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38 Free and Fun Pillow Patterns

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Kids and adults love pillows and pillow crafts are so easy to make. Pillows are perfect gifts to give to kids or to adults. Everyone loves a pillow made especially for them.

I went searching for pillows because I know how everyone feels about having their very own pillow.I'm talking about the pillows that the little kids like to go to bed with or carry around with them. And the pillows the older kids and the adults like to lay on while watching TV or to have displayed on their bed.

I was so happy to be able to find this many pillows, with directions, to pass on to everyone who loves to make pillows, or want to give pillows as gifts. You will enjoy making pillows as gifts and seeing how appreciated they are.

For the directions for making the Pluto pillow, go to Disney family.


1. Geo Glitter Pillow

If you love glittery things, you'll love this geo glitter pillow. To make a glitter pillow of your own, or to give as a gift, go to The Cwafty Blog for the tutorial.


2. Little Piggies

These little piggies look so soft and cuddly. To get the directions on how to make them, go to Craft Passion.


3. Family Love Pillow

Notice the zipper pouch within the heart, that has little hearts tucked inside. A beautiful family keepsake and a craft all will love. Find the tutorial for making this family love pillow at Ginger Snap Crafts.


4. Heart Applique Pillow

Make a heart applique pillow by following the instructions found at i heart naptime. Includes easy to understand tutorial on using Heat 'n Bond to make applique super quick and easy. Also includes directions to a site that explains how to make and apply piping.


5. Stuffed Kitty Pillow

This is one of my favorite pillow projects. All cat lovers deserve a stuffed kitty pillow. A great gift idea.


6. Large Flower Pillow

What girl, whether she's little, a teenager or even a mom, wouldn't love a beautiful pillow like this. To get the directions, go to V and Co.


7. Spiral Ruffles

Making this pillow is a lot simpler than it appears. For an easy to understand tutorial, go to girl.Inspired.


8. Simple Horse Throw Pillow

This simple pillow is a super gift idea for anyone who loves horses. You'll find the instructions for making this simple horse throw pillow at A Beautiful Mess.


9. Pet Pillow

I love the looks of these cute little pillow pets. You can make them with the directions found at Twelve Crafts til Christmas.


10. Undercover Mickey Pillow

A cute little Disney Mickey Mouse pillow for some little child to enjoy. If you wish to make one of these pillows, the directions can be found at Disney family.


11. Tooth Fairy Pillow

This is a mighty important pillow to have in your house. Go to The Spruce to find the directions.


12. Gold Foil Pillow

Directions for making a gold foil pillow are found at A Beautiful Mess. This is an elegant addition to any room.

13. How to Make a Decorative Pillow


14. Vintage Ribbon Embroidery Pillow

You'll get all the information that you'll need to make a vintage ribbon embroidery pillow by following the tutorial that you'll find at Keepsake Crafts. Ribbon embroidery is much easier to do than you can imagine by just looking at it. If you like this pillow, be sure to check the site.


15. Night Owl Pillow

I am such a push over when it comes to any craft that includes owls. This is like a modern owl---I love it. Go to inspired u for the directions.


16. Travel Pillows

You can make one of these travel pillows for each of the older kids because they are inexpensive to make and it'll keep the kids from fighting over who owns the pillow. Go to Blessing Overflowing.com for this great tutorial.


17. Designer Yo Yo Pillow

Tania Willis is the designer of this beautiful yo yo pillow. You can find the directions for making one like it at Fiskars Sew Good.


18. Sunny Sunshine Pillow

This is a very cute pillow which is also easy to make. Go to Smile and Wave to find the directions.


19. Beach Pillows

A nice soft pillow that can be thrown without worrying about injuries. Set up clean, empty milk boxes and have a game of bowling. For the directions on how to make the pillow, go to Purl Soho.


20. Pocketed Travel Pillow

I like the idea that this travel pillow has a carrying handle, plus I like the cute little pocket holding the doll. You'll be amazed at how happy you can make a little girl with a pillow like this. Find the tutorial for this travel pillow at maya*made.


21. T-shirt Rag Quilt Pillow

A perfect way to use all the old favorite t-shirts that you can't seem to part with------just make a pillow with them. Directions for this project can be found at Fiskars.


22. Chalkboard Pillow

This is an unusual way to use the chalkboard cloth fabric, but oh so clever. Go to merrimentdesign for the directions on how to make these pillows.


23. Pottery Ban Knock Off Pillow

I love the vintage look of this beautiful poppy pillow. Be sure to check out the instructions for this pillow at The Scrap Shoppe Blog.


24. Postcard Pillow

This is an especially cute pillow idea to give as a gift to someone you share a memory with. This great postcard pillow tutorial can be found on the MAGGWIRE site.


25. Seat Belt Pillow

The seat belt pillow will keep the pillow in place. No more slipping away pillow to leave the child uncomfortable. Find the instructions for this seat belt pillow at The Frugal DIY Mom.


26. Patriotic Flag Pillows

These are just little 5" x 7" décor pillows, the type you might stack in a basket. A nice going away to college gift. For the directions go to thrify fun.


27. Love Struck Pillow

This isn't only a pillow to give for Valentine's day, it's appropriate for any occasion or just as a beautiful decorator item. Go to the idea room Community for the directions.

28. Easy and Fun Owl Pillow


29. Critter Pillow

This is a critter pillow. Make one like this or design your own critters. For the directions, go to Cool Stuff Art Gallery.


30. Basketball Pillow

Give a college boy this basketball pillow and a tall trash can and he can practice his free throw shots in his dorm room. Or maybe not. If you want to make this basketball for yourself or any gift recipient, go to Sewing for the directions.


31. Tooth Fairy Helper Pillow

Every home with children that are waiting for their second teeth, need this tooth fairy helper pillow. Go to Martha Stewart for the directions.


32. Cat Nap Eye Pillow

Imagine the soothing aroma of this aromatherapy cat nap pillow. This is a great stress aches reliever.


33. Handprint Holiday Pillow

Not only will it be fun to make this handprint holiday pillow, it will become a family heirloom that the kids will fight over one day unless you make a pillow each year until you have one for each of them. I love the addition of the year number on the pillow. Go to Sugar Bee crafts for the instructions for this project.


34. Snow Ruffle Pillow

Flannel makes this a wonderfully soft pillow. Any bedroom would be enhanced with pillows like this on the bed. Go to V and CO for the instructions.


35. Knockoff Pillow

Have you ever fallen in love with something but found the expense prohibitive? You can say that is how this knock off version of a Horchow $145 pillow came to be. The instructions for making the pillow are shared with us by the The Gunny Sack blog. Outstanding!


36. Bike Image Pillow

You'll want to make a number of custom pillows once you find out how easy it is using the transfer paper. Go to the Jedi Craft Girl blog for the tutorial. I also like the pendant idea that is part of the instructions.


37. Ribbon Embellished Pillows

You'll find the instructions for making ribbon enhanced pillows at Better Homes & Gardens.


38. French Script Pillow

When you go to the Graphic Fairy site for the bird print, you could also find French scripts to transfer onto your pillow also. Find the directions for this project at Hometalk.

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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Susan Hazelton from Sunny Florida on October 18, 2018:

I have been trying to decide on a gift for one of my granddaughters and now I know what to do. I will make her a critter pillow. What a wonderful idea. For myself, I love the French Script Pillow. I need a pair for my living room couch.

RusticWeddingGu1 on April 18, 2012:

Love all the cute pillow ideas :)

SimplyTonjia on March 15, 2012:

What cute ideas. Really like the animal pillows. Thank you.

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