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Mandala Coloring Pages and Books

Coloring page artist /designer for more than 30 years; get printable coloring pages at Lee's web sites (link info on Profile page).

Celtic Design Art Coloring Poster

Celtic Design Art Coloring Poster

Kaleidoscopic Design Patterns for Colorists and Artists

Mandala coloring pages are challenging and satisfying for adult coloring fans. Kaleidoscopic design patterns are generally far more complex than children's coloring pictures. They demand good concentration and focus, so the entire process helps foster creative expression and promote relaxation.

You will see many of my original mandala design drawings in this article. I create symmetrical kaleidoscopic digital art in black and white as well as in color. You're sure to find some design inspiration or peace of mind on this page ... scroll down to explore and enjoy.

Working on a complicated design with pencils, markers or paints allows your mind to rid itself of clutter and stress. Next time you feel overwhelmed or stressed out, try working a mandala with colored pencils and see if it helps you refocus or stimulate your artistic abilities.

Seasonal Kaleidoscopic Designs

Rabbits in the Grass Whimsical Mandala

Hopping along without a care in the world, these joyful bunnies create a sweet spring or Easter design.

Journey of Life Mandala Coloring Sheet

Kaleidoscopic design wheel is a not-too-complex black and white line art design newly added to my web site in the grown up coloring pages section.

Print off one of these pages and chart a course for your peaceful life.

The best relaxation self help investment you can make

Spoked Meditation Wheel

Meditation wheel design coloring page

Meditation wheel design coloring page

Coloring Mandalas Book Series

Adding color to a mandala opens doors to quiet thought and creativity through artistic expression.

This collection of related mandala design books presents a unified style and progression as you master the designs of each subsequent volume. Featured below is the 4th book in the set

How to Draw Zentangle-Style Mandala

Zantangle art is a process of drawing patterned textures in the segmented sections of an illustration block. The technique isn't difficult, and the artist who originally developed the idea offers classes in video or print. Taking this unique design process a step further, the video below shows how to create a merged type of art called a zendala.

The zendala drawing technique combines the principles of drawing zentangles and mandala art. The video shows you how easy and relaxing it is to draw and fill in a complex coloring picture of your very own. It's as easy as doodling ... then you add colors.

Rotating Stars Design Pattern

Stars Mandala Design

Stars Mandala Design

Coloring Mandala Art Promotes Relaxation

Star spiral mandala design coloring page

Star spiral mandala design coloring page

Coloring Book Art Therapy

Coloring books are often used as therapeutic aids for adults of all ages. Seniors and teens are particularly fond of this simple but pleasing art hobby.

The interesting patterns created by a symmetrical abstract line drawing can inspire new artwork.

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I like the way a piece begins to resonate when I begin ti add color to the shapes and spaces. Many of my finished therapy drawings feel as if they have three dimensions, possibly because I like to use red near the center and it draws the eye inward.

Enjoy the mandala coloring pages collection I've compiled here and let your creativity soar!

If you're in search of holiday or children's mandalas, you may enjoy reading about whimsical mandala coloring designs.

Sea Horses and Hearts

Seahorses and hearts mandala design

Seahorses and hearts mandala design

Whimsical Mandala Coloring Pages

Hearts and seahorses is a playful pattern, a whimsical mandala for coloring, graphic design or craft work.

This is a picture that kids might enjoy as a beach vacation activity, or you could print out on transfer paper to make an embroidery pattern for a seashore motif pillow or tee shirt design..

Imagine the seahorse design below printed onto a white or ecru linen pillow and then embroidered in white, soft blue or sea green.

Tribal Design Flames Mandala

Tribal flames tattoo design or adult coloring page

Tribal flames tattoo design or adult coloring page

Tattoo Mandala Designs

Tribal tattoo coloring page is a design with interesting negative and positive spaces.

The four points with multiple flames will challenge your creative side. This is a popular printable from my web site, most often used as a model design for tee shirts and body art.

Marvelous Adult Coloring Pages

Explore the world of coloring pages for grownups

Coloring Pages for Adults - Printable Design Coloring Sheets

I draw coloring pages and clip art and I enjoy finding free printable coloring pages for adults and kids on the Internet. I share my favorites in these related articles.

Visit a few and discover the pleasure of printable coloring pages for adult coloring fun and coloring pages for children of all ages.

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Lotus Design Printable Mandala

Lotus mandala design abstract coloring sheet

Lotus mandala design abstract coloring sheet

Peace and Creativity to You

Do these coloring patterns challenge you or spark your creative spirit?

On my web sites I offer many of my original drawings as geometric printable patterns for coloring or craft work free for noncommercial use.

I've share a few of my favorite sources for mandala art you print and color to use for personal creative projects, as well as my recommendations for books filled with these intriguing patterns.

Visit my profile to view more information about my web sites, mandala designs and graphic design background.

© 2010 Lee Hansen

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