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A Freestyle Disc Journey


The game balance the center of the universe

We can change the world expressing through art in any possible way: illustration, graphic design, music, philosophy, Frisbee, traveling and comunicating around the world. In my journey I have find out that people is the same all over, though society change perspective on daily reality. Communication is for sure a gateway to love and ultimate peace!

I believe in human nature and the possibility to evolve our consciousness with respect and free will! We all give shape to the universe, as we are all part of it.

This disc-flying-journey will take you from Italy, to Germany, Czech Republic, USA, South America, China... ENJOY!

Balance and flow will bring you to a next level of mind naturally, the flying disc with its natural dynamic flow and rhythm, with gravity and wind, makes you understand how strong is the force that bring the galaxy spinning all together and how the gyroscopic dynamics belongs to our world more than we can imagine. It is a strong feeling. A peculiar feeling of motion going on everyday at the most infinite level as 'electrons' , the subatomic components spinning around the nucleus of Atoms.

As Frisbee champion I traveled a lot. I meet people around the world all the time, many of them are now my closest friends. I didn't realize it immediately, but traveling makes you FEEL a different social pattern from what the media show. Yes, we are brothers and sisters, you and I, borders begin and end in our, sometimes too crazy, minds.

THINK, BREATHE, READ, LISTEN, LOVE, you'll find your own way to balance your life.

Thanks for reading and sharing a comment at the bottom!

Peace, Art, Love...and Fly High!

Fabio Sanna

<~Acrobatic Frisbee Team~>

FRISBEE: Weekly Shot! (Summer Sport Frisbee Camp in Rocca Raso - Fabrizio Nicco on the right - photos Fabio Sanna)

FRISBEE: Weekly Shot! (Summer Sport Frisbee Camp in Rocca Raso - Fabrizio Nicco on the right - photos Fabio Sanna)

FRISBEE: Weekly Shot! (Summer Sport Frisbee Camp in Rocca Raso - Fabrizio Nicco on the right - photos Fabio Sanna)

First video featuring DROPLESS 2011 Winning Mixed Pairs Freestyle Frisbee routine performed by Eleonora Imazio and Fabio Sanna.

Second video featuring Flash-Mob Freestyle Frisbee Event in Vittorio Emmanuele Gallery in the center of Milan. Jammers form Milan, Turin and Triest were present at the public event. Way to SPREAD THE JAM!

Third video featuring Joel Rogers and Randy Silvey at Seaside Oregon in the Superhein Freestyle Frisbee beach event during 2005. These are finals and they won Open Pairs. Actually Randy Silvey won Superhein that year.

- Fourth video featured Tom Leitner and Dave Schiller in their winning routine in 2005 at World Championships held in Seattle. They actually seedbusted 5 or 6 teams that day. Great game! Voted Routine of the year in 2005.

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Freestyle Frisbee Event

Freestyle Frisbee Event

Latest travels (Updated periodically)

Where I am, what I'm planning, who I'm meeting, why I do it...

August 23, 2011: (Trieste) Finally I'm back to Trieste, after going to World Championships in Prague! I had one of the best freestyle frisbee routine of my life with Eleonora Imazio getting FIRST place in Mixed Pairs and third place in Co-Op with Paul Kenny and Marco Prati! Wow, what a blast! Right after Prague Valerio Occorsio (pro frisbee player and world champ) called me asking to go to Hong Kong to do a Frisbee demonstration...I couldn't say no, so my dream to go to China came finally true. We spent only 2 days in HK but had one of the best times of our lives showing what we can do best. We performed in Dragon-i disco-club reaching the hearts of many people and the day after we went by boat with Gilbert (the owner of the club) to play on a beach outside Hong Kong. They loved Frisbee, we loved China and hopefully we could put a seed to grow a new community over there. I can say this trip closed a circle in my life, now with a big smile on my face and faith in my heart I can move on to a new stage. I love you all Frisbee family! Thank you.

August 4, 2011: (Trieste) Summer Sport Frisbee Camp is over and it's been one of the best frisbee experiences I had! During 4 weeks in total (from Roccaraso in Abruzzo to Sauze D'Oulx in Piemonte) I could teach Frisbee Freestyle and Frisbee Ultimate to more than 1800 kids (from 7 to 18 years old). It was my first year, but as result they want Frisbee back next year! In these Summer Frisbee Camps I could get the first strong players coming out, showing at the end of the weeks their big improvements catching, throwing and even delaying the disc on their fingernails! I could edit 2 Frisbee videos I will post soon! In the meanwhile let's get ready for FPA World Championships in Prague starting next 9th of August! See you in the hottest jams of the year.

July 10, 2011: (Rimini-Caorle) Summer sport Frisbee Camp has been a success!!! I could teach and spread the Frisbee culture to more than 100 kids at Roccaraso's Summer Camp directed by Gigi Gabetto and organized by Salvatore Barbieri. The Summer Sport Crew has professional standards and the kids had one of the best times in their lives. Many kids disc-overed frisbee and fell in love with it!

The Frisbee Clinic aimed teaching basic and intermediate catch and throw, a bit of freestyle (we had several nail-delayers at the end of the two weeks), precision and Ultimate Frisbee of course (Pro Soccer teachers loved it and the kids too!).

The superb experience ended yesterday, today I'm in Rimini at pro freestyle frisbee and world champion Clay Collera's house. The Acrobatic Frisbee Team will leave promptly traveling to Caorle with Claudio Cigna and doing another show for Santal Beach Party. Then I'll go back to Trieste for a few days and leaving next for the European Freestyle Frisbee Championships in Karlsruhe! See you on the road!

June 28, 2011: (Rocca Raso) Summer Sport Frisbee Camp has started! Federal Frisbee Instructors Fabio Sanna and Fabrizio Nicco will teach more than 1000 kids Frisbee Sports. More infos at SUMMERSPORT.IT. Videos and photos of the Frisbee Schoold will be posted soon, stay tuned!

June 16, 2011: After a great time in Rome, Playing with Claudio Cigna, Andrea Rimatori in the Wind World Day event in Villa Borghese was a blessed time. Many children were at the park and we played and teach them on saturday and again on sunday! Some of the kids got the bug and we could teach some of the basics (trow, catch, tipping, brushing).

Thanks again Andrea Rimatori for the time spent together and the host at your beautiful house! We've been lucky enough to play with Serge Marconi, Raffaele Pilla, Fabiana Ciciriello (back from Canada with two Ultimate Players willing to start freestyle). That's the spirit!

Tomorrow the Frisbee Tour will keep going to Novara (tomorrow) and Turin from saturday to Tuesday, for the LOV-Vanchiglia Project. I'm not coming back to Trieste till the 11th of July, as I'm going direct to do some shows and the first Frisbee Summer Sport Camp at Rocca Raso (Abruzzo)! (thanks to Fabrizio Nicco and Gigi Gabetto for this opportunity) :)

June 11, 2011 (02:45 AM): In two hours I will be on the train for Rome to go the Wind World Day in the beautiful park of Villa Borghese! I'll be there as frisbee athlete with the Acrobatic Frisbee Team. Last year it was one day, this year two days, saturday and sunday! Many children expected!!! :) Thanks to Andrea Rimatori for Hosting me. Looking forward to a couple of jams!

June 9th, 2011: The time in Milan was fantastic. Next trip of the tour: Saturday and Sunday 11-12 we will bring Freestyle Frisbee to the Wind Day Festival Event in Rome. I will meet Andrea Rimatori, Serge Marconi and the Roma crew! Z you soon! Afterwards I will be in Torino next weekend 18-19 for a special night event. We will show and play Frisbee in the city of Torino by night. Way to spread the jam! Fabio

June 2nd, 2011: Preparing for next series of Frisbee Events>Saturday 4 Jam with Torino and Milano jammers and Sunday Antonio Cusma' and I will do clinics and demonstration in a children center in Segrate. Next>>2 days in Milan at the Temple "Valentino's Barona Playing Field AIF". Next 1 day with Claudio Cigna on the streets of Desenzano del Garda to promote Santal products with Frisbee. Then back to Trieste the 8-9-10. Next >> Rome on the weekend 11-12 of June. Then hopefully back to Trieste! I'll be drawing on the road with my Wacom Tablet for the first time!

May 10th, 2011: Pablo left Trieste today and went to sell his artworks in Vienna." Gracias para la tu arte y energia!" NEXT FRISBEE EVENT -> CIF (Cesena, ITALY) 21-22 Maggio.

Until next disc play, keep practicing! :)

May 8th, 2011: Playing every day with Pablo Azul in Trieste (while watching, eating and visiting italian taste-life) is a great way to end this second world Trip. Pablo will go Vienna (Austria) next, to sell a few paintings (Check out his page to see his artwork:

It's going great in Frisbee world. Everybody is getting ready for Italian Championships in Cesenatico (ITALY) and Karlsruhe 'EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS'.

May 3rd, 2011 (Milan): Finally I reached Milan again with Pablo Azul and Juan David (colombian freestylers visiting Italy for the first time). Valentino De Chiara, Antonio Cusma' and the Milano crew generosity is great as always. I consider them my family. Alma and Angela visit today was a good surprise (Alma is 6 months old and is Piccio and Angela's daughter), she never cried but smiled all the time. What a lucky family, all the best wishes to you all! I'm going back to Trieste tomorrow morning probably, leaving with Pablo and saying goodbye to Juan. I miss you already! What an adventure!!! - Fab

April 28th, 2011 (Turin): After a great time at Paganello Tournament (with one victory in Open Co-Op with Paul Kenny and Marco "Cega" Prati, I headed towards Milan and Turin with my two Colombia friends Pablo Azul and Juan David! Today they left for Genova. I will finally rest after this long travel. On Sunday we will probably go back to A.I.F. in Milan. Then on wednesday we'll probably leave for Trieste (back home for me after 41 days on the road with a backpack on my shoulders and frisbee in my mind!). On Sunday we'll probably do a show in the squares of Turin. Cross your fingers for us. Enjoy Frisbee play! -Fab

April 21st, 2011: Waiting at Cleveland Airport, waiting for my flight to Italy. After the Blackswamp Disc Classic in Bowling Green and Virginia State Overall tournament I feel pretty tired, but the smiles met on the road make me feel stronger. Ready to have a great time at Paganello!

This Year I will present some works with other frisbee-artists inside the tent. Hopefully we'll have something sold! So that our project will keep going touring art-shows inside freestyle contests.

In these days I'll write a review about Virginia State. It was really a legendary place to be.


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FRISBEE: What kind of Frisbee do we use?

Professional Freestyle frisbee brands and top designs!

My personal reviews about the top flying disc on sale! (with pictures and vote)


FRISBEE VIDEOS: "DO YOU FREESTYLE FRISBEE ?" - Check it out, it can change your life...forever!

Some of the best freestyle frisbee, the sport of the future! 100% FUN!



CIF 2011 Report

The Italian Frisbee Championship on the beach of Cesenatico

The Italian Frisbee Championship 2011 has been held on the nice beach of Cesenatico. Ultimate and Freestyle competitions run all weekend under a perfect summertime sun and perfect condition of wind coming from the sea all the time.

Freestyle competition:

The Freestyle playing field was voted to take place on the beach on both days.

On Saturday the spot was on softer sand, but on Sunday pro-beach-freestylers spotted a better place and the beach game became possible.

There were a total of 20 players on the beach performing, coming from different cities of Italy (Rome, Turin, Trieste, Bologna, Forli', Rimini, Cesena). We could meet new freestylers coming from Nettuno (Lazio, Italy) and special jam-appearance by Andrea Marciano', Tony 'The Tiger' Romeo and Andrea Arfilli.

The wind game was very real the whole weekend, with multiple spins and crazy catches performed by the players in the tournament and out of the tournament. In fact the jams were crazy, and going on all day long. We could all sleep at the Eurocamp for a good price and we had breakfast and Saturday dinner included.

Thanks to all the participants and to the organizers, of course!


Mixed Pairs Finals

1. Fabio Sanna - Eleonora Imazio (47,9)

2. Clay Collerà - Gloria Alessandrini (45,0)

3. Davide Sanna - Carlotta Berini (26,0)

Open Pairs Finals

1. Manuel Cesari - Clay Collerà (44,1)

2. Marco Prati - Claudio Cigna (43,5)

3. Fabio Sanna - Andrea Rimatori (37,5)

4. Edoardo Favorini - Alessandro Damiano (34,6)

Open Co-op Finals

1. Claudio Cigna - Clay Collerà - Fabio Sanna (44,8)

2. Manuel Cesari - Andrea Poli - Marco Prati (41,4)

3. Andrea Rimatori - Edoardo Favorini - Alessandro Damiano (36,4)

Super Pro

1. Claudio Cigna

2. Clay Collerà

3. Marco Prati

4. Edoardo Favorini

5. Manuel Cesari

6. Andrea Dini

7. Davide Sanna

8. Andrea Girodo

Spirit of the Game: Daniele Sancini

Find the complete Freestyle and Ultimate results on WWW.FIFD.IT

Spirit of the Game: it is hard to find biggest heart than the man who prepared the 'sand carpet' every routine, over and over, as a sacred rite, making it a special place where freestylers could play with the same starting conditions. This is the most important prize of all and it goes to Sancho!!! Thank you!

Special note: Congratulations to the new Freestyle Frisbee Technical Instructor: Serge Marconi, Andrea Rimatori, Davide Sanna and Edoardo Favorini.

Virginia States Overall Championships

Virginia States Overall Championships


A tournament to live

Hello plastic lovers,

I defined the VA Overall Disc championship as the best Frisbee tournament I've ever been to.

First of all, I would like to send a big "thank you" to Eric Olsen and Lazlo's team. Thanks to Toddy for his great effort in organizing the Freestyle Event.

There are several great tournaments around the world in terms of number of players, good playing fields, superb or inexpensive hosting; but what Virginia States came up with during all these years (35 editions in total) is an event that reaches out for the heart of pure Frisbee players.

A legendary event: the 2011 Edition was spectacular and had the honor to count on a large number of legendary Frisbee champions such as Joey Hudoklin, Erwin and Jens Velasquez, Bill Wright, Larry Imperiale, Randy Silvey, Lori Daniels, Suzanne Straight, Dan Roddick and more than 50 Frisbee athletes competing in the freestyle category.

The V.A. organizing team was gently taking care of all of us, I felt no better hospitality in a tournament before. For a low price, people had access to an organic buffet. In addition, the bar was always open for inexpensive coffees and beers.

No Stress: you would expect to feel tournament pressure, but this tourney makes every jammer realize how close we are, letting go of fears to make mistakes and letting in the will to perform top notch for everybody with a go-for-it mentality.

The jams: were over the top. There was no break on the field, with people taking long jam sessions with any Frisbee player they could find.

The day of the welcome party (Friday) it rained, but the jam went on till the last drop of rain and catch of the disc, with a strong, but steady wind. (thanks Charlene for the Rain Jam!)

Saturday we all played indoors semifinals. Two amazing routines come to my mind:

Erwin and Jens Velasquez: the crowd was astonished to see them playing again after years, literally screaming and crying on the side of the field. The routine had an energy and taste in full Velasquez style. We were blessed to be there. Thank you V bros!

Joey Hudoklin, Gary Auerbach, Brad Keller: masters of flow in a baseball-intro-themed jam routine. The disc was dancing in fluid motion with almost no breaks and the show was not missing, with a full run all along the field in a circle brushing by Joey.

Sunday the sun was warm and a nice wind helped all the teams to perform world-class-level freestyle. The results were posted by Bethany Sanchez (thanks Bethany).

And after the tournament the jams went off the charge, with state of the art Frisbee playing performed by all the players. What a wonderful final event!

Thank you to every Frisbee player for believing in our little piece of plastic and in its potential to change the world!

If you are a Frisbee athlete make yourself a present and go to the legendary Virginia State next year! I promise you won't regret it!

A piece of my heart will always remain on that grass field...


Fabio Sanna

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Treasures By Brenda from Canada on October 20, 2011:

Another well done page.

Krafick on June 02, 2011:

Wonderful lens. Congrats.

FunkyJewelleryUK on May 13, 2011:

Wow! Really interesting lens! I fully share your attitude! You're very talented :)

Fabio Sanna (author) on May 05, 2011:

@Ramkitten2000: Thank you. Frisbee really changed my life. It is still changing it now. It is not a sport only, but a pure discipline for the body-mind-spirit-art.



Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on May 05, 2011:

Loved the video! Never had heard of freestyle frisbee before. Heck, I can't even throw one straight!

Fabio Sanna (author) on May 05, 2011:

@AuntBetsy: Thank you! I'm happy you liked the video! I edited the video myself, and yes, I believe art is everywhere, in our every move! Paint is just a language, like dance.

Peace, art and love,


AuntBetsy on April 07, 2011:

What an astounding video!!! It doesn't surprise me that you are an artist too. An Artist is an Artist in whatever they have passion for. Thanks for the heads up about my links not working. (a space after the first ")

Fabio Sanna (author) on April 05, 2011:

@lovelylashes: Thanks, the frisbee definitely becomes a part of you and creativity/immagination is your only barrier. Competition is good because the events make people meet and share their new moves! Fabio

Fabio Sanna (author) on April 05, 2011:

@I-sparkle: Oh, thanks! I'm in Bowling Green now, trying to promote and teach frisbee to kids. It's a beautiful but sometimes hard work, but it's worthwhile!Peace! Fabio

Fabio Sanna (author) on April 05, 2011:

@anonymous: Yes, practice makes (almost) perfect. And playing frisbee is like doing a meditative martial art. It balance you within your mind and your body.


Fabio Sanna (author) on April 05, 2011:

@KimGiancaterino: Thanks! :) I'm glad you like it!


KimGiancaterino on April 05, 2011:

Wow ... I'm impressed!

anonymous on March 31, 2011:

cool video,i never seem a frisbee champion before,great moves,looks must practice a lot.

I-sparkle on March 29, 2011:

Hey, cool! You're the first Frisbee world champ that I ever met. You write a pretty fine lens, too.

The very best of luck with all of your endeavors. You seem to be someone who has a lot of very positive goals and a great outlook on life.

lovelylashes on March 29, 2011:

It's so cool that you are a Frisbee world champion! I don't play competitively but it's a fun pastime in summer. If that's you in the videos you sure seem to be "one with the Frisbee." It's like an extension of your body. Pretty cool. :)

Fabio Sanna (author) on March 28, 2011:

@MisTikkal: Ahahah :D thanks so much dear Misstikkal! I'm happy my works can be seen in open communities, creating informative basins. It's revolutionary. Thanks again, Fabio

MisTikkal on March 27, 2011:

You're a real plus to both the communities I belong to - Zazzle and Squidoo.

Fabio Sanna (author) on March 27, 2011:

@UKGhostwriter: The discipline started around the '60! :)

UKGhostwriter on March 26, 2011:

I've nevermet a fisbee champion!

Fabio Sanna (author) on March 25, 2011:

@lankanwriter: Thank you rambling! :) Frisbee really changed my life, and not because I won, just because I play it, and through it, knowing such great people. Fabio

lankanwriter on March 23, 2011:

Congrats on being the Frisbee champion :-)

Fabio Sanna (author) on March 22, 2011:

@ajgodinho: Thanks! Yes frisbee is a real passion. I started in 2003. I still need to edit much of the lens as I would like it to be a portal for other lens (as you did with yours ;)). But there seems to be a problem with the module Page Break, I wanted to create different sections (frisbee/art/travels/stores), but it seems it doesn't work. I posted on the help section in the forum about 10 hours ago, but no answer yet. Do you maybe know this issue?Thanks, peace! -Fabio

Anthony Godinho from Ontario, Canada on March 22, 2011:

Well, congrats on being Free Style Frisbee world champion twice. Looks like you enjoy different kinds of art. Welcome to Squidoo and wishing you the best...nice to meet you ~ cheers! AJ :)

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