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Silverware Crafts


Crafting with Silverware -- Forks, Spoons, and Knives

If you've seen wind chimes made from vintage silverware, you have an idea of what silverware crafts are. Silverware can be used to fashion many items that you might never have thought of.

Both the shiny finish or vintage patina on silverware make these eating utensils an excellent medium for crafting. Dress 'em up or dress 'em down!

This photo shows a fork I bent to make a frame to hold a photograph or a recipe or anything else that's sturdy. Another photo is provided below of this "fork frame" in action.

Photo Credit: Peggy Hazelwood

Silverware Crafts I've Made - Click one of the small images below to enlarge it.

Silverware key chain. I cut the head off the spoon then bent the top of the handle under (carefully with pliers covered with cloth so I wouldn't mar the finish) and slipped a key ring in to the loop before bending it all the way under. Photos here al

Silverware key chain. I cut the head off the spoon then bent the top of the handle under (carefully with pliers covered with cloth so I wouldn't mar the finish) and slipped a key ring in to the loop before bending it all the way under. Photos here al

Silverware wind chimes. A link to making this is shown below. This view is looking up at the wind chimes.

Silverware wind chimes. A link to making this is shown below. This view is looking up at the wind chimes.

Fork picture frame. This bent fork could also be used to hold a recipe card in the kitchen or any paper that is small and sturdy.

Fork picture frame. This bent fork could also be used to hold a recipe card in the kitchen or any paper that is small and sturdy.

Tablespoon handle used to make a keyring.

Tablespoon handle used to make a keyring.

Spoon People - Great Craft for Kids

Not silverware, these wooden spoons are safe "utensil" crafts for little hands!

Do you have a cutlery preference? - If you had to choose.

Solid Metal Bench Block

Spoon Crafts - and a few forks... Make silverware crafts with spoons.

  • Hooked on Silverware: Make DIY Wall Hooks from Forks, Knives, and Spoons
    When we finished drywalling and painting in our kitchen, I noticed that there were two awkward, large hooks on the wall near the sink. No thank you, I thought as I grabbed a screwdriver and took them down. As I dried some dishes a day later, I realiz
  • diy project: kitchen utensil key rack | Design*Sponge
    we received a beautiful new set of silverware for our wedding and lately i've been sitting around trying to figure out what to do with our older, not so nice, silverware. i couldn't bring myself to throw it out, so this project from d*s reader liz bl
  • Violet Elephant: Spoon Pendant Tutorial
    I`ll show you how to make an easy pendant from an unwanted spoon. You will need: -a spoon -forceps -decoupage glue -paper napkins -chain
  • Treasures from the Heart | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Cottage Charm Giveaway (May 2009) A nest in a vintage spoon on a music board with the word 'nest' on it and some old buttons Enter your name for this giveaway drawing at: treasuresfromtheheartgifts.blogspot.com/2009/05/twice-rem...
  • spoon sculptures | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    spoon sculptures -- amazing sheep and ostrich made from spoons. Check this out!
  • Simple and Pretty Spoon Egg Holder | Just Something I Made
    Simple and Pretty Spoon Egg Holder Saturday, February 5, 2011 -- I know it's a bit early for Easter crafts, but I wanted to give you enough time to start collecting vintage spoons, the primary supply for this easy to make egg holder arrangement.
  • 9GAG - DIY Spoon Lamp!!!
    This spoon lamp uses plastic spoons. Not exactly "silver"ware but this is pretty cool!
  • Garden Markers
    Bunny Hill Blog -- Garden Markers March 4, 2010 By Anne. I love growing herbs! Every year I pick a few of my favorites, set aside a few hours and plant an herb garden in a sunny corner of the backyard.

Practical Silverware Crafts

Fork with all but one tine curled leaving one pointy tine perfect for picking up pickles and olives. The handle is wire wrapped with cat beads.
Photo by Peggy Hazelwood.

Fork with all but one tine curled leaving one pointy tine perfect for picking up pickles and olives. The handle is wire wrapped with cat beads. Photo by Peggy Hazelwood.

Mostly Forks Crafts - Crafts that use forks

  • Recycled Silverware -- Indie Crafts | CraftGossip.com
    I was inspired by Recycled Craft Gossip's post Vintage Utensil Bracelet. So I decided to search out some Indie crafters on Etsy who were doing similar work.
  • Jewelry -- Fork Pins
    Wonderful handcrafted items made from Estate Silverplate flatware, Vintage and new beads and Semi precious Stones. Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendents, lanyards and Whimsical Lapel pins.
  • Craftster.org Community - Fork Pendants
    Found a bunch of pliable forks at the thrift store, only $.30 each! Craftster.org is an online community for crafts and DIY projects where you can find loads of ideas, advice, and inspiration. Hundreds of thousands of free craft projects, craft patte

Silverware Crafts Using All The Utensils - Spoons Forks Knives

Silverware mirror made by Beverly at FlamingoToes.com. See the link below for instructions on making your own.

Silverware mirror made by Beverly at FlamingoToes.com. See the link below for instructions on making your own.

The Full Table Setting - Spoons, Forks, and Knives

  • Silverware Windchimes {Craft Camp} | Skip To My Lou
    I am excited to be offering 30 days of fun crafts to keep kids active and entertained this summer! You won't want to miss a day of these fun crafts for kids.
  • Brimfield Windchimes
    Whimsical Windchimes are made from Estate silverplate and stainless steel flatware and hollowware pieces and other regenerated collectibles.
  • A Starburst Mirror for the Dining Room -Flamingo Toes
    I've been 'oohing' and 'ahhing" over all the Starburst Mirrors out there. I think they're just gorgeous. But I couldn't really find one to fit my style. I've been wanting one for our dining room - I have the perfect little 1/4 wall for it. ;) Well af
  • British Designer Makes Insane Looking Chairs Out of Hard-To-Recycle Trash
    British designer Osian Batyka-Williams has gone on a recycling bent, turning unwanted, but hard to reuse objects into unique, if not particularly comfortable looking chair designs. For instance, his cutlery chair draws attention to the fact that some
  • DIY Windchimes | eHow
    DIY Windchimes. Windchimes are versatile outdoor accessories that add visual and aural interest to a space. They can be made from a variety of diverse materials and can cost as little as a few dollars or as much as several hundred dollars in a retail
  • House of Hawthornes: Silverware Stamping Tutorial
    I promised to show you how I stamped my silverware from this post. It is really so darn simple. First you need to find some silverware suitable for stamping. In my experience it seems like silverplated silverware is easier to stamp than stainless s

Hammered Spoons with Words - Flatten the Spoon, Add Letters with Letter Stamps

I flattened these spoons then stamped them with Hope and Peace.

I flattened these spoons then stamped them with Hope and Peace.

Stamp Set for Stamping Silverware

Hammered Silverware Tutorials - Learn How to Hammer Silverware and Add Letter Stamps

  • Spoon Stamping: It's About Time! | Sincerely, Emily
    My friend and I got together again and we stamped spoons. This was so much fun. I have seen different stamped spoons over the years. Some have been made with herb names on them and stuck in pots while others have been stamped with words of wisdom or
  • DIY: silverware herb markers - Seela Made
    Finally I'm ready for my first real DIY tutorial! This is sort of what I imagine this blog, my small space on the world wide web, to be all about. Making things is what I love to do after all. These herb markers all began earlier this year when...

Jewelry Hammer for Silverware Crafts

Silverware Crafts for Kids - including plastic and wooden utensils

Be sure to supervise kids crafting with real silverware. Forks are pokey afterall!

Silverware Clip Art - Use these free images to set your table with fine place mats, napkins, or towels with knives, forks, and spoons.

More Crafting Ideas

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Matchbox Crafts
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Crafting with Bandanas
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Bottle Caps Crafts--Making Art With Bottle Caps
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Key Crafts
If you're like me, you have a junk drawer (or two or three) with loose keys. You don't remember what they went to.

Rock Painting -- How to Paint Rocks
I saw an article online about rock painting and decided that I had to try that! I don't consider myself to be artistic at all, but I do love crafts.

Drawing Instruction -- How to Draw Step by Step
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mistyblue75605 lm on April 07, 2012:

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I love the idea, but the pickle poker scares me. Can you imagine trying to clean out between those curled up tines?

AJ from Australia on March 26, 2012:

I was only recently "favouriting" some of these Etsy silverware crafts - I think they are fantastic and can't wait to have some in my home.

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Georgene Moizuk Bramlage from southwestern Virginia on February 22, 2012:

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