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Fun SWEATER Crafts! How to Make New Things From Old Sweaters - Recycling - Fashion - Sewing

Sweater Craft Tutorials & Fun Ideas

Sweaters (or jumpers if you're here in the UK!) are a staple of every wardrobe and just like other clothes we outgrow them or go off then what do you do? Well you upcycle them of course!

On this page you will find plenty of how-to's to show you everything from re-using the sweater yarn for knitting, to making all kinds of goodies like slippers, blankets and coasters! Some don't require any sewing whilst some need a sewing machine, and some are quick and easy, whilst others require more advanced skills - there is bound to be the perfect DIY project here for you.

I hope you find this lens fun and useful :-)

This Is What You'll Need:

f you don't already have old sweaters to hand, then thrift stores are great for picking up cheap sweaters - just make sure they're wool if you want them to 'felt' in the washing machine :)

f you don't already have old sweaters to hand, then thrift stores are great for picking up cheap sweaters - just make sure they're wool if you want them to 'felt' in the washing machine :)

Best Sweater Recycling Books

Books make excellent resources for inspiration as they contain a huge choice of projects and full color craft displays.

Introduction To Sweater Recycling

Ideas For What To Make

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple in most countries, but once they are outgrown, are accidentally shrunk, go out of fashion or get a hole in, they are often thrown out. This is particularly a problem with today's disposable fashion culture, but there are soooo many ways you can re-use a sweater that after you've read this page, you'll never throw one out again!

I am a knitter but my favorite thing about sweaters is that they provide a great piece of knitted fabric without me putting in the hours to knit it - after all, you can't just go out and buy a yard of knitted material at a fabric store. And also you will find some sweaters that just have really fantastic patterns like fair isle or Christmas designs, as well as interesting textures like bobbles, cables and ribbing that you can't find ready-made elsewhere. So I like to make good use of these attributes by making them a feature when the sweater is revamped.

Other advantages of repurposing sweaters include: it is eco-friendly because you are recycling something that would have otherwise perhaps been thrown out, you get something brand new and updated out of something that was unused by you before, and also it's lots of fun! Some of the best examples of what can be made with sweaters are hats, slippers, padded gadget cases, bags, mittens and pillows. Usually the choice is whether to transform the sweater into something else that is wearable, or to turn it into something completely different like a home decor item.

Usually the projects require a basic level of sewing skills, but I would say that nearly all of the ideas below can be completed by a crafting newbie. If you are a beginner sewer and want to attempt the easiest tutorials first, I would recommend arm and leg warmers as these make use of the existing sweater sleeve shapes (so most of the sewing has already been done for you!) Also, if you don't want to deal with stitches coming undone and unravelling at the edges, felting is a popular technique where you basically shrink a 100% wool sweater in the washing machine (on-purpose) to make felt. Felt is a versatile and simple fabric to use because it doesn't fray at the edges so you don't have to hem it before making it into a product. For more information on felting, click here and here.

One more thing to keep in mind is the option to make much bigger projects like blankets by using the patchwork technique where you sew together squares of the sweater fabric to make a large piece. I love the look of patchwork sweater blankets and throws, so this is a fab project to attempt when you're feeling more confident.

If you don't have any sweaters at home already, thrift stores and any second hand sales are the best places to find cheap used items. Of course you don't have to buy sweaters that are only in your size if you're doing it this way (because you're not going to be wearing them), so I would suggest you look for men's XXL sizes so you get much more sweater fabric for your money!

Felted Sweater Hearts

Techniques for Revamping Sweaters

How to felt wool jumpers and how to unravel sweaters yourself.

Pom-Pom Sweater

Refashion Sweaters

Into other styles and types of clothing.

Sweater & Felt Carrots

Complete with thread roots!

Complete with thread roots!

Plushie Pears

Made using felted sweaters.

Made using felted sweaters.

Sweater Recycling Tutorials

Into non-clothing items:

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How to Make Sweater Christmas Ornaments



Go green this Christmas by recycling sweaters to make cozy Christmas ornaments!

What You Will Need:

Option 1:

* Chunky knit sweater

* Scissors

* Twine

* All-purpose glue

* Styrofoam ball; try to find a ball diameter close to approx. 3"

Option 2:

* Sweater

* Yarn; in a color that goes with the color of your sweater.

* Yarn needle

* Regular needle and thread; where the thread is a color that matches your sweater.

* Scissors


Option 1:

- Cut out a section of sweater that, when wrapped around the Styrofoam ball, has an excess of about 1" at the edge.

- Take a length of twine (at least 20") and use a small amount of glue to attach the center of the twine piece to the bottom of the Styrofoam ball.

- Wrap the twine around the ball and tie a knot at the top. Add a little bit of glue to keep the knot in place. The twine should now go all of the way around the center of the Styrofoam ball. Leave to dry.

- Place the Styrofoam ball on top of the piece of sweater (with the 'right' side of the sweater face down).

- Making sure the twine ends are kept out of the way and are not enclosed, wrap the sweater piece around the Styrofoam ball. Remove any creases and folds in the sweater and once it looks good, tie another piece of twine around the excess of sweater. The twine should be as close to the ball as you can get it, and should be tightly double-knotted before a pretty bow is then tied. Another pair of hands is helpful for this step.

- Use scissors to carefully cut the excess of sweater into a neater style, taking care not to cut through the twine.

- Double-knot the twine to create a loop for hanging on a Christmas tree branch, and then cut off the excess.

- Finished!

Option 2:

- This ornament might be easier to make if the sweater is felted first, but this is not compulsory.

- Cut strips off a sweater at the bottom, then cut the seam out of each strip. This will give you thin lengths of sweater material.

- Use a needle and thread to sew two of the strips together to make a longer length.

- Starting at one end of the strip, roll it up in a random arrangement to create a ball shape. If you run out of sweater before you reach the size you want, sew another strip onto the end as in the previous step.

- When you have a ball shape in the size you want for your ornament, sew the end on to secure.

- The place where you have just sewn the end on will now become the bottom of the ornament, so cut a long length of yarn (about 60") and use a yarn needle to fix the end of the yarn to the bottom of the ornament with a knot.

- Bring the yarn to the top of the ornament and fix with a short backstitch, going in and out of the sweater material.

- Take the yarn down the other side of the ornament and do a short stitch again when you reach the knot you previously made at the bottom.

- Keep repeating this yarn wrapping and stitching, until you have between 4 and 8 wraparounds - depending on your preference - with all of the yarn sections evenly spaced around the ornament. Try to keep the stitches neat at the top and bottom.

- Knot the yarn at the bottom to finish and cut off the excess yarn. You could weave the yarn tail into the ornament too if you would like to hide it.

- Cut a short length of yarn (about 7" long) and use the yarn needle to guide it under the yarn stitches at the top of the ornament. Tie the yarn in a knot to make a loop, and this is what will let you hang it from a Christmas tree branch.

- Finished!

Turn Your Knitwear Into New Creations

Recycled Sweater Cushion

Creative Repurposing Ideas

Felted Sweater Mittens

DIY Sweater Revamps

Gorgeous Patchwork Blanket

Fun Sweater Reconstructions

Cuddly Cat

Sweater Craft Videos

More Sweater Projects

Dusting Mitt

Woven Sweater Rug

Upcycling Sweaters

Pullover to Purse

Give Your Sweaters a New Life!

Handmade Sweater Pins

Made with sweaters, wool felt and embroidery stitches. I love the colours!

Made with sweaters, wool felt and embroidery stitches. I love the colours!

Impressive Sweater Transformations

Eyeglasses Case In Progress

This cute eyeglasses case front is made from a felted wool sweater.

This cute eyeglasses case front is made from a felted wool sweater.

Where to Buy Recycled Sweater Products

Recycled Jewelry Partitioners

These tiny sweater boxes are for storing and partitioning a jewelry collection so that delicate earrings don't get scratched, and necklace chains don't get tangled - clever!

These tiny sweater boxes are for storing and partitioning a jewelry collection so that delicate earrings don't get scratched, and necklace chains don't get tangled - clever!

Sweater Unraveller

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Sue, Nelson, New Zealand on December 11, 2016:

Was the manager of a Red Cross shop ,came across so many Sweater that were not worth selling, put them into plastic bags and gave them to SPCA,

Took some home and taught myself how washing machine felt these.

15 years later I still make blankets which I donate to different causes.

I wish there had sites like this one which have some lovely fresh ideas to

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I have a few that are hand knit either by me or others saved up for recycling, and I have the Sweater surgery book, but that all seemed very complicated. I did once steel a big one of my husbands to make myself a big card-coat, but mostly I was thinking more like cushions. I love that you list has so many simpler ideas than making new garments! THANKS!

stephanie-hallit on January 10, 2014:

What great information. My sister hunts for sweaters at thrift stores, unravels them, and knits them into scarves and hats. She says the best sweaters to look for are made of real wool, and they are easier to take apart and use if they have NOT been cut when they were made. She gets so many happy comments about recycling. I think I might try it. Your Lens is great!

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Traceeshobbies on January 09, 2012:

Rally great ideas. Now I don't have to throw away sweaters that are outdated!

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