration from these beautiful and colorful creatures and bring a little of spring into the home all year long by making some framed pictures like these.

The frames were from my local dollar store and I wanted them not for photos but for pretty scrapbook paper and some embellishments that I had for sticking on the outside. There are so many different embellishments you could use for a project like this from stickers, fabric or paper versions, punched out card and you could even crochet your own. Using deep recessed glass in the frames makes it look as though the butterflies are flying free. And that's what appeals to me.

Create Sweet Bugs and Flowers

  • How to Paint Ladybug Rocks
    Painting rocks to look like lady bugs is a fast and easy project for beginning painters. This is a great project for rainy days when the kids are bored. It's also a great project to add a little color to your garden or potted plants. Bug rocks make..
  • Foam Flowers
    Those are not real flowers. They are not plastic flowers either. These flowers are made of foam. Those sheets of foam that you can find in craft stores. The trick is not really difficult - form the contours using heat. No need for machines or...
  • Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial - Make Bright Fantasy Flower Jewelry!
    A step-by-step tutorial for making colorful polymer clay fantasy flower jewelry. Perfect as inexpensive handmade gifts for women or girls. Wear these bright Spring or Summer flowers all year long!
  • Tea Bag Folding Ideas for Hand Made Cards
    A new fold for flat unit origami fans. Rosettes create new looks for handmade cards. Several variations displayed for more fun with paper folding.
Butterfly Shaped Cookies with Marbled Iced Fondant

Butterfly Shaped Cookies with Marbled Iced Fondant

Marbled Iced Butterfly Cookies: It's Like Making Play Doh for Grown Ups!

If you can make plain sugar cookies (if you can't then just buy a mix) then these are really so easy. Fondant icing is quick and fun to work with and adheres to cookies well using a little apricot preserve or a jelly jam. You roll it out and cut into it using a shaped cutter to get your butterfly shape - it's actually just like an edible play doh that grown ups can enjoy.

You how to easily make a marbled effect in different colors for your cookie icing and it's very easy but looks so good that people will ask how you did it. It's a quick way of adding some beautiful color into the cookies and is a technique that looks good for Easter too. Just roll different colors of the fondant together to get different effects like marbling.


Spring Butterfly Embellishments: Easy Ways to Make Handmade Cards for the Season

Not just for this season but butterflies make great embellishments for many occasions with many people loving them as a theme for weddings, engagements, anniversaries and also sympathy cards in muted tones too. I mostly use them with handmade cards but they are perfect for invitations, scrapbook pages, stationery, gorgeous gifts and décor for the home.

You can make your own embellishments from paper, card, stickers, rubber stamped designs, punches, die cuts, fabric and more. Although you can buy plenty of pre-made designs, it is really very satisfying to make your own instead.

More Spring Crafts for Adults

  • DIY Button Rings
    I have been making quite a few button crafts lately as I got the most beautiful pack of buttons. As the number of my larger buttons is running low (I really need to buy new ones) I was thinking what could I do with the few that I have got left and...
  • Gorgeous Glitter Paper Butterfly Decorations
    Making your own beautiful butterfly embellishments and decorations from paper can be easier than you think. Included are tips on creating DIY hand crafted versions for cards and crafts at home.
  • CraftyMarie: 10 Best Butterfly Crafts for Adults
    Enjoy 10 of my favorite butterfly themed crafts to make.
  • Let's Make A Spring Decoration With Freeform Crochet Flowers!
    Have you always secretly longed to design your own crochet masterpiece? To toss the pattern books aside and let your imagination run wild? Here's your chance! There is only one rule: there are no rules! When we go to design a crochet pattern, we use.
  • Easy to Make Spring Table Decoration - Giant Daisy
    I was part of the restaurant and event industry for more than a couple of decades. My favorite part was decorating -- buffet tables, guest tables, rooms -- you name it, I decorated it! I always tried to come up with new and different ideas for...

Need Some Themed Sentiments Too?

25 Short and Sweet Spring Themed Quotes for Crafts

25 Short and Sweet Spring Themed Quotes for Crafts

What Will You Make this Spring?

I wish I had more time for crafting! Even though I do something most days, there never is enough time to try out all the fun projects that there are. Now and then I will make time to fit in something new because sometimes I hit on things that I really love - right now I've just picked up on crochet which I'm really enjoying. Doing something new can leave you feeling full of inspiration and with a new creative zest. I hope you've found some great new ideas to try today.

© 2014 Marie

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Marilyn from Nevada on January 17, 2017:

I like the flower embellishments, so I think I will attempt an idea making some Birthday, and Anniversary cards with them.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 21, 2014:

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Love your ideas! A great selections of crafts and products. Alas, time is short so I stick mainly to recycling furniture. Lovely lens.

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With this much to do, I won't be bored for a while.

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These all look cute and fun. I'd love to give some of them a try!

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What a wonderful collection of spring projects. You have lit my inspiration fires. Great lens

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I enjoy working with flowers. You certainly have given us enough ideas to last all summer. Congratulations for making the front page.

Angela F from Seattle, WA on March 01, 2014:

So many fun spring crafts here - I think I'd start with a few paper projects.

Elaine Chen on March 01, 2014:

I seldom do paper crafts but I love the creative ideas that you presented here :-)

Marie (author) on March 01, 2014:

@smine27: The paper rose is a tough one. I've done an awful lot of origami and paper folding and can just about manage it but it is difficult that's for sure - beautiful though. Thanks for your visit :)

Marie (author) on March 01, 2014:

@Wednesday-Elf: Funnily enough I've just taken up crochet which I'm having an awful lot of fun with. I've tried quilling but I'm not very good at it so I admire those who are. Thanks for using this for the quest :)

Marie (author) on March 01, 2014:

@Susan Zutautas: Thank you, that makes me feel very happy!

Marie (author) on March 01, 2014:

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Marie (author) on March 01, 2014:

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@VioletteRose LM: Yes flower and butterfly crafts are a lot of fun. Thank you VioletteRose :)

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Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on February 28, 2014:

I don' t do paper crafts (I like to crochet), but yours are fantastic. I have a friend in Australia who does paper quilling and makes gorgeous greeting cards with it, so I do admire the various forms of paper crafting. I'm using your crafty lens (since I love arts & crafts too) for my Springtime quest. :)

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on February 28, 2014:

Oh my goodness I love all of your crafts here.

Sherry Venegas from La Verne, CA on February 27, 2014:

Very handy list for spring and summer coming up. Creating something no matter how small is a stress reliever for me.

flycatcherrr on February 26, 2014:

You are so crafty, Marie! I'm especially taken by the bird stamps; the old-fashioned look of the dark line art with a tint of colour is very appealing.

blestman lm on February 25, 2014:

Very creative lens. Delightful ideas. Thank you.

Ibidii on February 25, 2014:

I bought the paint by number butterflies and bamboo to work on this year as something different that what I normally do. I will definitely be making more butterflies this year, this time out of paper. You have so many great ideas here! I will definitely bookmark your lens! Thank you! :D

QuizSquid on February 23, 2014:

Great lens! And timely, with spring just around the corner (although you wouldn't know it looking outside at our house today!).

LSJ-88 on February 23, 2014:

This is a pretty extensive list. I do mostly scrapbooking and cross-stitching, but I really liked the $1 store butterfly frames. Very cute.

Rock Artist on February 23, 2014:

I will continue to paint on rocks this Spring as I have enjoyed this hobby over the years and it is brought me a lot of joy. I love crafting too and never feel like I have enough time I so understand that. Thank you for sharing this lovely and inspirational lens with all of us!

Heidi Vincent from GRENADA on February 22, 2014:

Spring was all over this lens, kinworm!

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Great ideas! Nice of you to showcase so many different ones too!

TerriCarr on February 22, 2014:

I haven't made any craft projects in a really long time. This lens may inspire me to do something with my backyard. I am off to look at the teacup birdfeeder page.

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This is fabulous!

nicey on February 21, 2014:

I do like all these crafts, they're so creative.

I love your lens,it's cool.

I'll share it on twitter.

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you are so talented doing these crafts Marie! wow I'm in awe

Renaissance Woman from Colorado on February 19, 2014:

I love this collection of spring crafts. A really exceptional curation of talent. Those tea cup bird feeders truly appeal to me, as does the leaf imprinted bird bath. Of course, I would be happy making any of these spring projects (especially with birds as my muse).

Marie (author) on February 19, 2014:

@psiloveyou1: You are so welcome, thank you for your visit :)

psiloveyou1 on February 19, 2014:

There are lots of wonderful ideas here. Great lens....and thank you for including 2 of my lenses. :)

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