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Primitive Craft Supplies

Primitive Crafts

You might wonder - what are primitive crafts? A primitive craft is basically something made to look old. The styling can be known as Americana, Country, Vintage, Colonial or Rustic. Some typical craft items are folk art dolls made from stained muslin, handmade soaps and candles, handstitched quilts, birdhouses with rustic tin-tique roofs and many different forms of wall art using rusty tin shapes and embellishments.

There is a feeling of nostalgia just looking at these primitive items - even knowing that they were created to look old. Primitive craft items pair very well with antiques. If you are a collector, you might want to try a hand at making a few crafts for fun.

Rustic Tin-tique Reindeer

Rustic Tin-tique Reindeer


Rustic Tin

I have made some rustic crafts myself and my favorite supply to buy is rustic tin. I have used rusty tin sheets as birdhouse roofs. The tin gives an instant aged look to the birdhouse which makes it ideal for rustic décor.

Rustic tin also comes in a wide variety of shapes to be used on signs, lampshades, journals, or just about anything that you can come up with.

There are also rusty nails, bells, and wire, to name a few, giving a wide range of craft possibilities.

I love the candy candy made by Cinnamon Stitched Primitives. You can see the rustic tin bells adorned on the candy. The canes themselves are made from coffee stained muslin, which is a perfect example of a primitive craft.

Rustic Tin For Sale

Primitive Craft Supplies

This tin bucket can be used as an accessory to a craft or as a stand alone item in your rustic décor. Take the bow off and use the bucket as a votive holder. It is just so cute!

The stars are great for a Christmas or 4th of July craft or any Americana themed project. They are a nice size for many projects.

And, here are the bells that I love, This big bag will keep you in supply for awhile.

I have used the rusty tin-tique moose cut-out on a lampshade. They are thin enough to be able to glue around the shade. Use these for signs, shades, journal covers and on baskets.

I can just see these cute rustic buttons on a muslin doll or a snowman.  Buttons are a fun embellishment for lots of projects and these give the desired primitive detail.

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Embroidery and Quilting

Modern and primitive seem opposite but this kit gives you several primitive designs with a modern technique. Use basic embroidery and simple embellishments to finish these twelve primitive designs.

The primitive quilt patterns help you to create a rustic garden quilt or table runner or you can make a crazy hearts quilt and pillow to match with fabric remnants from your sewing room.

Pip Berries

 I love pip berries!  And, these orange berry picks come with rusty tin stars.  What a great combination.  You can add a primitive touch to your floral designs in an instant.

Embossing Template

 This brass embossing template is perfect for creating a primitive design by embossing, painting, inking or spritzing.

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Ally on December 14, 2014:

Your poitnsg lays bare the truth

Shanna on December 13, 2014:

This artcile keeps it real, no doubt.

amybradley77 on January 03, 2011:

I simply adore all of your crafting idear here, thanks for the tips and ideas. They may just come in handy, check out some of my home made arts and crafts, it's a bit different but still pretty fun to do. Thanx. A.B.

Dallas W Thompson from Bakersfield, CA on December 16, 2010:

Sometimes, "primitive" is exactly what one needs... Thanks for sharing.

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