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Mask-Making Made Easy

Simple sheet foam is a fun way to make a mask that you can wear over glasses.

Simple sheet foam is a fun way to make a mask that you can wear over glasses.

Mask-Making Is Easier Than You Think!

I love masks! I have made and collected masks for the last three decades. I liked playing dress-up as a child so much, I studied costuming and makeup in college. Here I share some of my how-tos for mask-making with pictures and crafting tips.

You really have a lot of options when it comes to making masks. They can be made from simple paper, or you can get very complicated with materials.

You can make a mask for yourself, or work on projects with your kids or students. And there are also lots of other mask-related goods and goodies!

This is handmade paper applied to a blank mask form.

This is handmade paper applied to a blank mask form.

Pre-Made Forms 1 - Full Face Masks

You can start a mask quick with a ready-made mask form

This mask was made using a store-bought mask blank. I know you've all seen this one, it's just a blank white face with two eyes, two small nostrils and a squarish mouth slit.

I glued a handmade paper over the surface of the mask. The paper is black with little bits of gold leaf and tinsel in it. I trimmed the edges of it to match the mask once the glue dried.

Then I glued on a strip of maribou feather for hair. This went on even easier than the mask surface, as the paper held the glue better. Small pieces of gold webbing were glued over the eyes on the inside of the mask. A gold paint pen was used to outline the eyes and to paint the lips.

Artistically, I'm really happy with it. To wear, it's just ok. These masks only wear as well as the generic form fits your face. I find it gets kinda close and humid very soon in it. The eye effect is nice, but my own eyelashes brush the webbing when I wear the mask which is a little distracting.

This is a decorated half-mask.  A strip of fringe covers the lower face.

This is a decorated half-mask. A strip of fringe covers the lower face.

Making Papier-mache Masks

Papier-mache is cheap, lightweight and strong for mask-making

Wanting to make masks that fit better and where I could design all the facial features, I turned to papier-mache to make my mask bases. Since I was taking a mask-making class in college, I got to make a plaster cast of my face.

Once I had the cast sculpture of my face, making a mask form became a case of putting plasticine on the casting and then sculpting it into the face I wanted the mask to have. By working on a form of your own face, you automatically have the fit working.

Once the sculpture part was done, the papier-mache was made using torn brown paper grocery bags and a mix of 50/50 Elmer's Glue and water. You want to tear the paper bags into small pieces. DO NOT CUT THE PAPER BAG. You really need the torn, rough edge to make successful mache, a cut edge won't dry flat and your mask will have little ends curling up all over it. By overlapping these little torn bits of paper, you actually wind up building a very strong and lightweight structure.

Papier-mache masks can then be painted with gesso and sanded (you'll need to do a few coats) which will make the surface totally smooth and blank, ready for any sort of art finishing. I've also done masks where I used tissue paper, and the mask coloring forms naturally with the application of the colored tissue paper. Masks like that take a LOT of layers to be strong enough. Handmade papers from Japan and India are fantastic for mask-making.

The half-mask here was built of grocery bag papier-mache and then painted with an acrylic paint to seal it against moisture as well as decorate it. A tiny round of feathers, meant for hats, was cut in two and the pieces were glued into the deep eye sockets to make the wild eyelashes.

I will mention one mask I made this way where I didn't hardly build up the features much from my own. The finished mask fit so tightly to my own face, I couldn't move it hardly or talk while wearing it, so don't be afraid to exaggerate those facial features a bit more. It makes for a much better mask wearing experience.... LOL....

Pre-Made Forms 2 - The Half Mask

I made a second mask using a pre-made mask form, this one was just a half mask. I had a big hackle of maribou that I was all set to use, and fringe, so that gave the basic shape to the mask.

For the mask face surface, I used Friendly Plastic. It heats up in hot water, becoming stretchy and then hardens again when it cools. I had a bunch of pink glitter FP that I got on sale or something, so I decided to use it for the mask.

The nice edge on the feathers and the fringe made gluing all the trims onto the plastic easy. The plastic stuck pretty well to the fabric-like surface of the mask, but I glued it in a few places for good measure. I glued fabric on the inside as a lining too.

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Artistically I was happy with this mask, and it wore pretty well. The only thing was the plastic made the face part of it pretty heavy. It's not a mask for a long night out.

Fancy feathers make fantastic eyebrows on this machie half-mask.

Fancy feathers make fantastic eyebrows on this machie half-mask.

Construction Tips & Tricks

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Making Masks with Sheet Foam

aka mask-making for eyeglass wearers

For most of my years of mask-making, I tended to make masks that didn't fit over my glasses. However, I got tired of not being able to see where I was going, and I'm really more of an eyeglass girl than a contact lens girl.

I was sitting in on a class on masks given at a WesterCon when the topic of using sheet foam for making masks came up. The foam is lightweight, slightly cushy, flexible and can be molded a bit when heated using an embossing tool that blows hot air. I hadn't used this material for masks before, but I was determined to when I got home from the convention.

This is the second foam-based mask that I've made, and it took me about an hour and used less than $5 worth of materials! I enlarged the Squidoo logo and traced a paper pattern to get my shapes. I glued those bits together with a glue that works on foam. Then I used markers to add the details and taped the mask onto my own eyeglasses! If you don't wear glasses like I do, it would be easy to glue this sort of mask onto a pair of cheap sunglasses with the lenses snapped out.

Squidoo Mask Tutorial.

LowPoly Mask from

LowPoly Mask from

Papercraft Mask Blank

If you wish you had a paper mask blank that you could color on or decorate with other materials, here's a great one. Just click on the image shown here to go to the tutorial and pattern for making a papercraft mask. You can leave it as is for a funky robot or futuristic effect, or decorate to your heart's content!

Tutorial and Pattern from

Are you a mask-maker too? Got a question about making masks? Share your tips and tricks, or ask for help with a mask here!

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@karliencarter: You could either mold their face, or start with a generic form, it would all depend on what you wanted to try to how much time you have, or if you had a lot of money for supplies or not. If you go back and read the papier-mache entry, I give the ingredients there. Good luck and have fun!

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Mask making is also a good project for toddlers. Whenever my class got out of hand, my teacher assistant and I would always have them make masks for them to wear. It built self confidence, helped them express creativity and also kept them out of trouble for a good couple of hours. That is, until one child smashed another child's creation.


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I did a feather mask once. You need to order more feathers than you think you need (you trim a lot of them down), and I glued them on from the center of the mask, overlapping outwards to the edges. Good luck!

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