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Love Vouchers: Free Printable

Print out PDF - 2 pages

Print out PDF - 2 pages

Cut out white border

Cut out white border

Folding Instruction

Folding Instruction


Free Love Vouchers, affordable & thoughtful Valentines Day gift!

Valentines Day is just a month away and I wanted to start getting some ideas together of some affordable, DIY gifts. Hubby and I aren't huge on the commercial celebration of Valentines Day, instead we like to handmake gifts. They are way more thoughtful and you also don't break the bank. These vouchers are great as they can be kept and used at any stage throughout the year.

Here is an easy to use free template for the gorgeous Love coupons.

(If the hyperlink doesn't work then copy and paste the URL in a new tab.)

Each voucher looks like a mini match box, with a cute love quote printed on the outside and a voucher slip stapled onto the inside. They are very simple to make - here's the how-to!

What you will need:

  • Colour Printer
  • 2 pages of paper or card
  • scissors
  • stapler or stickers


  1. Print the 2 page PDF
  2. Cut out the white border around the edges of the page
  3. Cut out each voucher (make sure you cut these slightly smaller than the outside covers so that they do not stick out).
  4. Cut out each "match box" strip
  5. Fold the strip along the dotted lines - see folding instruction photo
  6. Insert the voucher into the cover and staple in place. (After I had completed this project I realised that small stickers would probably work better than staples as you would tear the paper - try this method instead).

Wording on each card is as follows:

  • Keep Calm & Be my Valentine/ One day without chores
  • I "moustache"you a question... Will you be my Valentine/ One day in charge of the remote
  • Bee Mine/ A smooch, anytime, anywhere
  • I Dig You/ A foot massage
  • You o'fish"lly hooked my heart/ A back massage
  • You Float my Boat/ One breakfast in bed
  • You are Cute as a Button/ Dinner and a Movie
  • You are a Cutie Pie/ A night on the town

Now keep these in a jar or box and your special someone can use these vouchers to redeem your services when he feels like it!

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