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How to draw a spool of thread

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Although this is not a typical how to hub. In this tutorial, it may prove to be a very valuable tutorial if you're an artist. Today, you will learn how to draw a spool of thread with a pencil and paper. Why would you want to know how to do this? I have no idea. But I really hope that you enjoy this tutorial and I hope you learn some valuable information today by reading it. :)


Step 1

Firstly, draw an oval/circular shape at the of the page with your pencil. This will be the top of your spool.

How to draw


Step 2

Make a half oval under your basic oval shape like shown in the example drawing.


Step 3

Next, begin drawing the basic shape of the spool. This will be the body of the drawing, the spot where the thread will be twisted around. If you need a reference, you can look at an actual spool to get a better idea of what it is supposed to look like.

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Step 4

Draw the bottom end of the spool, a similar half oval shape as the top, but upside down instead.

Drawing specific Objects


Step 5

Now you can begin drawing your thread. Start drawing lines all the way around your spool. Give it the appearance of coiling around the body of the spool.


Step 6

Draw a hole at the top of the spool, right in the center. Almost there!

Step 7

You might want to add some detail to your spool if you wish. That's all!

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