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Paint by Number Kits for Adults


Beautiful Paint By Number Kits For Adults

Paint By Number Kits For Adults have been around for over 50 years. Many people gently mock the idea of paint by number paintings, but needless to say 50 years later they are still going strong and hold a steady place in the market for children and adult hobbyists.

I know for a fact from my own experience I can fondly remember when I received my first paint by number kit at the age of 5, and I can proudly say that first paint by number painting and many that followed inspired me to go on to take my love of art and painting to my present day career as an illustrator and artist.

Those early days of filling each individual numbered space with different colors of paint helped produce an appreciation for art and helped me hone my skills and that lead to me becoming an accomplished artist, creating my own works of art.

Today children and adults can still dabble in this relaxing artistic hobby by purchasing paint by number kits for adults and children depending upon your skill level. Paint by number kits allow you to create beautiful paintings without the need of art classes or needing too much talent.

There is a huge range of paint by number kits available today, from easy to difficult, in both acrylic and oil paint by number kits. So come along and lets find some.

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Paint By Number Kits For Adults - Adirondack Evening - 20 x 14 inches


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Are you are looking for a paint by number kit for adults that is a little more intricate, gorgeous design and fabulous colors? Dimensions Paint By Number Kit, Adirondack Evening will fit the bill.

The kit includes a 20 x 14 inch printed canvas board, easy-to follow instructions, 18 acrylic paints, and one professional-quality #1 round paintbrush. I suggest that if you prefer working with more than one brush, it's recommended that you purchase a liner brush for fine line detail and a #4, 6 or 8 flat brush for larger open areas.

So, if you want a great project to take your mind off your everyday life, would be the perfect relaxation hobby.

Best Paint By Number Kits For Adults

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The best paint by number kits for adults range in difficulty from novice to expert with a variety of subjects. Using these kits is a great way to get involved in art and is a way for beginners to practice painting. Paint by numbers is a really great hobby for all ages.

What ever your skill level may be, you'll find the guided instructions useful. The easy-to-follow color-coded numbering system makes painting a breeze.

Once you have perfected the system, there are tricks that you can use to hide the paint by number guidelines. The end result is a more realistic masterpiece.

Recreate a Van Gogh Masterpiece With These Beautiful Paint By Number Kits - No Art Background Required!

Have you ever wanted to own one of Van Gogh paintings but there is no way you could ever see affording one. Here's your chance to produce one of Van Gogh's famous paintings and have hours of enjoyment doing it.

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential artists of the last century. Van Gogh was a post -Impressionist painter and was known for his bold colors and rough beauty in his paintings.

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Paint By NumberFor Adults - Night Watch


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I have lived the majority of my life in remote areas of Canada, sometimes my nearest neighbor being 50 miles away. That being said, my love for wildlife was nurtured at a young age. I chose to highlight this paint by number kit called the because of those exact reasons.

I've always respected and loved wolves and have spent many hours observing them. One particular incident was about 20 years ago when my husband and I had purchased a 120 acres of land in Northern Ontario with a mile of waterfront and our own small private island on the lake. It was a small piece of heaven. We had no neighbours as far as you could see. Since the property backed onto Government Owned Crown Land we had nothing but wildlife, trees, and water surrounding us. The odd trapper would come through asking for permission to check their trap lines but not much else for company.

One week after arriving at our new place with our three children my husband was called back to work in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada. For anyone wondering, Pond Inlet is located at the top of Baffin Island which is very close to the North Pole. So here I am all by myself with 3 small children in the middle of nowhere for the next 3 months until my husband finishes his contract of building 12 houses for the Inuit.

That summer was beautiful, the children and I spent those first 3 months exploring our property, swimming in the lake, canoeing and fishing. Every evening after the children were asleep, Rocky our German Shepherd and I would head out to the Shop which was quite a ways from the house to try to unpack and organize all our belongings before the winter set in.

I have to admit that our trek from the house to the shop was done lickity split. I could have never imagined, how dark it could be and how many strange night sounds filled the air. I was a little apprehensive at first, but heck I had Rocky to guard me. What was I so concerned about? As I worked organizing, Rockies ears perked up and the hair on his back rose, and I noticed by his low growl that he was aware of something outside that I couldn't hear.

My imagination was now working overtime, it was fed by each little noise that broke the silence of the total darkness outside the shop. EEEEK! What could be lurking out there, a bear, coyotes, wolves, or maybe just a skunk? What ever it was Rocky and I had to get back to the house. We started out at a slow walk but before I knew it I was running. Once in the house, everything was fine, the children still asleep, I settled down to a hot cup of tea. Still those strange noises left me a little nervous as I crawled into bed.

Just at daybreak I jumped out of bed to see what had made Rocky and I so nervous the night before. As I looked out the backdoor I noticed a lone gray wolf watching the house from the top of a hugh rock that was situated in a clearing just on the outside of the forest. I watched him for awhile and without an incident he disappeared. It's funny I wasn't afraid. I almost felt safe, as if this wolf was their to protect us.

After that first sighting each evening and morning for the next 3 months the children and I would see this same on the rock. He never came any closer and Rocky our dog never chased him. When my husband finally came home, our children were so excited to share our story of the wolf on the rock.

Sure enough that evening returned and stood there watching us for the longest time. Then as if he new my husband was back home, he turned leaped down off the rock and disappeared into the forest. He never did return while my husband was home. But each evening as we sat on our porch having a cup of tea we would hear this howling from a pack of distant wolves, but our gray wolf never did return in the four years that we lived on the property as long as my husband was home.

Are you an aspiring artist? This beautiful paint by number kit for adults by Reeves depicts a wolf in the wild at night. The kit comes with a 9 x12 inch pre-printed numbered board and simple easy to read instructions, 20 pots of acrylic paint and one brush. This paint by numbers will give you hours of fun.

Paint By Number Kits For Adults - Taste Of Italy


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A Taste Of Italy is another vibrant paint by number kit by Dimensions. This beautiful scene is very detailed with numerous straight lines, so a good brush is a must. This is one painting that might require a little more patience and a steady hand.

Dimension makes beautiful paint by number kits. Though the brushes might not be amazing but you can always buy extra brushes that are to your liking.

The kit contains one 20 x 16 textured artboard, one artist's brush, 18 acrylic paint colors, and a set of easy to read instructions. Be sure to try your hand at this exquisite design .