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Playing Cards Clip Art

The earliest playing cards are believed to have originated in Central Asia around the 9th or 10th century. The cards we use today are derived from the French, which gave us the suits of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.

It was around 1800 that Americans began making their own cards. American ingenuity soon invented or adopted practical refinements such as double-headed cards to avoid the nuisance of turning the figure upright, varnished surfaces for durability and smoothness in shuffling and rounded corners to avoid the wear that card players inflict on square corners. Americans also invented the Joker.

I’ve always liked the look and feel of playing cards, especially a new deck with all of the cards in pristine condition and perfect order. I also like to come up with my own playing card clip art with effects you might not normally see.

Please scroll down for more playing cards clip art

Please scroll down for more playing cards clip art

The free playing cards clip art below comes in three categories. The first one is a complete set of regular playing cards for anyone who might want to add their own effects, the second one has a “puzzle” effect and the last one has a “stretched and pulled” effect.

You cannot use any images on this site for sale or to form your own free collection of clip art.

You may use these free playing cards clip art images on your personal site as long as you give a link back to this site. To give a link, just copy the "free playing cards clip art" link in the previous sentence and paste it to your site, or copy and paste the URL below.

For use on any commercial site or project, please contact us directly.

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Instructions for Downloading the Free Playing Cards Clip Art

Choose a small version of any of the playing cards clip art above the large images to the right. When you click on one of the images, it will appear larger.

Once you've chosen an image and see it larger, double-click on the larger image, which will make the best version of the art appear. This will give you the highest quality art.

Next just right-click and save the final version of the artwork to your hard drive.

More Great Free Clip Art

The Free Clip Art Sourcebook contains links to thousands of free clip art images. There’s no registration required, and the e-book and the images it contains are all free!

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