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Pyrography Wood Burning Tool and Pen

I initially bought my soldering iron to install a radio in my car. As it turns out, soldering irons can serve as wood burning pyrography tools. They heat up and burn wood just like a pyrography pen and have interchangeable tips.

This opens a whole new door to arts and crafts. Have you ever seen the pyrography work people have done? Quite amazing and beautiful.

The main thing to think about when choosing a pyrography tool is to make sure it gets hot enough to maintain the correct temperature to burn the wood you are working on. You also want to have a multitude of tips with many different shapes. One of the more popular ones looks a bit like a spade. If you watch the video below that has a wood disk up front, you can see a demonstration of its usage.

The first video is a demonstration of the making of a bonsai tree. I really like this video, because it shows that pyrography can be just as artistic and beautiful as any other medium. He really does an amazing job, and worked the beautiful pink coloring of the wood into the scene.

One of the final things that I like about pyrography is that you don't have nearly as many consumables as with other mediums. A good pyrography pen will last years, whereas you can run out of paint and need new and different brushes. If you are doing sculpture, you can run out of clay.

The only thing you need to purchase or acquire for pyrography is wood to burn. You can pick up scrap wood just about anywhere and use a circular saw to make half inch slices to work on.

As with any art form, it takes a while to get good as pyrography. It would be an excellent idea to get some scrap wood and practice to see how it works.

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The Tawny Eagle, pyrography by Davide Della Noce

The Tawny Eagle, pyrography by Davide Della Noce


flycatcherrr on November 01, 2013:

I remember doing a bit of woodburning in high school art class, what fun! The examples you're showing in these videos are just gorgeous, make me want to try it again. :)

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