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Unique Circle Folded Paper Rosette Pattern - 8 Ideas for More Fun

Ms. Venegas has been using origami to make rosettes and medallions since 2003. She shares art/craft techniques and ideas online.

Paper Rosettes in Early Summer

Paper Rosettes in Early Summer

Paper Rosettes for Decorations

Check out these easy step-by-step photos and instructions on how to make a folded paper rosette using eight circles. The pattern has an eye catching pop, stands up and has a visual spin in the center. Most viewers like it instantly.

My first application for this pattern was for cards and after a few dozen greetings, I started thinking about new ideas and applied the pattern to bigger designs for hanging and party ideas.

Find some paper! The whole family will enjoy making these paper crafts.

More instructions for the same rosette can be viewed at How to Make Paper Rosettes for Party Decor.

Assembly of Rosette

To assemble glue the zig zag wedges on a circle of paper. Fold your backing circle into fours to find the center.

I show the assembly below with circles cut with fancy scissors.

Finding Paper

If you want to make the bigger rosettes finding matched printed paper may be tricky. Here are a few tips.

  1. Use thicker sheets of scrapbook paper as half circles instead of folding a whole circle in half.
  2. First and foremost go to Michaels or Joanns when scrap paper is on sale 6 or 8 sheets for a dollar. Four six inch circles can be cut out of one sheet. If you buy 8 sheets then you get four big rosettes for about $2.00.
  3. I have found the big paper pads with 4 sheets each. They are few, but then only two pads are needed. Many times they are on sale for $5.00 each.
  4. Use plain wrapping paper and decorate with ink and a bold rubber stamp or acrylic paint and sponge stamp you make yourself. Place the stamp in the same area of each circle to get the kaleidoscope effect.

Idea #1 Party Table Candy Dish

A simple fold on the outer tip of the wedge creates a lovely dish for a party table.

Idea #2 Use Double Sided Cardstock

The discount stores such as Tuesday Morning carry packages of double sided cardstock for scrapbooking. Make only four circles and cut them in half. No need to fold in half. Fold the half circle into wedges.

The blue mobile below was made with half circles.

Use half circles of double-sided papers for rosettes

Use half circles of double-sided papers for rosettes

Paper Flower Rosette Mobile



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Different Sizes Photo Gallery

Tips on Cutting Out Circles

Making the circles is the hardest part of this embellishment.

If you want to make small flowers of paper, use a purchased round punch from the craft store. Take a 40% store coupon. A circle of 1 7/8 inches will produce a 2 3/4 inch rosette. This size is good for greeting cards.

For party decorations and home décor, a circle 5 inches and larger works well. A bowl or plate is good to trace the circles and hand cut. Use decorative scissors to give them a lacy edge. Edge the circles with pinking shears and a paint brush tip marker, making a carnation effect.


Idea #4 for Halloween

For a Halloween mobile you will need the lighter weight scrapbook paper in colors and print of a Halloween theme.

Purchase a decorative fruit bowl at a discount store for less than $5.00 to hang the rosette for a mobile. I have also used half of a wooden embroidery hoop. Make various sizes of rosettes, and an origami bat with my tutorial or an origami ghost. Use ribbon or cord for the hanger and fish line to hang each element.

Idea #5 Learn the Kaleidoscope Effect


Visit the How to Make Paper Rosettes for Party Decor page for complete instructions on matching patterned papers. These tips allow you to fold the kaleidoscope rosettes.

Idea #6 Patio, Bedroom or Sofa Accent

Easy headboard with rustic wood branch and fishline.

Easy headboard with rustic wood branch and fishline.

Another treatment would be to use Medium Zots to affix the rosettes randomly over your bed or party candy table. They stay put and remove easily. Lend your rosette creations to friends and family and get many uses out of your materials and efforts.

Kid's Tree Craft

Kid's Tree Craft

Idea #7 Craft for Christmas

Christmas craft #8 is ideal as a children's craft for a party, or school project. Fold only two half circles. Flip one and glue the folded straight edges together.

You will have a 3 dimensional tree with folds on both sides to trim with assorted stickers, punches and pens. Punch a hole at the top for a hanger. Cut 8 inch circles of various mix and match papers of any print and/or double sided papers you have on hand. Then cut in half. The papers do not have to be Holiday themed to make pretty tree decorations. Guide the children through steps A, B and C of thumbnails below. For tiny tots have the trees folded and glued ahead of time.

Items Needed

  • glue
  • markers
  • twine
  • hole punch
  • embellishments
  • 8 inch circles cut in half
  • crafted tree stands - I made "pots" using fancy scissors and a punch or cut fancy triangles.

#8 Holiday Gift Tag

One circle from a small scalloped circle punch. Use fancy scissors to cut the slant on both sides of the top of the tag. Make enough tags to give away in future years.

One circle from a small scalloped circle punch. Use fancy scissors to cut the slant on both sides of the top of the tag. Make enough tags to give away in future years.

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© 2011 Sherry Venegas

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reikimoonbeam on January 17, 2013:

Wow!!! I'm gonna have to try these! Especially the wedding ones. They are beautiful! So amazing what you can do with paper!! Thanks so much for the detailed and easy to follow instructions!!!!

psiloveyou1 on July 13, 2012:

I love these and really need to make some. I have tons of double sided papers that would work wonderfully!

jazziyarbrough on May 19, 2012:

Thank you for the share. I never have been good at arts and crafts, but I guess that's because I haven't had any well written "show me how instructions" until I read your post. Thanks again

eganj1 on September 10, 2011:

hello from a fellow Etsian, i must try this for my christmas gift wrapping

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