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Plastic Canvas Tissue Cover Pattern - Thanks for the Memories


Photo Memories Tissue Box Cover Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

I designed this cute little Free Plastic Canvas Pattern for a Christmas gift for my grandma a few years ago. She just loved that it includes pictures of all her great grandchildren!

The finished plastic canvas project measures 5"x5"x5.5". It is made to fit over one of the square tissue box covers.

hope you enjoy it! It makes a great gift for grandparents. Keep reading for the free pattern to make your own Thanks for the Memories Tissue Box Cover.

Image: Scraps2Treasures

Get the free plastic canvas patterns to make one of these cute tissue box covers by visiting my website, Creatively Homemade, using the link below...

A Heart Full of Memories Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

Additional Materials You May Want

Whenever I am working on a plastic canvas project, I find it helpful to have a needle threader and a plastic canvas hole/rib counter on hand. It makes things much easier!

Feel free to change the colors up to match your décor. I would suggest white and 2 different shades of the color of your choice.

Materials Needed

3 sheets 7 ct plastic canvas

worsted weight yarn in white, light mauve, and mauve

plastic canvas needle

1 yd mauve 1/8 inch ribbon

hot glue gun

4 photos


Get the Materials You Need to Make this Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

Stitches Used in This Free Plastic Canvas Pattern

This pattern uses the continental stitch and the slanted gobelin stitch to create the design. It also uses the whipstitch to hold the pieces together and the overcast stitch to finish things off. If you are unfamiliar with any of these stitches, be sure to check out the links below for free instructions from Annie's Attic.


About Jennifer Robyn Designs Free Plastic Canvas Patterns

This Thanks for the Memories Free Plastic Canvas Pattern is copyrighted to Jennifer Robyn Designs. The pattern is presented freely and without warranty. The pattern may not be redistributed without permission of the copyright owner, instead please just share the link to this pattern. Jennifer Robyn Designs patterns may not be sold under any circumstances,however, you may sell small quantities of the items you make from the patterns, either online or at craft fairs.

Image Source for all Patterns and Photos of the Project: Scraps2Treasures

Please note that these free plastic canvas patterns are now only available on my own website.

Click here to see the A Heart Full of Memories Tissue Box Cover Free Plastic Canvas Pattern!

31 holes x 31 holes

Cut out the tissue cover top according to the graph. Stitch the tissue cover top according to the graph.Overcast the inner opening in white yarn.

31 holes x 37 holes

Cut 4 tissue cover sides according to the graph above.

Cut 4 rectangles 31x37 holes that will be used for the backing. These will be left unstitched.

Stitch each of the tissue cover sides according to the graph.

On each side piece, stitch the white continental stitches surrounding the inner frame and overcast the inside edges.

Using a side piece as a template, cut your photos to fit inside the frame. (You will want each photo about 1/8 inch larger than the opening.)

Line up a backing piece with a side piece. You will now be stitching through both the side and backing pieces to form the frame for your photos. Stitch the slanted gobelins along the sides and bottom of the framed area. Before you stitch the top, insert a photo. Stitch the top slanted gobelins. Repeat for each remaining side piece.

Overcast bottom edges using mauve.

Matching the colors of the stitching, whipstitch the sides together.

Whipstitch the sides to the top, using mauve.

Cut 4 - 6 inch pieces of ribbon and tie into bows. Hot glue to the sides above the photos, using the picture below to assist with placement.

Congrats! You have finished your Thanks for the Memories Plastic Canvas Tissue Cover!

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Comments or Questions about the Pattern Shared Here?

beckyronbo on June 02, 2014:

I want to thank you for being so kind and sharing this pattern. The way you did the instructions really is helpful and make it easier to follow. I'm so excited and looking forward to making this for myself as well as for my family. Thanks again so much.

Scraps2treasures (author) on February 03, 2014:

@vergie-dixon: Thanks for alerting me to the fact that my photos are no longer showing. I will look into an alternative for photobucket.

In the meantime, you can download the pattern from my Google Docs.


Let me know if that for some reason doesn't work for you.

vergie-dixon on February 01, 2014:

how do i get this pattern

JoshK47 on March 16, 2012:

What a great craft idea - thanks for sharing! :)

Scraps2treasures (author) on March 10, 2012:

@Sylvestermouse: Using it for graduation pictures is an excellent idea! My oldest daughter graduates from high school this year. I'm considering making her one with pictures of her closest friends to use in her dorm room.

Scraps2treasures (author) on March 10, 2012:

@bossypants: Thanks for visiting! Glad you like the project. Also congrats on getting your 200th Squidlike! For some reason I am not able to reply from my lensmaster page.

bossypants on March 09, 2012:

I love lenses that actually instruct, rather than only catalog and refer me to other sites. Your instructions are easy to follow and I love your project!

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on November 30, 2011:

This is a really cute plastic canvas pattern and idea! I love the idea of baby photos, but I was also thinking about graduation pictures when I first saw this. Probably because my children are older and I don't have grandchildren yet :)

RecordLady on November 30, 2011:

What a cute little tissue box for any grandparent. Thank you for sharing.

Joycevoice on November 02, 2011:

This is such a fun idea for a gift. Everyone loves displaying photos, and the tissue cover is a creative way to do so.

anonymous on November 01, 2011:

What a wonderfully functional and heart melting gift, very sweet and thoughtful of you!

TheGoodBlueTroll on August 27, 2011:


anonymous on August 01, 2011:

I love this tissue box would love to see some more of your work.

anonymous on August 01, 2011:

I love this tissue box would love to see some more of your work.

Loretta from United States on April 25, 2011:

Thank you for sharing your project pattern :) Very cute!