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Oil Paint or Pastel Crayons - Which is Better?

I've always loved creativity. In art and craftwork, I can embroider, knit, crochet, make clothes and earrings, paint, draw, and decorate.

I Much Prefer Oil Paint to Pastel Crayons, What About You?

Oil Paint v Pastel Crayons

I learnt how to use crayons, watercolours, charcoal and pastel at school, but until I recently took up art classes, I had never tried oil painting.

That's because I suspected (as turned out to be the case) that it was a bit messy, and a lot of equipment was needed.

Nonetheless, it was a revelation, and I am now completely sold on it, even though I am still a rank beginner. I haven't got much room at home to create a proper artist's studio, and I certainly wouldn't want to drop oil paint on my Chinese oak wooden floor, but now the weather is warming up, I am seriously considering setting up my easel in the garden, and painting what I see in front of me. I love gardening, and there are always beautiful flowers and plants with ornamental leaves for me to draw and paint, not to mention an adorable tortoiseshell cat, a rustic fence, and waving trees just beyond my garden.

The Road to Hell by John Parker

Oil Painting: The Road to Hell by John Parker

This original painting hangs in pride of place in my lounge, but if you would like to buy it, contact me here, and learn a bit more about it: My Bio - Glorious Confusion

Which is Better - Oil or Crayons?

Me - I like Oil Paint

I love the way you can mix the colours very subtly. How you start off with the darkest colours and then overlay them with lighter colours, and the ease with which you can correct anything you feel is not exactly right - I am so used to being stuck with my mistakes that this was very pleasing to me.

And then there is the brilliance of the colours - that appeals to me too. Not that I want anything garish, but the colours look so good and solid.

That is not to say that I dislike pastel crayons - the colours are delicate and blend beautifully. They are easy to use because they are so immediate - no palette, spirits, dirty brushes and palette, and they are very portable.

Is Oil Paint the King?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Luncheon of the Boating Party - Oil Painting - c.1881


Degas - Star of the Ballet, 1878 - Pastel Drawing

This is what you can do with pastels (After a bit of practice)

This is what you can do with pastels (After a bit of practice)

Derwent Pastel Pencils

Child Slavery (2013) by Banksy

This picture was taken in Wood Green, London, just before it was removed from the wall and sold, to the great consternation of the local population

This picture was taken in Wood Green, London, just before it was removed from the wall and sold, to the great consternation of the local population

Child Slavery - 2013

It was painted on the wall of a Pound Shop in a North London suburb. It depicts a child sewing a Union Jack, a protest against poverty and child labour.

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A memorable, nay, historical photograph, because the wall painting was only there for a few weeks before it was removed one night in April 2013, and put up for auction sale anonymously in New York the next day. There was an outcry amongst locals in the London suburb, and the painting was swiftly withdrawn. However, it has now been put into a London auction. The locals say that the painting was done for the community, not for someone to make a vast profit out of selling it.

I suppose the best thing to hope for is that all the profits from sale go to help child laborers in third world countries. I suspect the money is more likely to fund the purchase of Gucci handbags at £3,000 a time, a luxury yacht in Marbella and a holiday in a suite in a five-star hotel. Call me cynical if you like.

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