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FAIRY TALES LIVE - Painted Houses of Village Oberammergau



Once upon a time ....(15 years ago) when I visited charming village Oberammergau in Bavaria, Germany, I got convinced that fairy tales can live in ordinary human world. Since then, my vision of this world definitely became open for new possibilities... the world can look and be felt exactly on the way we choose to. I spent there 10 lovely days so was able to attune to extremely positive energy of this place.

Oberammegau is pitoresque village in Bavarian Alpae, romantic and so unique with it´s beautifully painted houses - almost every house has mural from fairy tales painted on the outside walls! Such beauty must change perception of every visitor to this place. Domestic people are nice, pleasant, relaxed and very content, the world they created makes everyone happy.

There is no need that people build Disneylands or Gardalands to have fairy tales alive - people in Oberammergau proved that fantasies can live in everyday´s life and that creativity and beauty can change the hearts of many.

Architectural design does not need to be gray and boring, if it is such, it shows that we live imprisoned by our fears from future, or traumas from past . From the another point of view, art and colours on the streets and buildings of our towns show that people perceive and respect the beauty of this world - such attitude changes emotions and perception almost instantly... and helps people to build positive future.




Streets of Oberammergau


Wood carving figures bring to the village a lot of money.

Wood carving is bussiness there: Tourists buy a lot of carved souvenirs

Wood carving is bussiness there: Tourists buy a lot of carved souvenirs


In this cute village, people live from the tourism and art - they sell their beautifully carved wooden sculptures as souveniers. Wooden figures also represent characters from fairy tales, so imaginery world became very realistic way of earning money - such suvenirs are not cheap and they do not need to be. Art should never be cheap!


Beautiful view on Oberammegau from the mountain

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Dream castle of Bavaria


Several miles from this enchanting village, it is dream castle we all know from Disney`s movies: Castle of Neuschwanstein. It really exist, was built by king Ludwig II of Bavaria, in another village of Hohenschwangau. Walt Disney copied this historical beauty for his movies....I can simply say: it is like in dreams...


King Ludwig IInd of Bavaria was known as "Mad King" because he was wasting enormous amounts of money on building such expensive luxury castles . But - these castles today bring Germany due to the turism enourmous amounts of money again- so his efforts and love for art were not in vain.

So often fruits of somebodie´s visions can be picked up by next generations: on this world good and bad is very relative. The same projects that brought financial crisis for one generation, to the next ones brought big financial prgress.

Enjoy the beautiful views on this magnificent dream castle in various times of the year.


In this Hub I did not use my photos. My artistic photos you can see in my gallery:

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mlbj77 on December 08, 2016:

I was fortunate enough to live there for 3 years. Went to Jr HS in Garmisch and then to Munich for HS where we lived in dorms during the week and came back on Friday and left again on Monday. The most beautiful place I have ever live but at the time you take it for granted. I was a military dependent and have lived in many places but none can match Oberammergau

J. Lynn Elliott, CPA from Morgan Hill, CA on October 03, 2012:

can you tell me anything about a wood carver by the name of Kuno Bierling?

Tamer Ertürk on January 28, 2012:

Oberammergau is fantastic...

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on February 10, 2011:

Wow, you must have interesting and nice memories from Oberammergau, Alexa - thanks for sharing a bit of them with all of us.

alexa on February 08, 2011:

we were fortunate enough to live in this charming village. i have a painting of our home (used to be the mayor's house), across from the playhouse park. we all 4 got a family plate, handpainted. mine was little red riding hood and the wolf. each of them depicted a different fairy tale. i had a wood carving of the last supper. sadly, it was damaged horribly in a move. I still have my plate, my dad's and my mom's. unfortunately, my brother broke his. such cherished items.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on September 21, 2010:

Thank you James.

James A Watkins from Chicago on September 20, 2010:

It is rare to see so much beauty. I want to visit this place now. Thank you for this marvelous journey. I could not have enjoyed it more.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on July 08, 2010:

Thank you so much, David.

davidseeger from Bethany, OK on July 05, 2010:

Words are inadequate. I enjoyed these pictures, but even more, I enjoyed the pictures of body painting. I'm so envious I could bust. Thanks for show all of it.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on April 06, 2010:

Thank you very much,Astari.

AstaRI from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on April 05, 2010:

Dear Tatjana,

I believe that every place has its own beauty and uniqueness. But you have brought up the beauty of Oberammergau in an interesting way. So, thank you so much for sharing a very wonderful dream world through your writing and pictures.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on April 01, 2010:

I am glad you liked it, Enlydia.

Enlydia Listener from trailer in the country on April 01, 2010: of my favorite castles!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on November 09, 2009:

Thank you so much for the visit and comment, Sandy, always glad to see you here...

Am I dead, yet? on November 08, 2009:

How wonderful it would be to visit there! I can imagine the people there are so happy from being surrounded in such beauty. Thank you for the wonderful visit to Oberammergau!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 29, 2009:

Yes Marie, Oberammergau is fantastic...Great that you will share it. Best regatds to you and your dearest ones.

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on October 29, 2009:

Wow! I was looking at the photos and my eyes were wide open in admiration at the beauty of these homes. Can imagine the positive energy sorrunding the area, with all those colors and unique artistic expression. I am sharing this hub with Phil, sis,, and my friends.

Thank you for giving me a peek into a town, I wouldn't seen until you shared with us!

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 29, 2009:

Thank you Zsuzsy, I was also there a long time ago, but beauty of this village I will never forget!

Thank you for the visit and nice comment. Glad to see you here.

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on October 29, 2009:

Tatjana thanks for sharing. These pictures brought back some long forgotten memories. My family and I visited Oberammergau and Unterammergau in the summer of 1962 it seems a life time ago.

Thanks again for a great hub

regards Zsuzsy

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 29, 2009:

Thank you C.C. I love travelling so much! It helps everyone to change perception....

Thanks for visit and comment...

ralwus on October 29, 2009:

Gee thanks for another breathtaking tour. Wonderful stuff. I'm envious of your travels.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 29, 2009:

Thank you very much - Peggy. I am glad you liked them. Thanks for visit and comment.

Tatjana-Mihaela (author) from Zadar, CROATIA on October 29, 2009:

South Bavaria in Germany (and its towns and villages) is certainly beautiful place to visit in any time in your life. It is pleasant and peacefull...and more then anything else - beautiful.

Thank you very much, for your visit and comment, Dohn.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 29, 2009:

Thank you so very much for sharing the photos of the Painted Houses of Oberammergau. Wonderful!

dohn121 from Hudson Valley, New York on October 29, 2009:

Although these photos might not be yours, they are absolutely breathtaking nevertheless! I would love to be able to visit these places one day, Tatjana-Mihaela...All in good time, I guess. I really enjoyed this hub and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! Bookmarked!

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