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Minnesota Viking Emblem Cross Stitch


Viking Fans Cross Stitch

For the Viking sports fans of Minnesota, this cross stitch is for YOU!

A friend asked me if I would make a Viking. I was like a Minnesota Viking Emblem? Yes was the response. I'd never made one before so thought it would be a great challenge to do. So I searched around online for patterns. This one that I chose I on found Etsy shop by a Dreamy Memories. The price was very reasonable so I ordered it. It came via email after I paid for it. Once I received it I opened it up. I was quite amazed at how large the pattern was because it was laid out on more than one page. My first thought was that YAY I can read it without straining my eyes. So I printed it out and pieced it together on my table. (See photo below). The design printed on 6 pages. At first I wasn't sure how'd I follow it but once I laid it out I figured it out. I found the middle for my starting point and after that it was quite simple to follow. I love the bigness of the pattern on several pieces of paper like this one was!

Color Change

I did have to change a color for a different one though. The pattern used a cornflower blue which I don't understand why since there is no blue in Viking colors. Viking colors are gold and purple! So I hunted through my floss colors and found the right purple for the design.

All X Stitches

A big plus to this cross stitch is that it's all done in the X stitch. There is no quarter or back stitching so it truly is a simple pattern to make. Just count your squares on the pattern and stitch away. The colors are in long rows; just be sure to go all one way the first half / stitch then come back with the backslash \ stitch making the X. You want all your stitches to look this way when you're done. It will look funny and not neat if you go back and forth and not keep the stitching all the same direction.

Framing Tip

When I went to frame it I decided to try a sticky board I seen at JoAnn Fabrics while looking around at framing ideas. I have never used one. I thought it looked easy to work with and the boards came in various sizes. I used a 8 x 10 size for the Viking.

Tutorial Steps

This tutorial shows step by step with pictures I took on my progress of how to make this Viking along with my own tips. This was a fun design to work on. It was neat to see the Viking come together as I stitched each X. The frame I chose was perfect. My friend loved it.


  • MN Viking Emblem Pattern
  • White Aida Cloth
  • 5 Colors of Floss


  • Small Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Hoop


1. Minnesota Emblem Pattern - Bought from Printed in 7 sheets. Six of those is the pattern. The seventh one is what the design looks like all done! I loved how it was blown up on the several sheets for easier seeing.

Designer is Dreamy Memories

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2. Gather Supplies:

White aida cloth, 5 floss colors, hoop, needle and scissors

DMC Colors: 550, 972, 3771, 310, White. Your will need at least two skeins of the gold.


3. Changing color of Cornflower Blue to Purple in pattern. There is no BLUE in Vikings! Purple is the color along with gold.


4. Getting started with the GOLD color. It will take a lot gold in this pattern.


5. More GOLD color. Several stitches in a row which is nice and easy for stitching.


6. Even more GOLD color. It's really taking shape now. Looks like a braid.

Gold Floss


7. Adding BLACK edging around the GOLD. The black will really define this design it looks like.


8. More BLACK edging


9. Added the PURPLE. Still can't figure out why the person that designed this pattern using cornflower blue except that maybe it stands out more in the pattern. The true color is Purple!

Dark Purple Floss


10. Starting the FLESH color for the face


11. Adding more GOLD for the mustache


12. Added BLACK edging. Wow it's really looking better and better!


13. More GOLD for the hat on the Viking


14. Added the WHITE for the horns. One thing to be careful of is that is you use the same brand for colors. I ran into this problem with my white. I must have had a different white strand added to my spool and then seen my white was two different colors as I was stitching. Of course I had to fix that so it was all the same.


15. Added the rest of the BLACK.

Then done! Wow! Isn't is spectacular...


16. Now it's time to get ready to frame the Viking.

Get out the iron and Ironing board. It's important to get all creases out when ironing. You want it to look absolute perfect for framing!


17. Choose a frame. I chose a black one. This will really make the design stand out.


18. I used a sticky board to frame the Viking on. This was new to me to use.


19. Center the Viking on the sticky board. This took a few times or so get it just perfect on the board. As I laid it on the board I didn't press down on it in case I need to take it off to make adjustments. Once in place I firmly pressed it on the board.


20. Then I folded the edges over the back on each side and taped it in place. After I did that I tried to fit it into the frame to see what else I needed to do with it.


21. Get the scissors ready to cut the end edges off. It will fit much better into your frame if do that instead of folding it over making it bulky in the back.

22. Edging cut off. Fits so much better on the sticky board now!


23. Then flip over the design and fit it into the frame. This is what it will look like all framed and done. I just love how it looks. It turned out so GREAT!

Minnesota Emblem


Shopping List

These are the items you'll need to make this Minnesota Emblem Cross Stitch

Minnesota Emblem Pattern

  • Pattern
  • Aida Cloth
  • Floss - Black, Gold, Purple White and Flesh
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needles

Supplies To Frame Project

  • Black Frame
  • Press-on Mounting Board
  • Tape
  • Hoop

© 2014 Cheryl Fay Mikesell

What's your favorite sports emblem? Mine is Green Bay Packers! I'm planning on making one of that soon. 

Cheryl Fay Mikesell (author) from Mondovi, WI on July 12, 2014:

@Heidi Vincent: Thanks! :)

Heidi Vincent from GRENADA on July 12, 2014:

Great fan emblem with detailed and well ordered step-by-step instructions!

Cheryl Fay Mikesell (author) from Mondovi, WI on July 11, 2014:

@dreamymemories: Hi NIck! So glad you got to see this. It's a fun pattern to make. Glad you will be changing the cornflower blue to be purple. Thanks for commenting! Hope you enjoyed it and to see a tutorial of it being made. :) I'll be by for the Green Bay Packer pattern soon.

dreamymemories on July 09, 2014:

Hi, this is Nick of Dreamy Memories. I am so pleased to see one of my patterns complete! The color of cornflower blue is something I will address (the color sometimes doesn't transfer well when I am designing), so I will be sure to change the pattern to reflect more of a purple color. Thank you for posting this, it is truly appreciated. I only looked because I am getting hits on Etsy from squidoo, and your page came up first! Whenever you are ready to do that Green Bay Packers pattern, please be sure to come visit me again, and send me a convo before you purchase. Thank you so much!

Cheryl Fay Mikesell (author) from Mondovi, WI on July 02, 2014:

@Craftymarie: Thanks! :)

Marie on July 02, 2014:

You did an awesome job on that Cheryl :)

Cheryl Fay Mikesell (author) from Mondovi, WI on July 02, 2014:

@Ibidii: That's the glory of sizes; you can make as big or little as you want. Be sure to take a picture of it when you make it. I'd like to see it.

Ibidii on July 02, 2014:

Great lens, I will have to adapt that pattern Cheryl Mikesell to a size 7 Aida cloth for my son in law who loved the Minnesota vikings! I cannot do size 14 or 10 too small for me. My kids lived there 10 years total. I have relatives and ancestors from there also.

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