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Pilgrim Couple Centerpiece Craft

Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials, and templates.


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Craft

Would you like to make a quick and easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

Many of the supplies needed in this Pilgrim couple centerpiece, you probably already have on hand, and the rest you can easily pick up at a discount, craft or dollar store.

None of the steps take much time, so you can make this Thanksgiving craft in a couple of hours.

Decorated Glass Goblet Lamp:

Making the fall candle holder is super quick. You'll just glue some of the autumn leaves around the stem end, and down the stem and on the base of the glass goblet.

Arrange the Pilgrim couple; Place a flame less candle inside the goblet lamp and arrange extra autumn leaves over a nice fall colored place mat. This completes your Thanksgiving Pilgrim Couple Centerpiece.

Supplies Needed:

Two 3" clay pots
One 2" piece tp roll
Two 1" x 2" wooden discs
Two 2" diameter wooden balls with one flat side
Two 1/4" diameter shank buttons
Two 2 1/2" wooden hearts
Felt: black, white and flesh
Pilgrims clothes (Pattern)
Craft paint: Black, white, flesh
Two 7" pieces of black chenille strip
One gold glitter chenille strip
Two 7 yard pieces of tan yarn
Two 8" pieces of 1/4" white ribbon
Black Sharpie
8 " tall glass goblet
Glitter leaves


Gather the Supplies

All you'll need are clay pots, wooden discs, wooden balls, wooden hearts, felt, paint and Pilgrim clothes pattern.


Paint the Pieces

Paint the clay pots and wooden hearts(black), wooden balls (flesh) and wooden discs (white). Usually it's better to paint a thin coat of paint on the items, let them dry and then give another coat or two of paint. Craft paint dries quickly, so it doesn't take a lot to time to get a nice deep color.


Pieces to Make the Pilgrim Boy

Using the patterns you've printed off, cut the pieces for both the Pilgrim Man and the Pilgrim Girl from felt.

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Pieces For Making the Pilgrim Girl

Lay out all your cut pieces and painted pieces. Use your hot glue gun and glue sticks to assemble the Pilgrim couple. This is the fun part. Don't be afraid to change things to suit your style.


Assembling the Pilgrims

Glue the heart under the upside down painted clay pot for the Pilgrim feet. Glue the white disc to the bottom of the pot and the flat side of the ball (head) to the disc. Sandwich the black chenille strip ends between two hand shapes and glue. Glue the center of the chenille strip around the back of the Pilgrim in the groove between the pot and the disc.


Making Yarn Hair

Take a 9" piece of cardboard and wrap one of the yarn lengths around it. Cut the ends. Use one piece of yarn and tie the hank of yarn together. Make the other hank of yarn hair.

If you choose, use craft hair or raffia to make the hair for the Pilgrim couple. Maybe you'd like to use Spanish moss, do whatever you wish.


Glue the Hair on the Pilgrim

Glue the hank of yarn to the head of one of the Pilgrims. Let the girls hair long and trim the boy's hair shorter. Check the finished picture. Glue the black sleeve pieces to the arms. Refer to picture below.


Make Hats and Trims

Glue the rectangle felt piece around the toilet tissue roll, glue the small circle to the top and the larger circle for the brim. Glue the edges of the side slits and the back slit of the girls bonnet. Turn up the front edge of the bonnet and glue the corners. Tie small bows and glue to the bonnet sides. Finish the Pilgrims using the picture as a guide.


Glue Fall Leaves on the Goblet

Glue glitter fall leaves around the bottom of the glass goblet as per the picture. Then add two more row, slightly overlapping the leaves. Glue leaves around the stem and on the base of the goblet.


Pilgrim Couple Arrangement on a Fall Place Mat

On a fall colored place mat arrange the Pilgrim couple on either side of the glass goblet. Add extra glitter leaves and insert a flameless candle in the goblet.

Glitter Leaves

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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