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Plastic Canvas Kissie Animals


Don't you just love animals?

My Plastic Canvas Kissies hub got too large so I decided to split it out. In addition to the original hub (General and Holiday Kissies), I split it out into People Kissies and this hub with Animal Kissies.

There are so many animal kissies out there. I love them all. I have made penguins and other wonderful animals from the books I have purchased.

This cat is one of the kissies that I created from the book "Plastic Canvas Squeezums" (see below).

Photo Source: Personal Photo - Copyrighted by GrandmaMarilyn DO NOT COPY or USE IT

Missing Animal Kissies

The Kissin' Mouse is no longer available online. The website was in the Way Back Machine, as Geocities quit having free websites, and apparently Way Back Machine took them off. I fear the Kissin' Lion and Kissin' Frog will disappear, too.

Missing Animal Kissies Update

UPDATE 3/23/13: I went and check and these wonderful patterns are still not up at the Kansas City Public Library website. I will check back periodically to see if she has uploaded them.

I have contacted the woman who created the Kissin' Lion, Kissin' Mouse, and Kissin' Frog, Brenda Redmond. She said she will try to find the tutorials for these patterns. Not sure whether she will put them back up or if she will allow me to do it. Ms. Brenda Redmond, Youth Service Supervisor, Argentine Library Branch has worked for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library for 25 years. She says the library did not put them up on the new site but it was not her fault as she wasn't asked.

Thank you, Brenda for the quick reply. Hope to see your cuties soon.

New Amazon

Plastic Canvas Frog Kissie 1

Plastic Canvas Frog Kissie 1

Frog 1 Plastic Canvas Kissie

As I was searching around, I found this pattern for a frog kissie. He is rather plain but cute. I love his buggie eyes.

The very first pattern that I saw of a frog kissie was like this one but instead of the felt and eyes glued to the felt, the pattern called for wiggly eyes which were glued to the top square. He was cute, too.

The picture of the Frog Kissie is copyrighted and used with the permission of Lanford Inc.

Plastic Canvas Frog Kissie 2

Plastic Canvas Frog Kissie 2

Frog 2 Plastic Canvas Kissie

This cute little kissin' frog has pompoms and wiggly eyes. I love the way the eyes look on this frog better. But, they are both cute.

The frog in this picture looks a little like he is trying to think of something. Maybe he is trying to think of what hub he wants to write next.

This picture came from Kansas Public Library and is therefore public domain.

I Recommend These Books - They have some wonderful Kissie Patterns in them.

Make sure to check that they are actually Kissie books as this module will pick up anything with "plastic canvas kiss" in it.

Kissin' Lion Kissie

Kissin' Lion Kissie

The Kissin' Lion in Plastic Canvas

This is such a cute Kissin' Lion. I love his luscious mane, puffy pompom cheeks, curly tail with a bow and feet.

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The link only has the word pattern. The picture is on this page from before it got deleted by the Wayback Machine. I think the feet might be like the frog kissie feet. Of course, you will probably have to modify them by rounding out the feet.

This picture came from Kansas Public Library and is therefore public domain.

Kissing Bird

Kissing Bird

Kissing Bird

I just found a new Kissie for you to make. This on is a Kissing Bird. This little kissing bird is cute with his little feather sticking out the top. He can be made in many colors and his beak can be added in a different color also.

This picture is copyrighted and used with the permission of Barbara Norcia "The Craft Elf"

Possible Plastic Canvas Patterns

Books And Leaflets To Buy

I have found the following books and leaflets that come and go. You might check through Google Search, Amazon, eBay or other auctions to find them using "Plastic Canvas Kiss" (without quotes) or the actual book title.

All images are Copyrighted by GrandmaMarilyn DO NOT COPY or USE IT


Best of Dick Martin-Fun for Everyone in Plastic Canvas (Leisure Arts #1902)

The page in this book that has the kissies is called Pet Kisses. There is a cute dog Kiss with a little rolled up newspaper in his mouth and a Pur-fect Cat Kiss with a jelly bean in his mouth. You will also find other plastic canvas patterns in this book to work on.


Big Beak Birds In Plastic Canvas

In this book, you will get the pattern for a cardinal, Eastern bluebird, owl, American goldfinch, hummingbird, blue jay, pileated woodpecker, and red-winged blackbird. Just imagine these cute kissie birds hanging somewhere in your house like they are in flight.


Christmas Critters in Plastic Canvas

This book contains a goose, penguin, bear and mouse kissie ornament. Also in the book, you will find a goose, penguin, bear and mouse candy holder, and jumping jack. This will give you a variety of ornaments to choose from.


Gimme A Kiss In Plastic Canvas

This book contains a pig, a bunny, a reindeer with a red bow, a purple cow, a dog with ears sticking up and a spot over his eye, a duck with a hat, a monkey with a hat and bow, and santa. These would be fun kissies to make.


Kiss Critters In Plastic Canvas

In this book there is a real menagerie of animals. You will find an elephant, a lion, a frog, a crocodile, a giraffe, a pig, a penguin, a cow, a monkey, a turtle, and a horse. Some of these animals have added features such as a body or neck.


Dinosaurs in plastic canvas

This leaflet by Leisure arts has 2 dinosaur kissies. There are also patterns for stand-up dinosaurs, magnets, light switch plate, book ends, pencil holder and tissue box.


Kiss 'n Critters

Check out the lamb, beaver, penguin, fish dog, lion, bird, cat, bunny, frog, and pig, kissies in this book. You will find many others, too. The author of this book gave you a good variety of everyday and holiday kissies for your crafting pleasure.


Kissy Kritters

This book is Very Rare and hard to find. The book contains a Ducky Ducky, a Frog Prince, a Professor Fish, a Kiss-Me Klown, a Basket Bunny, a Buddy Bulldog, a Ballerina Hippo, a Dinosaur Darling, a Finicky Feline, a Minty Mouse, an Early Bird Rooster, and a Barnyard Bully.


Plastic Canvas Corner Magazine July 1995

This book contains some Super Dinosaur Kissies. It also has other plastic canvas projects for you to work on like the Four Aces Card Set, Patriotic Accents, and a Floral Tapestry Tote.


Plastic Canvas Kissers

This book has a Deer, Duck, Kitten, Squirrel, Skunk, Raccoon, Dog, Alligator, Clown, Parrot, Zebra, Lamb, Cow, Lion, Monkey, Red Dinosaur, Blue Dinosaur, Purple Cow, Bunny, Duck in Straw Hat, Pig, Bright Monkey, Speckled Dog, Reindeer, and Santa.


Quick and Easy Plastic Canvas #31 (Aug/Sept 1994)

Ocean Treasure Keepers are some cool fish kissies. You will find a Dolphin, Whale, and Shark. They have full bodies and you squeeze their cheeks to get whatever treasures they have. You will also find 26 other plastic canvas projects.


Yarnimals of Plastic Canvas Vol 2

Check out the yellow bird, dragon, chicken, donkey, penguin, scarecrow, fox, panda, raccoon, and rooster in this cool book.

Animal Kissie Tutorials - So much fun to make

If you are looking for reindeer or other holiday animals, check out my original Kissie hub

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What are your thoughts - On the Animal Kissies

Cheryl Cook on October 09, 2019:

I love Kissy Kritters!

Josey shobe on October 14, 2017:

I absolutely love these fun things to make

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