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31 Cute Cotton Ball Craft Ideas

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and easy craft tutorials.


Making crafts with cotton balls includes projects that are for a wide variety of ages. Some of the projects are perfect for the classroom, some are great for toddlers and preschool kids and there are some that will make nice decorator pieces. Cotton balls are inexpensive, especially if you buy them at a Dollar store or a discount store.

In this article I will be sharing with you projects that I found on my search for crafts to make using cotton balls. All the crafts shown here will include a nice large photo of the craft and the site name where you can go directly to the project page.

Make cotton ball and egg carton cup ice cream cones like those shown above by clicking here.


1. This Little Piggy

How cute is this little piggy, and how much fun will it be to make one like him. Find the instructions at Housing A Forest .


2. Rain Cloud and Rain Drops

For a fun and educational Spring project, why not make a rain cloud and rain drops with the kids? See how easy, and inexpensive, this project is by going to the All Kids NETWORK .


3. Milk Jug and Cotton Balls Igloo

Learning is so much more fun when a craft project is included. Find the tutorial for making this milk jug and cotton balls igloo at The Pinterested Parent


4. Confections

These confections really do look good enough to eat, but I don't think the cotton balls will taste like icing. MARY HELEN O RAMA is the site to go to for the instructions for this craft.


5. Cotton Ball Garland

What could be easier than making a cotton ball garland for the Christmas tree. This would make a great family project. For the tutorial for making the cotton ball garland, go to liquid paper.


6. Scented, Colored and Baked

This is a project easy enough for the littlest kids. They'll love the scent of the cotton balls and that they can make such a cute pumpkin. Find the instructions for making this scented, colored and baked cotton ball craft at Fun At Home With Kids.


7. Pinecone Owl

Sometimes I see a craft that just makes me feel like giggling. These cute, little pinecone owls does that to me. To make one of these owls, find the directions at All Things Heart & Home.

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8. Tiny Easter Bunnies

It'll be so much fun making these little cotton ball and chenille stem Easter bunnies. The tutorial for making these tiny bunnies is found at favecrafts.


9. Bunny Love Frame

Give this to somebunny that you love. Any parent or grandparent would love a gift like this. It would be a great classroom project. For the tutorial, go to HAPPY HOME FAIRY.


10. Nest of Birds

This project, with directions at My Creative Life, has directions for making the nest and the little birds. This is such a cute project for the little ones.


11. Ascension Mobile

I love to see religious themed crafts for the kids. When you are a Sunday school teacher or a CCD teacher, you really appreciate this sort of help. Find the tutorial for making this Ascension Thursday project at Ten kids and a Dog.


12. Fanciful Garland

Embroidery floss wrapped cotton balls make up this beautiful, fanciful garland. You'll find the tutorial for making this garland at A Fanciful Twist.


13. Cotton Ball Christmas Tree

Something so simple becomes something so beautiful in this project from What Meegan Makes. Go to her site for the instructions.


14. Cotton Ball Art

This is such a pretty piece of art and I think it would be a great classroom project, but the cotton ball dyeing would have to be done a few days prior. Find the instructions for this craft at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.


15. Bunny Container

An Easter container like this would be perfect for gifting a college aged or teenager with Easter treats. Also a very cute decoration. CRAFTS BY Amanda is where you'll find the instructions for making a bunny like this.


16. Butterflies

Coffee filters and cotton balls make very cute butterflies and even the toddlers can help make them. I can just imagine a classroom hung with a bunch of these butterflies. Spring and Easter time are great times to make these to hang. Go to Makobi Scribe to see how to make them.


17. Wreath

A wreath made like this could be used for any time or season of the year, just a change in the bow, or by using colored cotton balls. You'll see how this is made by following the directions at julep.


18. Winter Forest Scene

Have your child make this winter forest scene to be displayed in your home or at the office.


19. Easter Animals

I love these cute little Easter animals, and the kids will love helping to make them. Go to to see how to make them and for the templates of the animals.


20. Cotton Boll Wreath

The family will want to help you make this outstanding cotton boll wreath. Very easy and very interesting instructions.


21. Cotton Ball Ghosts

Be sure to glue the cotton balls on both sides of these ghosts when making a mobile or a ghost hanger. Find the instructions for this project at LibrErin. Very cute!!


22. Cotton Ball Bunny

Although the directions found at DLTK Crafts for Kids calls this little animal a lamb, it looks more like a bunny to me. It could probably be made to look more like a lamb by changing the shape of the ears. No matter which you choose, this is a craft that the kids will love doing.

23. Ice Cream Cones (party decorations?)


24. Easy Owl Art

What a cute idea for a classroom project. Imagine all the different little owls you could have to decorate your classroom. Go to the Queen Bee COUPONS site for the instructions for this craft.


25. Cotton Ball Snowman Art

Preschool kids will have loads of fun making this winter craft. Cotton balls and snowmen seems to be extra compatible .For the directions for this cotton ball snowman, go to A Little Pinch of PERFECT.


26. Lamb Basket

Make this lamb basket using any container, a box, a paper cup or a tin can for the basket. A styrofoam or paper mache egg makes the lamb's head. Notice that you can improvise with your supplies. Then go to thriftyfun for the instructions on making this lamb basket.


27. Bunny Basket

Another cute bunny basket made using a gallon milk jug and cotton balls.

28. Paper Cup and Cotton Ball Lambs


29. Santa's Beard

I can see my little grandkids having a blast making their own Santa beards. It might even be pretty difficult getting them to take it off. SAY YES TO HOBOKEN has the instructions on making Santa's beard.


30. Proud Penguins

You can make these proud penguins using empty water bottles filled with cotton balls. This cute project and it's directions for making the penguins is found at


31. Faux Cotton Boll Branches

This is definitely a project I will be doing. I love this look. To find the tutorial for making your own faux cotton boll branches, go to Country Design Style. Outstanding!

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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Annie Poe from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India on February 29, 2020:

These are so cute. I just love them

SARA from Islamabad on May 01, 2019:

Wonderful Ideas. Thanks for Sharing. I really like it.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on April 19, 2017:

Lorraine, I love all of these crafty ideas who can do with cotton balls. Very clever of you. I love the nest of birds and the owls. Fun for the whole family to do even on a rainy afternoon.

Bigwas from Philippines on April 01, 2014:

the images are lovely....

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