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Tutorial: Personalized Pop-Up Scrapbook with Origami Folds


Make Your Own Diamond Pattern Pop-Up Scrapbook

With just a few simple origami folds, anyone can create this fun, original, easy-to-personalize "Pop-Up Scrapbook." Choose 2-3 patterns of scrapbook paper to create the effect you want - a Valentine's gift perhaps? I themed mine for spring since I'm looking forward to it on this winter day.

My favorite thing to do with this scrapbook is to personalize it for friends on Facebook. Since no one prints their pictures anymore, it's a great surprise to create a scrapbook with them in mind and fill it with pictures from their lives. It's a great gift for holidays, birthdays, or anytime!

Making Your Own Scrapbooks

Who would you make a Pop-Up Scrapbook for?

  1. 2 sheets patterned 12x12" scrapbook paper
  2. 2 sheets 12x12" heavy-weight paper - I like cardstock or two-sided paper since it tends to be sturdier. These will be your pages, so you want them strong.
  3. 6 sheets 12x12" cardstock in coordinating color - Cut these into 5x5" squares (12) and 4.5x4.5" squares (12). Cut the 4.5x4.5" squares again diagonally so you have 24 triangles.
  4. 2 squares of corrugated cardboard (6.5x6.5") - I use cardboard from my recycling pile. Just make sure there aren't any fold creases in the cardboard.
  5. Tombow permanent roller adhesive
  6. Bone folder
  7. Ruler
  8. Scissors
Folding the Pages

Folding the Pages

1) Take one sheet of heavy-duty paper, and start with the wrong side up. Fold diagonally (one corner to opposite corner), make crease with bone folder, and open it again so it lays flat.

2) Turn the sheet over so the right side faces up. Fold once horizontally (edge to edge) and crease. Open flat and fold again horizontally (edge to edge) perpendicular to the previous fold. Open flat again.

3) To finish page, fold again on diagonal line, tucking the diagonals in instead of leaving them out.

4) Repeat these steps with each of the 6 heavy-duty paper sheets.

Framed Pages

Framed Pages

Decorative squares and triangles serve two purposes: adding contrasting color to give each page a "framed" look and adding sturdiness to each page.

1) For each pre-folded heavy-duty page, open flat and using the roller adhesive, paste contrasting 5-inch squares and 4.5-inch squares centered in their openings.

Note: I like to place the squares first. That way when placing the triangles, I line up the outer edge of the triangle with the outer edge of the square to keep things tidy.

Making the Covers

Making the Covers

1) For each of the front and back covers, snip one corner off about -inch in. This will allow space for the book to open at the corner.

Note: Do not cut too much off the corner or the pages won't fit correctly.

2) Place one sheet of patterned scrapbook paper wrong side up and center one piece of cardboard on it. Fold each corner of the paper toward the center of the cardboard. They will not meet exactly at the middle. Secure each corner to the cardboard using roller adhesive.

3) Next fold the leftover edges of the paper toward the center of the cardboard, making sure the paper of the previous folds don't pucker. Secure the paper so it lays flat to the cardboard using roller adhesive.

4) Repeat these steps for the other cover.

What do you think of the project so far?

Fully Assembled Scrapbook Open from the Back

Fully Assembled Scrapbook Open from the Back

1) Using roller adhesive, secure the bottom of one scrapbook page to the top of the next, making sure that all pages open the same direction.

2) Then secure the front cover to the top, making certain that the snipped corner of the cover is even with the "spine" corner of the pages. Repeat this step for the back cover.

3) After making sure all glued areas are secure, fill your Pop-Up Scrapbook with photos, captions, and memorabilia as a personalized gift for your next special occasion.

Embellishing Your Pop-Up Scrapbook

I like to tie my scrapbooks closed with a ribbon in a coordinating color. You'll need about 1 yard of ribbon to tie a good bow around it.

Two-sided paper adds a special touch, though I also like simple cardstock so all of the focus is on the pictures and decorations I put in the pages.

Corner punches and border punches can add a lovely touch to the edges of your pages and should be used before adding framing to your pages.

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Do you want a Pop-Up Scrapbook?

chrins on June 30, 2014:

Wow! Excellent! Great lens!

Ibidii on August 04, 2013:

Awesome I cannot wait to make some! Cute cute cute!!!

June Campbell from North Vancouver, BC, Canada on April 20, 2013:

Your pop-up is delightful and you have done a great job of explaining it in this lens.

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