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Southern Belle Quilting Clubs

For the Love of Quilting


Keeping Heritage Alive through Quilting

Quilting may have been part of the past, but it is quickly making a big come back. Competition is great and these talented sewers gather from all over the world for some of the biggest shows of the year.

When I was a teenager there was a quilting or "Sewing Circle" at our church. Ladies would gather once a week to work on quilts for missionaries. I would watch, but never attempted to work on the quilt. So I never learned.

Even though I am not a grandmother, Id like to share with you a little bit of the Southern Belle Grandmothers Clubs of America handiwork, along with my first attempt at quilting.

Take a look at the beautiful artwork on each piece and see if you could select a winner. You may also enjoy viewing the Basic Quilting for Beginners and International Quilters Conventions videos.

Image credit Southern Belle Quilt Exhibit

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Image by Quilters Club

Image by Quilters Club

The Quilter's Color Club: Secrets of Value, Temperature & Special Effects - 12 Hands-On Exercises, 8 Projects [Paperback]

Did you ever think that selecting the right colors for your quilt could lead to success or failure of a project making a big hit? If you think of it, quilting is another form of artwork. It makes sense that light and color can make the piece turn from just a quilt to a spectacular piece of art.

Secrets are revealed in this quilter's book that will help you pick the correct fabrics and colors to make a stunning design.

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Anna Tuel's Hourglass Pattern of 1785.

Anna Tuel's Hourglass Pattern of 1785.

Anna Tuel's Hourglass Pattern of 1785.

Winner of the Dresden Medallion Quilt Contest - Full View of the Intro Photo Quilt

Image by Quilters Club

Image by Quilters Club

This quilt was the Dresdon Medallion winner in 2013. Winning quilts are often displayed throughout America and at quilting shows before they are auctioned off for charity. Some of the funds will go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Tennessee or Ronald McDonald Houses.

Southern Belle Grandmother's Club members who worked on this quilt were: Jean Asberry, Cheryl Kuschel, Cindy McLean and Sheila Neisingh.

Image by Quilter's Club

Fan pattern around the edges of the quilt.

Image by Quilters Club

Image by Quilters Club

Southern Belle Quilt Blocks Stamped Cross-Stitch Kit

Who doesn't love the old fashioned Southern Belle Dresses? I know I do and have often thought of making one. For those who wish to include this era in their designs, this pretty pattern will do nicely.

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Need a pattern? - People often ask me for a copy of a coloring page for a quilt pattern.

Image by Quilters Club : Southern Belle Grandmother's Club

Image by Quilters Club : Southern Belle Grandmother's Club

What is the Southern Belle Grandmother's Club

You don't have to be a grandmother to be a part of this group.

The Southern Belle Grandmothers Clubs hold events that are welcome all across America. They are members of the National Federation of Grandmothers Clubs of America, which is a non-profit that raises money each year for specific charities for sick children.

Each show is unique with their spectacular quilting artists who showcase the most beautiful handiwork of patterns, designs, colors and fabric.

The quilt shows often join other events such as festivals, with their exhibits. All kinds of quilting can be entered for a competition such as: pieces made by one person, group quilts, hand-pierced, hand-quilted, those made with machines or even those who use a combination of tools.

The Quilt Show

Image credit by Favored1

Image credit by Favored1

The Old-Time Heritage Festivals are usually two day events. Their purpose is to preserve the lost arts of the past and to pass them on to future generations. Admission to these events are always free and they encourage people of all ages to join in on the fun of quilting.

Here is a sample of one of the aisles with the quilts on display. They were all so lovely I don't know how they could pick winners.

Image credit by Favored1

Quilting Past & Present


There Has to Be A Winner! Could you choose one?

Voting for A Favorite Quilt

Image credit by Favored1

Image credit by Favored1

Visitors get to take part in the People's Choice Award for each exhibitor. Upon entering, those wishing to participate are given a yellow smiley face sticker to place on a pink ribbon attached to each quilt. The one with the most stickers is the winner which is announced at the end of the event.

People entering a quilt are asked to give a little background of themselves and the history behind the making of the quilt. Learning the story that goes into the making of the quilts is one of the most fascinating parts of the competition.

Image credit Favored1

Poll: Have A Favorite?

Quack Quack - This is so precious.

If video isn't working click on this link: Southern Belle Quilting Clubs

My favorite quilt. I know there is a spelling mistake, but it's still fun. Don't you agree?

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Beginning to Quilt

Step-by-step guide for making a full quilt out of t-shirts.

Material needed list.

Close-up view as you proceed.

Start to finish product.

My First Attempt At Quilting - Learning step one. I need some classes.

Image credit by Favored1

Image credit by Favored1

How to Make A Quilt Beginners's Class - This is for me.

How to Make a Quilt (Part 1)

How to Make a Quilt (Part 2)

How to Make a Quilt (Part 3)

How to Make a Quilt (Part 4)

Learn to Quilt in Books & DVD's

Quilter's International Tour Festival - Quilting is big everywhere.

International Tour Festival

International Quilts

International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas 2010

International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas 2011

Taste of Festival

Quilting Websites to Help You Keep "Sewing"

Quilter's History

Quilting Help

The Average Quilter

Lessons, videos on how to learn to quilt on the internet.

Southern Bell Costumes

Adult and child sizes.

Quilter's Connected

Southern Belle Sewers on Facebook

Follow a community of long time sewers on Facebook.

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