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43 Excellent Pony Bead Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


One of the newest crafts, at least to me, that I've come across lately, is the melted pony bead crafts. I searched Google to see how many different pony bead crafts that I could find that included tutorials. In my search I came across the melted pony bead crafts, which were new to me.

This looks to be an exciting and addictive craft. The sun catchers would make inexpensive, and yet outstanding, gifts.Pony beads have always been a great craft for kids because the size of the bead is easy for the kids to work with. In this article you will find the site addresses, where you'll find the tutorials, of the pony bead crafts featured.

There are tutorials for making animals, sun catchers, bracelets, key chains, coasters and many more items.Plan on using the pony bead crafts for summer camp, birthday party, classroom, scout troop and slumber party activities. Some of these pony bead craft ideas are perfect for items to sell at craft shows.

To make the Melted Bead Sun Catcher shown above, go to instructables for the instructions.


1. Pom Pom Doll Ornament

Imagine all the things you can decorate with these cute little pom pom dolls. Find the instructions for making them at Hello Wonderful.


2. Pony Bead Crown

Let the birthday guests make a crown for themselves before starting the birthday party festivities. They'll feel like royalty. Find the tutorial for making the easy pony bead crown at Where Imagination Grows.


3. Sun Catcher Wind Chimes

Isn't this a beautiful wind chime? Imagine making this for your own patio or to give as a gift. See how easy it is to make this sun catcher wind chime by going to the We Can Do It site for the tutorial.


4. Pony Bead Napkin Rings

Use pony beads in the colors of the season to dress up your holiday dinner. The attractive napkin ring shown above is a perfect example for Thanksgiving. For the tutorial on how to make the napkin ring, go to Craft Elf.


5. Melted Pony Bead Bangle and Ring Set

I can see a group of kids busy making these as gifts for their friends and themselves. The directions for making this pony bead set, go to Cut Out +Keep.


Dig out all your cookie cutters so the kids can make a variety of animal and other sun catchers. The tutorial for this project is found at Holly’s Art Corner.

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7. Indian Corn

If you're needing small favors for a fall celebration, consider making this Indian corn to give as a small gift. The instructions to make pony bead Indian corn is found on the Cutesy Crafts site.


8. Pony Bead Collage Sun Catcher

These sun catchers were made a bit differently than some of the other ones. They use Reynolds Fun Shapes baking cups for their mold and baked them in a toaster oven. The tutorial for this project is found at GROWING UP Gabel.


9. Colorful Jellyfish

What kid wouldn't love to make a cute little colorful jellyfish like this?


10. Melted Pony Bead Bowl

This melted pony bead bowl looks like it could be a work of art by some famous artist. The tutorial for making the bowl is found at In His Grip. I think I'm going to have to make one of these. I love this look.


11. Luck of the Irish Bracelet

An Irishman would be proud to wear this St. Pat's Day bracelet. Even those of us who can't call ourselves Irish, will have a great time making and wearing this lucky bracelet. For the instructions, go to Mom ENDEAVORS.


12. Melted Flowers

I can think of so many ways to use these little melted pony bead flowers. To enhance a scrapbook page, to make a flower hairpin, on a magnet and as findings for other craft projects. Go to Inspire-Create for the instructions on how to make these pony bead flowers.

13. Wampum Belt Weaving

14. Flower Ring Tutorial


15. Snowflake Ornaments

When you need a quick and easy craft to make as an art project, or as a gift to give, consider making snowflake ornaments. Go to The DIY Mommy for the instructions, and then start making snowflakes.


16. Simple Suncatcher

Free kids has the instructions for making this simple pony bead suncatcher. Even the really little kids could make this one. This would also be a great craft for seniors.


17. How to Bead a Cross

Once you check the tutorial at Catholic Icing you'll see how easy it is to bead a cross. This would be a nice Lenten project for a bible or church group of kids.


18. Classy Heart

And this beautiful little cross is perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day or Valentine's Day gifts. Easy to make with pony beads when you follow the instructions at little page turners .


19. Sun Catcher Wind Chimes

This wind chime project from I’M FEELING CRAFTY recycles the pipes from an old wind chime to make this melted pony bead sun catcher into a wind chime.


20. Pony Bead Flag Plaque

The kids will find making this pony bead flag plaque a both fun and patriotic project Find easy to follow instructions for this craft at i {heart} crafty things.


21. Pony Bead Pumpkins

If you like to do crafts with the kids using holidays as a guide, this will fit the bill for Thanksgiving and Halloween. This craft is suitable for a classroom project or senior group. The tutorial can be found at Cutesy Crafts.


22. Dragonfly Bead Pet

Go to CRAFT PROJECT IDEAS.COM for the tutorial on how to make the dragonfly. I think that by straightening a coat hanger and gluing the dragonfly to one end, you could stick the other end into the soil of your garden or yard to make the dragonfly appear like its flying.


23. Pony Bead Rosary

I really like this project and think it would be so nice to do with a group of kids at school or church. Making the rosary is easier than it looks. Be sure to go to ROSARY MAKERS GUIDE for the tutorial, and see that it isn't difficult.


24. Apples, Apples, Apples and More

You can make even more, and different, apples by going to the tutorial at And if you click on "Back to Just Beads" at the end of the instructions, you'll be taken to another page with 24 more pony bead crafts.


25. Pony Bead Bracelet and Earrings

I love the look if this pony bead bracelet. You'll find the tutorial for making this project at The Life of Jennifer Dawn.


26. Melted Pony Bead Necklace

This site, Second Chances by Susan-Tutorials has suggestions on how to use metal molds to make melted pony bead items.She also notes that you can use a glass bead where you want a chain, or ribbon, hole to be. The glass bead won't melt.


27. Beaded Bandana Kerchief

The pony beads give this bandana kerchief a stylish look. The directions for this project can be found at Square Dance Sewing. Would be so cute worn with jeans and a t-shirt.


28. Bug Sun Catcher

Well, it won't catch the bugs, but it sure gives a new look to the melted pony bead sun catchers. This very cute idea and the directions for making the bun sun catcher can be found at Happily ever mom.

29. Homemade Enamel Dots


30. Colorful Coasters

Here is one of the pony bead projects that I think would be a great item to sell at a craft show. Find the tutorial for making these coasters at wouldn’t it be LOVELY. You can never have too many coasters.


31. American Flag

Easy enough for the kids to make without too much supervision. They'll love to show everyone the flag that they made with pony beads. The directions can be found at Reading Confetti.


32. Christmas Tree Ornament

It isn't too early to start making new ornaments for your Christmas tree. Check the instructions at CRAFT IDEAS FOR KIDS and get your supplies ready.


33. Heart Wind Chimes

I love this project because of the twig and cord addition. See how to make this melted pony bead hearts windchime at NO time for FLASHCARDS.


34. Lenten Fish Necklace

Tell the kids the significance of the fish to the early Christians and then show them how to make this fish necklace. Go to Kids & Glitter for the tutorial.


35. Bead Fringed T-Shirt

You can make a fashion statement of your own when you make and proudly wear the t-shirt that you have customized by cutting a fringe and adding pony beads to your shirt. Find the tutorial for this craft project at About a Mom.


36. Halloween Sun Catchers

It's unbelievable all the different melted pony bead sun catchers that can be made by changing the colors of the beads that you use. The crafty idea, and the tutorial, are brought to you by Craft jr.


37. Princess Fairy Wands

The only thing that I would suggest that I think would make this project even cuter than it already is, is to add colorful ribbons under the stars. This outstanding craft idea and the tutorial is found at the artful parent.


38. Clothes Pin and Pony Bead Butterfly

Although this butterfly has a few other type beads in it, I think it would look great using all pony beads. The instructions for making this butterfly on a clothes pin is found at Indietutes.


39. Fabulous Lizards

Think of all the colors you can make of these fabulous lizards and all the folks you could make one for.

40. Pony Bead Loom Bracelets


41. Pony Bead Snakes

Pony beads come in so many beautiful colors that no matter what you make it will be outstanding. Like the chenille stripe and pony bead snakes.


42. Math Abacus

Imagine living centuries ago using a math abacus instead of today's use of a calculator. We've come a long way!


43. Snow White Crown

Every little princess deserves a crown of her own. Make your princess one by following the instructions at Make and Takes.

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

Have you made pony bead crafts? - Or am I the only one that this is new to?

Marcy Bialeschki from Cerro Gordo, IL on May 09, 2020:

Lots of really cool ideas. My kids used to love pony beads. I probably have a ton somewhere. Maybe in this continued lockdown I can find them and try a couple of your ideas. I love how you melted them. So cool.

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