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Lion King Printable Coloring Pages

Giant Lion King Coloring and Activity Book

Lion King

The Lion King is one of the most beloved animated films of all time, as the story of a young lion who lost his father and a throne, while eventually coming back to avenge the murder and retake his throne, is one that has captured the imagination of children and adults, as the unforgettable memories of the fantastic characters in the story remain etched in the minds of all that have seen the film.

An enormous amount of art has be created in celebration of the story, including digital illustrations which portray the characters and scenes from the films, which are offered online as printable coloring pages for immediate download and use.

Among the memorable characters are Simba, the Lion King; Mufasa, his father; Sarabi, Simba's mother; Scar, Simba's uncle, and brother of Mufasa; Nala, Simba's queen; Rafiki, the mandrill; Timon, the meerkat; Pumbaa, the warthog; Zazu, the hornbill; and Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, the hyena henchmen of Scar. Many of these are included in this group of Lion King printable coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed out right away in this article.

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Rafiki Presenting Simba

In one of the most powerful and compelling moments of the story, here is Rafiki presenting Simba as the heir-apparent of Mufasa. The proud and happy parents look on to take in the moment as any parent would in a similar situation.

Anyone that has seen the Lion King will recognize this moment, including children, who should thoroughly enjoy coloring in this wonderful scene.

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Mufasa and Simba

The image of Mufasa affectionately patting Simba on the back when he was a baby is one memory that he is portrayed as always having remembered, and it fueled his anger towards Scar once he found out it was him that had murdered Mufasa.

Nonetheless, it's a terrific testimony of the relationship between a father and a son, one of the reasons the show was so successful.


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Rafiki Coloring Page

There can be no doubt, as you can see from this printable coloring page of Rafiki, that there was an influence from the Jedi master himself - Yoda - as to how he was being portrayed.

Since lions are noted for one color, for the most part, it is difficult to find opportunities to use different colors with Lion King coloring pages. Rafiki, because of his facial colors, provides that option with his very colorful facial features.

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Of course children don't abide by adult rules, so that may or may not be a problem depending upon whether they decide they want the characters to look like they did in the films or decide to create their own "interpretation" of them.


Lion King Deluxe Coloring Book

Hyena Playing Bones

In a moment of comic relief that had most people smiling - even for this hyena villain - we have this terrific illustration of the hyena (I can't remember which one it was) playing a song on a group of bones.

It is hilarious, and that look on his face produces the sense that this guy is one that has some rock "n" roll potential. Either that or maybe heavy metal possibilities.

For a bad guy, the children won't mind coloring this one in, as they are sure to do it with a smile on their faces.


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Simba Strutting with Timba and Pumbaa

In another scene that is one that most people that have watched the Lion King remember, is this one of Simba as a little cub strutting along with Timba and Pumbaa to some fun music.

The friendship that developed and ensued was an endearing one in the story, and again, is one of the elements which continue to make it a favorite of families and children.

Lion King Printables

The Lion King, as confirmed by these wonderful digital illustrations, remains extraordinarily popular, and the lessons of family and friendship, along with overcoming extreme difficulties, guarantees the longevity of these valuable lessons of life.

They provide terrific opportunities to engage children in these realities, using the coloring sessions as a chance to teach them about these important parts of life while sharing quality time together.


Paul Maplesden from Asheville, NC on January 24, 2013:

What a cute idea for a hub - I love the idea of printing these out and giving them to kids to have fun! Very innovative.

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