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Paper Mache Clay Snowmen, Bird and Chick

Loraine enjoys making crafts and sharing the projects she’s developed. Her crafts include pictured, step-by-step tutorials and templates.


Once you start making and using paper mache clay, you’ll be addicted and want to try more and different clay projects.After I finished making the Paper Mache Clay Turkeys for my daughter’s Thanksgiving day luncheon at school, I decided to try a few other projects.Making paper mache clay snowmen, a bird and a chick is what this article is about.

I’ll give you the site name and link for the recipe and a great video.You’ll want to take a quick look at the video because it makes this and any paper mache clay project very easy to understand and do.

The folk art look snowmen, bird and chick were even easier to do than the turkeys, so you may want to make one of them first. Be assured that if you make one, you’ll want to keep on making projects using the paper mache clay.I love the hard finish that is achieved with this recipe.The items made are easy to paint and I like to finish by giving the items a spray of sealer.

Supplies Needed:

  • Newspaper
  • Masking or freezer tape
  • Cardboard
  • Cereal box
  • Craft paints
  • Paper mache clay (recipe in first video):
  • Elmer's Glue-All white glue
  • ProForm joint compound
  • Roll of toilet tissue
  • Water with one T. bleach added
  • Flour


  • Table knife, Craft or artist brushes, Hot glue gun, Bowl, Measuring cups, Kitchen mixer or Drill with mixing paddle

Paper Mache Recipe and Tips Video

You'll want to watch this very informative video about the recipe and tips for making paper mache clay. When making the paper mache clay, be sure to measure the paper after tearing it into pieces. Instead of using your hand mixer, consider using a drill with a mixer type attachment to mix the clay. This clay stays fresh when stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container.


Shape Your Paper Mache Characters

Scrunch newspaper together and shape to make a snowman. Use tape to define the head from the body and then cover the entire snowman with pieces of tape. Roll a small piece of newspaper and attach it to the head to make the snowman (carrot) nose. I used a wooden skewer to mark the spot for the twig arms. When the snowman was finished, I used a drill to make holes for the twigs.


Make Bases for the Characters

For the bases of the snowman, bird and chick, cut a circle from cardboard to fit the bottom of the item.


Tape Bases to Bottom of Characters

Tape the cardboard circle under the snowman, bird or chick. Circle the cardboard and the bottom of the item to fill in any spaces. Later a piece of felt could be glued to the bottom to give the item a nice finished appearance.

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Spread the Clay on Your Characters

Use a table or butter knife to spread the paper mache clay onto the snowman armiture. I added little balls of clay for eyes and the mouth of the snowman. Also I added a ring of clay around the top of the head for a stocking cap. Then added a little more clay to the top of the head, and shaped a ball for the end of a Santa style stocking cap.


Closeup of Snowman

This is a close up look of the snowman that has coal for the eyes and mouth. I didn't think about it at the time, but I could have added coal, for buttons, down the front also.


Closeup Head Shot of Snowman

8. This is a closer look of the stocking cap. In the video it mentions how to smooth the finish of the clay, but I like the rougher look because I think it makes the item look more like folk art.


The Bird

This is a close up of the bird. You can see how I added pieces of clay to make the tail and wings. From a cereal box, I cut wing shapes, covered them with clay and applied the wings to the bird. I did the same with the tail shape. The size of these pieces depends on the size of the bird.


The Chick

For the chick I just shaped pieces of clay and added them for the beak and the crown. It does take longer for the item to dry when doing it this way.


Folk Art Snowmen in Paper Mache

The second snowman I made the eyes, mouth and buttons down the front by forming round, flat pieces that took the shape of buttons. After attaching them to the snowman, I took a toothpick and poked four holes in each of the buttons. This snowman has a stocking cap also. When the items where dry, I painted them with craft paints and sprayed them with a sealer. I crocheted a simple scarf for each of them, but a scarf could be cut from fleece with cut fringed ends.


Folk Art Birdie

When I painted the bird, I wanted it to look like it had a sweater on, so I painted the body with a purple paint. I painted up the neck to give it a turtleneck look. Then to finish it I added the ear muffs.


Chick with Yarn Legs

This chick was a fun project to paint. I love doing the dots and stripes. The dots I made using a Q-tip to get a nice sized dot. After painting the eyes white, I added a black pupil and outlined the eyes. Then a little comma of white in the pupil.I hope you try one of these paper mache clay projects. It's sooo much fun.

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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