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Cute Panda Printables

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Pandas, because of their unique appearance, have an endearing place in the hearts of many people, especially children, who view them as cute animals that have the potential to be their best friends.

The round black eyes, ears and other markings, along with the remaining solid white color make this amazing creature a favorite to view in a variety of real life and artistic environments. Also compelling and friend- inducing is its round body that makes it look almost like a toy bear to children and others.

They of course can be found in the wild, with up to as many as 3,000 believed to exist at this time. Less than 300 pandas are kept in captivity around the world as of this writing.

Along with its looks, the panda is always beloved because of the perception it is only an herbivore, meaning its diet only consists of plant material. While that's generally true, it has been known to supplement its primarily bamboo diet with meat and eggs in the wild.

A careful marketing campaign over the years has resulted in an emotional attachment by people for the panda, and that probably bodes well for it in relationship to ongoing pressure to protect it in the wild.

All of that has resulted in some great illustrations of the panda which are made for children for printable coloring pages. This article consists of a number of these panda printables that are available for download and immediately use.

Printable Coloring Pages

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Baby Panda Printable

Many panda coloring pages don't include separation in the eyes in order to display that interesting look that is so compelling about a panda.

Most of the panda printables included in this gallery do have that so children can recreate that familiar facial feature of the famous bear.

That's the case with this first panda illustration, which has a baby panda holding in his paws a portion of the next part of his meal. Showing the bottom of the feet of the bear is also a great way for a child to color it in in black and white to complement the black and white color of the rest of the bear.

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Simple Panda Coloring Page

The purpose of this collection of panda printables is for the purpose of being able to use them, and so having this simple but effective panda illustration as part of the gallery of coloring pages is so children just learning how to color can have an easier task to attempt to fill in.

Everything in his image is large, other than the eyes, and so should be easy for even the most experienced child to at least be able to do some scribbling that is close to the desired area to be filled in.

Panda Board Book

Kung Fu Panda Coloring Page

If you've been around young children for any amount of time, you'll probably have no problem identifying who this famous panda is - Kung Fu Panda. Children should have no trouble knowing who this character is.

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Although obviously out of the basic focus of panda bears, there is no way you'll be able to work with knowledgeable children concerning pandas without them asking you about where Kung Fu Panda is. Now you'll have an answer for them, and can offer them a great image to satisfy their cartoon panda demands.

kung fu panda printable coloring page

kung fu panda printable coloring page

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Panda Hanging on Bamboo

This is one of my favorite of the panda bear printables. It's really cool to see this guy with his paws over the bamboo shoot while it bends over under its weight.

Also making it look fantastic is the way the bear appears to be having trouble holding the bamboo down as evidenced by the way his toes seem to be struggling to maintain contact with the ground.

With the exception of the bamboo shoot, the rest of the panda printable would work great for budding young artists because of the larger areas to color in.

For younger and inexperienced children you could color in the bamboo and leaves, while leaving the rest for the child to do.

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Panda and Bamboo Printable

I found this a really interesting panda coloring page because it's actually done of a panda that is in captivity. Most younger children wouln't recognize this or care one way or the other, but it does point to the importance of trying to preserve the bear in case things in the wild go awry.

What is great about this panda printable is that fact it can be colored in by the beginner and more advanced little artist.

I say that because of the simple parts of the illustration, including the large portions of the bear, and some of the rocks, shrubs and trees in the background and foreground. The more challenging part of the printable are the stand of bamboo and the little rocks extending out from it.

Panda Bear Coloring Pages and Printables

Concerning animals, pandas are probably among the most recognizable by children and very desirable as a coloring theme.

The round body of the bear and black eyes make for a memorable sight to children, and the rather relaxed demeanor of the bear make it non-threatening to the little ones who readily embrace its perceived friendly nature.

And because it is a fairly consistent topic on nature shows it keeps the fascinating bear in the memory of children, who are quick to accept it from afar and engage in various ways to interact with it, including enjoyable coloring activities.

Parents and other caregivers should have no trouble convincing a child looking for an activity to do to embrace a cool panda printable and color the compelling animal in for all to enjoy and complement the child on.

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