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Knifty Knitter Video Instructions

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Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for Easy Knitting

If you prefer to learn how to use the Knifty Knitter looms by watching videos, this page is for you. I've collected all my Knifty Knitter YouTube videos together on this page to make them easier to find. Learn new stitches and have fun knitting on your looms.

The photo to the left is a close-up of a tube knit scarf done on the small blue round loom. The stitch used was the basic e wrap, known to needle knitters as the twisted stockinette stitch.

Photo credit: HS Schulte

E Wrap on the Knifty Knitter Loom - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the E Wrap

The e wrap is one of the most basic ways to wrap a knitting loom. It creates a stitch that is known to needle knitters as the twisted stockinette stitch. It can be done on both round or long looms. It can also be done in a spiral to make tube knit, or by reversing directions at each end to create a flat panel of knit. The flat panels (reversing direction at a designated spot on the loom) can be done on either the long looms, or the round looms.


The Eight Wrap Stitch for the Knifty Knitter Long Looms - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the 8 Wrap, aka Cross Ribbing Stitch

This is one of my favorite loom knitting stitches. To needle knitters, this stitch is known as the cross ribbing stitch. To loom knitters it's known as the 8 wrap, or eight wrap. It can only be done on long looms, because it's made by wrapping back and forth parallel rakes. It is a rib stitch, but the look is gentle and it doesn't have a noticeably ribbed appearance. It is a double panel knit making it perfect for scarves and blankets, because the edges do not roll.

Double Rib Stitch on a Long Knifty Knitter Loom - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the Double Rib Stitch on a Long Loom

The double rib stitch is perfect for knitting sweater cuffs or waste bands, but that isn't the only way to use this stitch. It creates gathered ribs that fits snugly, but has a little give to it as well.

The No Wrap Stitch on the Knifty Knitter Loom - Knifty Knitter Video for the No Wrap Stitch

Instructions for the no wrap stitch on a Knifty Knitter loom. The no wrap stitch, as it's known in the world of loom knitting, is also referred to as the flat stockinette stitch by needle knitters. The flat stockinette stitch is the basic knit stitch, with one side being knit (k) and the other side of the panel being purl (p). Isn't it interesting that most traditional knit stitches can be duplicated on a loom?

Pom Pom Maker Video - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the Pom Pom Maker

The Knifty Knitter Pom Pom Maker is a tool for making pom poms and tassels. The unique feature about this tool is that you can adjust the size of the pom poms. Make them tiny or large, up to 8 inches. The video below shows you how the tool works.

How to Loom Knit a Brim Hat - Knifty Knitter Video for Making a Hat Brim on a Loom

This video features the Knifty Knitter brand green, round loom. It makes a hat that has a brim. A brim is basically knit folded over to double thickness and stitched in place. The standard instructions indicate that 16 rows of knit be used for a brim. To make a brim taller or shorter, experiment with changing the number of rows knitted.

Straw Weaver Instructions - Knifty Knitter Video for the Straw Weaver

Knifty Knitter makes a weaving tool called the straw weaver. These are the basic instructions for using the weaving tool to make a bookmark. Make the project longer and it becomes a belt, or a purse strap. You can make tall weave (4 to 5 inches) by using all the straws in the weaving tool, or you can make the weave shorter by limiting the number of straws you use.

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The Fashion Stitch - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the Fashion Stitch or Flat Rib Stitch

This video explains how to make the fashion stitch on a long Knifty Knitter loom. In traditional knitting, this stitch is called the flat rib stitch.

How to Cast Off Double Panel Knit - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions to Cast Off on a Long Loom

The cast off, or bind off, used in this video works for any double panel knit. In this video, I am using the long loom made by Knifty Knitter.

How to Crochet the Edge of Loom Knit - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for Crocheting the Edges of Knit after Removing It from the Knitting Loom

After you remove your knit from the knitting loom, you can crochet the edges of this knit. Hopefully, this video will allow you to see how to crochet through the loops. I single crochet first around the side of the knit, then around the end. It is zoomed in very close at the end.

How to Cast On with the E Wrap - Casting On Video Instructions for the Knifty Knitter Looms

This is the first step that beginners will want to learn. The e wrap cast on is the most basic type of cast on and gets you ready to knit.

Gathered Bind Off - Knifty Knitter Video Instructions for the Gathered Bind Off

Binding off, or casting off, is the term given to removing the knit from the loom. It is done when all the knitting is complete and it's the last step to any loom knitting project. These video instructions show how you how to do the gathered cast off. As "gathered" implies this type of cast off can be used to draw the end of the knit together. Examples of when you could use a gathered cast off include the top of a stocking cap, the bottom of a knitted bottle tote, or the bottom of a sachet. Pulling on the working yarn after the cast off gathers, or cinches the knit closed.

Knitting the Ridge Stitch Pattern on a Loom - Video Instructions for the Knifty Knitter Looms

Alternating rows of knit and purl can add extra dimension to your knit. In this video, I begin with 2 rows of purls. Four rows of knit followed by 2 more rows of purls give this knit a ridge pattern. The ridge stitch is ideal for embellishing afghans, sweaters, and why not socks?

Casting Off Double Panel Knit

When you knit back and forth across a loom with 2 rakes, that is called double panel knit. Blankets, scarves and heavy winter knit are typically made as a double panel on the long looms. This video shows the common cast off for double panel knit on a long loom. Follow the path of the yarn back across the loom as you work.

Fixing the Loose Edge of Loom Knit - Crochet to Tighten the loose edge of a knit panel

You may end up with a loose edge on your knit. All is not lost, it can be fixed. Whether it occurred on the cast "on" or "off" end, the remedy is the same.

Sewing Together Knit Panels - Knifty Knitter Panels Sewn Together

You can sew together panels of knit to create one larger project. This is commonly done with blankets and afghans knitted on the Knifty Knitter looms as long panels and then sewn together. The method shown in the video hides the seam, so you'll be the only one that knows it's there.

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