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Simple Scarecrow Centerpiece

Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.


A Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Craft

I love to decorate for Thanksgiving because I know exactly which days to display Thanksgiving decorations. A simple scarecrow centerpiece is appropriate to display from the day after Halloween until the day after Thanksgiving. The scarecrow I'm sharing with you in this article is inexpensive, and also easy and fun to make.

One of the nice things about scarecrows is you don't expect perfect hair or clothing. Using raffia for this scarecrow doesn't need specific instructions because, after all, he is supposed to scare away the birds.

Supplies Needed:

CD disc

2 " wooden disc

1" candle cup

Two wooden skewers

2 " Styrofoam ball


Felt: rust, green, yellow and orange

Scarecrow jacket and scarf (Pattern)

Scarecrow hat and trouser (Pattern)


Two black sequins

One safety pin

Fall colored leaves


Hot Glue

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Glue Base and Styrofoam Head

Hot glue the wooden disc to the center of the CD. Glue the candle cup, upside down to the center of the wooden disc. Push the pointed end of the long skewer into the Styofoam Ball, about two inches. Remove, add glue and replace. Make a mark on the skewer 1 ” below the bottom of the head.


Close-up of Base

A close up view of the base.


Wire and Glue Skewers

Cut one of the skewers to an 8” length. Use a 9” length of wire to wire the center of the 8” skewer to the long skewer at the mark made. Use hot glue to keep the wired area in place. Add glue to the bottom of the long skewer and place in the center of the prepared base. Hold in place til the glue sets and holds the scarecrow frame upright.



This is what it looks like close up.


Raffia Inside Trouser Legs

Cut v's in the bottoms of the trouser legs, if desired. Make two hanks of raffia, about 8" in length. Lay one hank of raffia on each trouser leg. One leg at a time, run a line of glue on one side length, roll the raffia inside the trouser leg and place the other side of the trouser leg over the line of glue to adhere together. Do the same with the other trouser leg. Trim the raffia if desired.


Attach Trousers to Skewers

Place the trouser legs on each side of the long skewer, making sure that the bottom of the raffia is slightly above the cd base. Place a bit of glue to the center, inside top of each of the trouser legs and glue. Run a chenille strip between the two trouser legs and up and around the arm skewer to hold the trouser in place on the skewer. (Looks kind of like suspenders)


Raffia in the Jacket Sleeves

I forgot to take photos for this part, so I hope by my using the pattern piece you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. Notice that the open front side of the jacket is to the top.Make a hank of raffia about 12" long and place along the back center of the jacket.


Glue Under Arms of Jacket

Another photo that I forgot to take. Notice the pattern under the finished scarecrow with the raffia.Lay the scarecrow form on the raffia Lay the scarecrow arms across the hank of raffia, run a line of glue along the side seam of the jacket back. Lay the front jacket side seams over the glued area and press to adhere. Pin the front of the jacket with the safety pin.


Cover the Head; Make Raffia Hair; Put on Hat

Cut a 9" or 10" circle from the burlap. I used a dinner plate for the circle. Place the center of the burlap over the Styrofoam head and gather around the skewer. Use a piece of wire or a chenille strip to hold and to draw the burlap tight. Tie the scarf around the scarecrow's neck.

Make another hank of raffia, tie it in the center with a piece of raffia, run glue over the top of the head, place the raffia over the glue and hold until it adheres. Add more raffia to the back of the head. Cut short pieces of raffia and glue to make bangs.

Glue the center back of the hat, place over the raffia covered head and glue down. Glue a few pieces of raffia inside the hole in the top of the hat. Form the hat by making folds and gluing them in place. Trim the raffia if desired. Glue the black sequins below the bangs for the eyes.


Scarecrow Centerpiece

Glue a couple large autumn leaves to cover the wooden disc and candle cup. To display, place the scarecrow on a Fall colored placemat and add other leaves and pumpkins, etc.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Essentially Ind on November 08, 2012:

wowwwwwww. Really amazing lens. :)

crstnblue on November 08, 2012:

Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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