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Collage Project For Kids — Little Row Houses

As an artist, I like to know what sells. My own favourite genres are landscapes (mostly semi-abstract) and abstract paintings.

This is a simple paper crafting task at its simplest but maybe not everyone thinks of it as a separate craft. I though it would be interesting to see where readers were coming from with regard to little row houses.

This is a simple paper crafting task at its simplest but maybe not everyone thinks of it as a separate craft. I though it would be interesting to see where readers were coming from with regard to little row houses.

A Simple and Fun Idea for a Kids Craft Project

Little row houses are something different for the kids to try whilst the weather is not so good. Why not try introducing them to little row houses. If you are into crafting, paper crafts, or collage, why not join them yourself?

They're are such a simple idea, but they do seem to be a little different to the more usual crafting ideas. You may think it is not for everyone, but pick a theme and it suddenly can be seen in a new light. Just think, "Who lives here?" If it is fairies or fashion models, then the project is ideal for girls. If it is monsters or spacemen, then there is something for the boys to get their teeth into.

The houses themselves could be any form, from the simplest of structures to palaces and castles. Play along with the kids and give them a great time building and creating little row houses. Then you can put them on display for friends and relatives to see and marvel at.

On this page, I intend to outline a few ideas and resources for the little row house artist. They can be as simple or as creative as necessary.

All images are my own creations and photographed by me except where noted.

little row houses paper craft

little row houses paper craft

What Is a Little Row House?

These are crafted representations of the sort of houses you find in many towns which are built side-by-side and linked together. They're sometimes called villa-type houses. On this page, I will be specifically talking about paper crafted little row houses, but they can be modeled in clay, wood, or just about anything you can work/craft with.

So, of course, you and your kids can make them. They are as easy or as difficult as you want to make them, I will give a few examples below to give you a few ideas to start you off. Why not spend time together with your kids creating a whole row of houses?

You can join them together with "tape" hinges or maybe make a holder. I will give an idea to start you below.

Little Row House - Clown

Little Row House - Clown

How to Create Little Row Houses

Lets consider this very simple collaged clown little row house:

  • You need a base in the shape of your house to work on. From the examples on this page, you will see that a wide range of different simple, basic shapes are possible, I have no doubt that you can think of many more, especially if you have a good imagination. Check below to see where imagination can lead if you allow it. But I digress. The shape can be any size from 1 inch wide to 7 or 8 inches with widths to match. It can have a simple triangular roof shape, or a flattened triangular shape and may include features such as chimneys or barge boards. The shape and size is entirely up to you and the reason for this particular project.
  • The base form should be rigid enough to stand on its own, or to enable it to be joined to others in the row. But for the kids, it could be cartridge paper or even anything that is handy.
  • Now you need to collect images to build up the front of the little row house. Some scraps for a background, some images to perhaps represent the people who live there. A clown for instance, but could be cowboys, super heroes, models, princesses, etc. Again imagination is the key.
  • So consider our example:- An old piece of wallpaper was adhered to the very simple house shape, followed by the clown (cut out from a paper bag) and the key. What was the key there for? Because it opened a door for me (please excuse the pun, I can't help myself sometimes). The only other additions were some cutout paper coins.
  • As I said, a very basic and easy example to follow. Look at the other examples here and in the links to get ideas for yourself. However, it is mainly down to what images you can find, and your own imagination.

Creating A Medieval Castle — From Paper And Card

Little Row House Castle

Little Row House Castle

A friend has given me permission to use this creation to demonstrate a more complicated structure, although even this is really quite simple if you take things slowly and build up the structure with card and textured/patterned paper.

She calls this Gweneviers Castle, you can see this on her own site by clicking on the photograph.


Adding A Window Feature

It is possible to cut a window into the basic shape but then you will have to cut any background patterns to fit around the window, not impossible and it can look very effective with a light behind it. However, I prefer to use a window image from which I carefully cut out the panes using a very sharp craft knife. So if your kids are going to do this you will probably want to do it for them.

I use a foil paper behind the window frame and possibly another image, see the young girl in the image here, to make it appear as if she is standing at the window inside the house. Obviously the foil is glued into place behind the girl.

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This was quite a complex window frame, but I liked it and so went the extra mile - or even the extra inch, LOL. An easier choice may be a rectangular frame from any magazine or brochure.

little row house window

little row house window

Examples Of Little Row Houses On Other Web Pages

Paper Crafting Tutorials — From You Tube

It is difficult to find videos for this particular project(s) but all collage projects are basically the same, so I have chosen a few here which demonstrates the art of collaging.

I would love to hear if you have tried or intend to try creating little row houses.

Of course, I am also eager to hear any comments or brickbats about the page, any problems will hopefully be seen to in an attempt to improve the overall reader experience. D let me know of any issues which I could improve — thanks.

Have I Moved You To Create A Set Of Little Row Houses?

julieannbrady on April 05, 2014:

These are sweet! I'm thinking San Francisco or Boston. And, by the way, the Medieval Castle is fabulous. Could I do row castles?

anonymous on June 12, 2013:

What an idea that will have kids praying for a day of bad weather to start creating with their imaginations being the only limit....and that will be added to as they go along. I love your ideas of possible story lines to lead children toward creativity plus....excellent once again sir! :)

Rhonda Lytle from Deep in the heart of Dixie on June 09, 2013:

Oh, wow. This looks like fun. It would be great for school projects too.

ismeedee on February 21, 2013:

I can't wait, looks so fun!

CoolFool83 on February 19, 2013:

A good project for the kids to enjoy!

Camden1 on January 24, 2013:

What a fun art project for kids! This would be a great rainy-day or sleepover activity.

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