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Tips on finding that creative art fantasy woman or man inside you~

Beautiful women goddess art, filled with passion; art fantasy women pining for Prince Charming on a white horse; these dreams abound within your heart filling up sketch books, painting, sculpting, whatever fits for the day, if you are like me. Yet, every grim reaper will tell you these things are lost, that there is no hope of finding art and creativity day after day.. and yet? We can! One mindset, so to speak, in front of the other. Passion outweighs defeat every time. Here then are some tips on finding that creative art fantasy woman or man inside.

btw~ This is the FIRST lens I ever made on Squidoo... and so it is special to me. It was my first effort within a set of trials.

Goddess art defined, how do you make great art? Here are some IDEAS:

Engross yourself in it,eat, drink and sleep it.

When you breathe, decide that it is not possible to think of anything else, that your goal is in achieving great art and bathing in the passion you know is in your being.


How To Be A Goddess of Art- Tip One- Engross Yourself in what great artists that you admire had to say about their journey and see where you are in inside those ideas.

Rumi wrote, "Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field ~ I'll meet you there."

You will find bumps along the road, happy days and sad days; days of opportunity to express what you feel... IF you have created the HABIT to do so. Yeah?

How do you find the goddess of art, the scorpion drawing that defies the critics, ward of the grim reaper that tells you that you are not good enough and you will never be a good artist? How do you paint something great, so that when people walk into the room and see it, they are not sure if they 'get it' , but they cannot stop looking at it. How do you bring your soul to the canvas, clay, metal sculpture, etched glass, even a scrapbook? How do you define yourself as a good abstract painter, or within the realm of realism, impressionism,modern art, portrait or figurative art?

How do you make great art?

One thing to help you reach the level you desire is to engross yourself in it. When you breathe, know that it is not possible to think of anything else, but your goal in achieving great art and bathing in the passion you know is in your being. Another is to DEFINE YOURSELF within that world you long for. Read all you can of the words of great artists who came before you or ones you admire.

Wassily Kandinsky had some enlightening things to say:

"Every artist, as creator, must learn to express what is personally characteristic."

"Every artist, as a child of his era, must express what is characteristic of this age."

"Every artist, as servant of the art, must express that which is characteristic of art generally.

-- Wassily Kandinsky in his "About the Spiritual in Art and Especially in Painting".

Breathe these words in, define yourself, seek out what you know is there for you, grab on to those grim reaper drawings, pictures of cats kittens, whimsical angels, whatever it is you love and then create!

Art and fantasy are often driven by creative efforts of beautiful women goddess art,, whimsical angel drawings,mermaid drawings,fairies in art and all the wonderful fireflies that spy on them. Free coloring pages fairies and dragons (on my website), identify my pursuit as a fantasy art warrior women,beautiful older women galleries within my delights, oh yes I am a fantasy art woman. I try to define that realm of imagination,passion, emotion, with oils on canvas, sculpture and in poetry with a goddess art flair. It is my bliss and my treasure and what keeps me breathing. Gothic art, grim reaper drawings explored a bit? In some ways yes,a tad, we all have a dark side and I admit to mine. It is all about finding those hidden spaces inside our own mind and heart, finding it and then projecting it in some way to understand just a piece of who we are. Find it, examine it and then look for more. I think it is most prevalent when my music, my muse, leans that way. It is all a circle.

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This lens is about the creative energy I seek,the adventures of a fantasy art warrior women, and adventures that you seek as well and how to find it.

Here I share my personal vision of what is in my heart and things of beauty that inspire me.

My art is about passion and here I share some of what generates that energy in me. I do write a lot besides paint, so I will say that helps perpetuate the flow of energy.

I open my basket and what do I find there? Creativity because of the desire to know it. Dragons and demons, goddess women, dear little pixies fairies, elves colouring pictures, elves in folklore and myths, yes oft times sweet mythical fairies fill a watercolor sketchbook that is mine.

Fantasy is as real as you decide it can be. I try to write a lot about my visions... of what is in my heart and things of beauty that inspire me and then I try to climb inside that world; imagine it; feel it.

I truly believe that we can rescue our own selves from a host of sadness by tapping into that creative space. Tiny angels light our pathway. Stars shine and we are blessed by knowing we are alive.

Such a gift.


The goal is to make this life experience one of magic.. to know and fully embrace that space that we dream of and attain the vision that is meant to be ours.

Make it an elegant journey. Why settle for less?


Whimsical angel drawings, tiny angels yes, fantasy fairies, fairies in art, legends of mermaids, goddess art of exotic women, music that fills the room and perhaps the sunrise, whatever is you fancy.

Connect with the beauty that is yours and has always been there for you. Why not hold out for magic? It has always been yours to know. I tell that to myself as well. Ohh... every single second of the day I do.

I try to reassure myself that the right path is one that is one step in front of the other, noticing miracles, despite the trail being blazed before with thoughts of I can't do it. I think it is as simple and as difficult as that, just noticing our own breath and opening our eyes. Taking time to smile for no other reason than the sun is shining.

I can feel it all if I 'choose' to.

It is there in that moment of connecting with the understanding of how amazing we are in this life that one finds that creative space. It is in finding that muse.. music brings me to it table so often.

I can find it all if I try.

I can! ...and so can you!

Beautiful women goddess art, perhaps some- fantasy wild women art, earth goddess, fantasy fairies, legends of mermaids, fantasy- made real, always on my mind.



"Fantasy Art Women"

Fantasy art women

in your backyard

right where I left them.


Not to worry

I am sure they are still breathing

resting under covers of flower petals.

Fantasy women

who come out after dark

wanting to see if the tide has come in

if the ocean still roars.

They run to meet the bubbles

laughing through tears

hoping for magic

knowing it can be found


Fantasy art

I keep my canvas primed

ready for inspiration.

Last time I looked

my goddess' were singing

so I began to dance.

This fantasy art woman


fantasy woman

art on every wall

has learned to dance and sing

from stories told on canvas.

Neglected at times

only a goddess might think so

jealous soul.

I will hear my goddess say,

"Did you forget my voice?

My paintings are my heart."

The only answer possible

"No, not ever."

Innocent angels still wait

I draw them

keep them in my pocket

lest I forget their wings are fragile.

Lest I forget wings of my own.

I will forever hear their whispers

after every sunset

and before each sunrise

what else is there to do?

Fantasy woman


I hold out for that magic

I paint and sculpt on rainy days

days that seem closed

yet days that mention flight

despite the weather.

Fantasy art women

drawings I hold dear

special efforts at times

for free fantasy art

mine for the giving

giving blessings.

Goddess art

I tried to call

left messages about my plans

watercolors, gouache meeting paper

oils meeting cotton

clay meeting my fingers.

There were whimsical angels

inside every poem you wrote to me

I put them in a jar

and hid them till I felt ready

to hear their singing.

my fantasy

angel art.

My fantasy art women

left out after dark

in your back yard.

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2008

PS.. This is a really long lens. Did I get carried away? Maybe.. but this is my favorite lens and so I just keep posting in it. I hope you will take the time to feel refreshed by it. Except for my insert about the cost of the war in Iraq, that is what it is intended to do. So feel the magic.. lets share that glorious fantasy that is there inside all of us.

Aloha and Peace be with you, Kathy


PS free coloring pages fairies and dragons, whimsical angel pictures, for those of you who collect whimsical angels,and more are on my site for signing up for my newsletter, new gifts are sent out often.

THE IMAGE is of my painting "Euphoria" 36x48 oil, gold leaf on canvas




This lens was awarded a Purple Star.. yay!

This lens was awarded a Purple Star.. yay!

This lens was awarded a Purple Star.. yay!

Turn on the Music!



Fill the air with magic as you enjoy my lens... oh... I just love this song.


Art can feel lonely at times...


What inspires? Here are a few things that inspire me: - Fantasy Art Woman|Beautiful Women Goddess Art


What inspires and makes 'me' happy?

BOOKS for one.

Maggie B is one of my very best favorite children's books. OH! the Illustrations are just precious. I even made a few sculptures of it for my own pleasure.

About this dear, little book titled,"Maggie B" below? It is a funny thing but when I look at the pictures in that dear little book it just makes me feel happy.. ya know? It changes my attitude to possibilities. I don't even really don't paint or sculpt remotely like the illustrations in that little book, but it is magic to me.

Somehow it brings me back to the art of pretend and imagination.

I NEED that no matter what I am painting or sculpting.

Below is my dear little "Maggie B" along with other books that bring me inspiration, the art of pretend and the idea of possibilities. A few books that inspire me and will hopefully brighten your day as well.

There are things that feel simple at times but they bring us inspiration... tiny ones that grow into flowers and often become bouquets.

Ohh so many dear and sweet things have been created that we can find inspiration in. I adore it.

I have written my thoughts about each item below:



Pixie Faries; Mystical Faries; Elves in Folklore and Myths

Fantasy Fairies, Fantasy Fairies In Flight, Castles, Fairy Coloring Pages

Are there really free coloring pages fairies and dragons?

Yes.. oh yes! Tiny angel pictures, free coloring pages can be found on my official website, listed in the links towards the bottom of the page.

Here below is also a poem I wrote about them:

Fairy Coloring Pages, Fairies in Art, Ahh these Musings.

Pixie Faries, Mystical Faries, Elves in Folklore and Myths .. a journey told:

I stood outside the doorway

looking down the path.

I thought of the box

set out on my table.

I had not opened it as yet.

I stood there feeling the sun

warm measures of new days met my name.

I had picked flowers earlier in the day

defined their unspoken pleasure

set them in vases with branches from trees...

trees I do not know the name of.

I thought of the box

pixie faries

mystical faries

all those elves in folklore and myths.

I thought of the box

ribbons of gold

tape keeping it well sealed

the contents inside

feeling most alone.

I had just returned

the mountains of Africa

had been my pathway.

I met the stride with optimism

and hope.

I had known an adventure

I would never be the same.

What would all the mystical faries say?

I had not mentioned them before

not out loud.


I stand in the doorway

back home again

wondering about them.

Wondering about myself

if I would ever be able to sing

all those old tunes again.

I would always cherish their lyrics

their melody had been my comfort

my enemy

my confusion at times.

Pixie faries

mystical faries did they understand?

Had they been patient?

Did they wait for me?

I had known them so well

once long ago.

My childhood held out for fantasy.

I left them there though

somewhere on the path to adulthood.

I long to charm them again.

I hope they will accept my fragile promise

said when I was young.

I would always love them

remember elves in folklore and myth

see fantasy in the flowers

climb trees and see far beyond the grove.

I turned back toward the contents of the box

it sits beneath a vase of roses

on a table inscribed with Chinese drawings.

I left my necklace made of seeds there

purchased for remembrance

the mountains of Africa forever at my call.

A book of Rumi

pages open

setting a stage for sentiments

and understanding.

I walked inside the room

picked up my box.

I looked up sensing a presence

and there you stood

holding the ribbons

already knowing

what was inside.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

(all poems are by me of course)

Fairy Coloring Pages, Fairies in Art

Ahh these Musings.

The little image is a watercolor of one of the artworks I did for Hay House Inc. that is included in "Women Who Do Too Much" CARDS by Anne Wilson Schaef. I was the illustrator for those cards.


Enigma My Muse!


I listen to Enigma A LOT while painting.. it just matches my mood so often for some of my subjects. It is very passionate and ethereal.


Whimsical Musicians Artwork|Whimsical Angel Drawings|Legends of Mermaids - magic is yours to know, close your eyes and remember a time...

Want to make fairies and mermaids more real in your life?

Legends of mermaids and other delights are right there within your grasp.

It's true!

Just believe fairies and mermaids exist and you will indeed hear their darling little laughter.

You remember the tooth fairy don't you? Didn't you imagine the most glorious gown on her? I did.

Never lose that magic.


Tiny Angels and Magical Fairies - Whimsical Angels, Fairies and Mermaids


We all need special things around us to make our fantasies come alive don't we?

Here are a few great ideas...

Tiny angels, oh those whimsical angel drawings, fantasy fairies, and some Hawaiian fairy dust....

Some really AMAZING things here from Ebay



Tiny Angels Map Fairy Tale Adventures

Whimsical Musicians Artwork & Drawing On The Wind


"Whimsical Musicians Artwork & Drawing On The Wind"

Tiny angels map fairy tale adventures

Whimsical musicians artwork

& drawing on the wind

I find my treasures hidden

kept safe by tiny angels.

I map faery tale adventures

Tiny angels

guard a world unknown to me

as yet.

I will draw the wind

the sea

the dream.

I will draw

art work in butterfly garden

and pictures of cats and dogs.

I will not consider impossible.

I will take out my pen and draw

whimsical musicians artwork

whimsical angel pictures

enchanted fairies.

I will find my muse

contemplate its rhythm

stroke its complexities

stamp out reservations...

they hold no place here!

I will collect whimsical angels

innocent angel they be

and introduce them to enchanted fairies

I will make drawing of the phoenix bird

legends of mermaids will attest to their flight.

I am a fantasy art warrior woman

no dragon can block my pathway.

Enchanted arms walkthrough

I will always stay amused.

Elves in folklore and myths abound

I hear the one winged angel calling.

Never limit the undefined

never accept limits at all.

Offer free poems

set them on the doorstep

of any given traveler.

How to draw flames

how to draw winter

how to bring the fairies home again.

I steady my Viking ship

and produce coloring pages

for children and their mothers.

Pixies fairies


coloring pictures

whimsical musicians artwork

never ending pleasure.

Tiny Angels Map Fairy Tale Adventures

Whimsical Musicians Artwork & Drawing On The Wind

Ahh yes!

I map faery tale adventures

and keep them safely inside my pocket.

Tiny Angels Guide My Way.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


A Fairies Laughter - Ahhh magic!


This is my "Mermaid Baby" painting

.. isn't she dear? (yes if I do say so myself)

She is magic and tells me each day that I can do anything I want to do. Wonder is in the heart of the little child in us.

I wonder what magic will come my way today.

I can hear a fairies laughter in the flowers.. ohhh so dear.

I have known mystical times that i cannot quite describe in full. I have heard a fairies laughter and seen a dragon take flight.

Magic happens!



Sculptures of Mothers and Daughters

Sculptures of mothers and daughters

tender works of art

cast to be remembered

this day

this loving day.

Mature women remember

mark birthdays on calendars

keep boxes with ribbons ready

cards already signed.

Fine art paintings

reproductions of the moment

in time

that will always be held dear

and ever so close to the heart.

Daughters will always be treasured

butterflies and roses

swings in the afternoon

daisies to pluck

to see is they have found true love.

Mary Cassett

gentle pastels

mothers and their daughters

living lives of peaceful days.

So tender each mark

pastel colors of grace.

Sculptures of mothers and daughters

made from bronze

cast forever

defining the sentiment

forever to last

forever token of caring.

Mothers reading to daughters

Humpty Dumpty illustrations

Mary Poppins

and Disney on Ice.

Fairy dust on pillows

Hans Christian Anderson

now Harry Potter Tales

lovingly read

to daughters by their mothers.

Teen age years come and gone

girls meeting the women they would become.

How quickly it all did pass.

Now with babes of their own

creating poses like Mary Cassatt.

These days to be treasured

remembered and written down.

These kind days

soft breezes sing

children's chatter remembered

through tears

longing to take those day back again.

Sculptures of mothers and daughters

tokens of glorious days

held close.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


KATHY NOTE: The sculpture is a work in progress of mine. The pic shows the back side of a hula dancer.


Books that inspire creativty - Wonderful Tools For The Creative Inner Child


Kathy Note:

These are books in my own personal library that have encouraged me, brought me new ideas, and made me darn happy!


"Swan Song" 30x40 oil by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Swan Song" 30x40 oil by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Swan Song" 30x40 oil by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen


Legends of Mermaids, Fairies, and the Creative Process

The Road to Creativity and How I Get There

Passion is a strong emotion, it is what motivates the artist's soul.

"Legends of Mermaids, Fairies, and the Creative Process"

Arrival at a mermaids den

flight of a nearby fairy offering her dust

Images of old masters who never knew their worth

How to books of arriving at someone else's vision

Movies of passion or tears

Fashion magazines and torn out pages of sensual poses

Fashion magazines of women who line up perfectly in a crowd

filed carefully to meet my mood

Melted, my treasures

together with music!

Ahhh music my muse!

Play it as loud as you can without alarming the neighbors

Feel the base and the pounding of musical notes as they meet their objective

Know the lyrics and sing to the top of my lungs

Yes sing!

All the magic around me is ready

Then dance!

Dance free on the sand of the closest beach I can find

Dance on fresh mown grass

feel the blood rush to my head

Dance like a fairy under flowers and leaves

Dance swimming swiftly just like a mermaid

Feel the wetness of her travel

close my eyes

yes, I am there!

So Swim!

All the fish adorned with their jewels of color

and the dolphins of yore

the sea lions chime in

and together we feel our artful journey


all the beauty around me

breath it in

make it my pleasure to visit anytime I choose

I take out my pen and write all my childlike adventures

I write and it saves me

encourages me

protects me from my own self sometimes

gets it all out for all to see or to hide in my closet

I write

my friend, my pleasure this pen of mine

My companion from whomever the words are birthed

and then....

I cry

I cry because I lust for my arrival to that space

that space that dismisses criticism

that ache

I cry because it seems only inches away

at any given moment my teacup might fall


I YELL at the incoming traffic

floods of eyes showing disapproval

and I YELL at my own struggle

Turning around

I see me

I pick my battles and I run

I feel the breeze in my hair

sweat falling from my head to my neck that confirms my travel

and I feel the rush

because I run as far as I can

I lie flat on the floor


still and quiet I listen to the sound of my own breath

I try to think of nothing

no false prisons that lock out creative souls or the inner child

I think of nothing

Silence enters and I am calm

once again


the wind through the tree

my cat licks my face

I open my eyes

White canvas' and drawers full of color........waiting for me

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2009


Beautiful Older Women Galleries - Gothic Angel Art - Where is My Place in this Old Young Race?

Beautiful Older Women Galleries

Beautiful older women galleries

gothic angel art

where is my place

within this old



I surfaced from the water

and there

within my hand a star did twinkle

I cried,

"Am I safe now?"

Royal majesty

newness of the moment

... am I safe now?

Greek goddess

high drama

Am I safe


Am I safe with me 


after measures of others are told

beautiful women in competition

animated faery pictures

about me

am I safe?

Peace is just a breath away

no matter the folly around me

nothing noted as matte

when posted on a glossy whitened sky.

My eyes spy

well defined target

brass ring

holy grail.


Calmness is my center

my worthy path

I will step lightly

like air

be cloud like

be it mist

be a single drop of water

I will aspire for a road that ends


a road that leads back to a canvas

dripping with a single note...

keep following your objective

forget what they say.

I will be the bird I see

a feather within its belly.

I want to blend with the river

sparkling on the surface

diamonds of pleasure

rolling with its dignity

and the wind

rocks skip.

Just a heartbeat away

longings survived

generous tales


past all my worries.

Am I safe now?

Blissful and pure

survivors of journeys 

known and still waiting



blending within a circle.

Impressive stateliness

a dignity experienced

within my human touch

my own power

graced with my own blood.

I unfold a helpless flower

ignoring its needs


lusting for my own single pleasure

am I safe


Beautiful older women galleries

gothic angel art

where is my place

within this old





my desires meeting my meekness

stronger for the longing


Am I


07 April 2007

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Copyright 2009


Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy Art Wallpaper

Fairies in Art Live in My Castles of Snow and Ice

"Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy Art Wallpaper, Fairies in Art Live in My Castles of Snow and Ice"

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

I step out onto the dust

feel it touch my sins.

I know its time to move forward.

I thrive in the mystery of what can be.

I fold up all the symptoms of regret.

"Passages"36x48 oil on canvas

I see its torment.

I speak wisely to myself

and yet

I know myself too well.

I will stand before my paintings

brush in hand

ready for the strokes

I touch another dimension

I hold its mystery.

I sing to the music

hear its intrusion

it soaks up discontent.

I wipe my brow

I take cotton

wipe the blood away.

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

I struggle unwisely at times.

No way to move past corners.

I wake up to what could be

host it all with coffee.

I sit and plan my stride.

I reach inside my pocket

full of lint.

'Stop it!"

I say.

Stop all the disbelief

and contend with unpainted canvases.

They wait

they decide my fate if I let them.

I coat myself with vinegar and soap

I will wash away these nightmares

thirteen times.

Oh and yet no

toss and turn

who will I be today?

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

Blankets cover up potential

sure things.

Sentimental musings

untidy kitchen

blinded by the knowledge

of well meant affirmations.

Clearly I am allowed

allow myself

to come into a vision.

Yes, I sigh

despite my back and forth

troubled mind

at times.

All is well.

That is what I choose for this moment

that is all I need to see.

Paint on I tell myself.

Dream and make glitter out of nonsense.

Retreat to where I know I am magic.

Dark fantasy art

fantasy art wallpaper.

9 February 2007

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Where the Hell is Matt? - Another favorite... I LOVE THIS


Ohhh this just makes me soo happy!!

I adore Matt! If he lived near me I would adopt him. (well maybe... that may be stretching it huh?)

If you have never seen this... ahhh me! You are missing a real smile and something you will remember.

Take a couple minutes out to fill your heart with a happy SMILE.




A Fantasy Fairy, A Sea Horse and a Whimsical Angel

Fantasy Fairies have a lot to tell you... it is to believe in magic and know that anything and everything is possible.

Everyone has a story to tell

prison robes felt

rainbow that came after the rain

I cradle mine

and listen to yours.

I search out my song

listen to silence when needed.

I place a fence around my garden

my garden that is me.

I let in what will cause my garden to grow.

I think of the times I failed

saw wilted stones

tossed them into a lake

skipped time

skipped me.

Gentle flowers sing.

They leave a delicate fragrance

they dance when the wind is right.

I prop them with a stick and gentle cords

they await my compliant sighs.


I cannot swim in this sea

close the wrong doors

open the right ones

decipher my worth here

and yet

I hear those flowers panting.

I write about fairies

whimsical angels

musicians of the heart

I post their pictures high.

I hope that I can still reach them later

when later arrives.

I get tired of hearing of dead robins

and yet

I cannot help but run to their rescue.

I feel their last breath

hold their fate

and mine

I can only sigh at theirs.

I cry for them.

I drew a sea horse.

I will mount it and it will take me home.

I will gather all the roses

and dead robins in the yard.

All the angels and fairies will meet me

past that last star

no longer bleeding.

I will wrap up wounds

with ribbons and bows

and we will leave them there.

"Sunkissed" 24x28 oil on canvas

"Orchids" 30x40x2 oil on canvas by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Orchids" 30x40x2 oil on canvas by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

"Orchids" 30x40x2 oil on canvas by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Born with talent?

I believe that 'talent' is 'desire' and the rest is practice.

Are people just BORN talented?

kathysart |Artists Watch| ke ala o Pele

Art in Action | Artist's Watch | ke ala o Pele

This is an art in action blog showing from beginning to end a series of work for a one woman show I did in Hawaii. I had fallen down a full flight of stairs the year before and received permanent nerve damage in my right hand. I feared I would not paint again to say nothing of opening a door or carrying a coffee cup. This blog is about that struggle and about the process from beginning to end of the series of Hawaiian themed paintings. Looking back on that series now what comes to mind the most is how 'safe' that series was/is.

Art in Action | Artist's Watch | ke ala o Pele

Check out:

What I wrote about a year after the series was painted and the show had passed:

To see all the images and a day to day of the progress of the paintings. This is an art in action blog that I created for my one woman show in Hawaii. That show has passed but I still post on that blog and discuss works in progress, the joys as well as the struggles. Sometimes I must confess that I am not sure if I love painting and being an artist or hate it! I guess it depends on the outcome of the work.. ha ha!

This image is a work in progress that I finished yesterday. I will be posting the finished piece on my blog in the next couple of days.

Art in action, an artist's watch of the progress of this series "Ala o Pele" is coming along. I finished the second image yesterday. I will post it in its finished state today or tomorrow. I had to finish it up because it is the one I have chosen for my invitations of my show at Wailoa Center. With an opening of April 6 and hanging on the 2nd I need to move along. I totally love how it turned out and the orchids made a wonderful touch. Big Island is know as the 'Orchid Isle" so it if totally fitting.

The top painting is what I am working on today. I worked on the trees a bit last night and will complete the figure of Brina today I hope. If I do I will post both tomorrow, the orchid painting, titles unknown at this point, probably something and Hawaiian,and the top painting. The top painting is 36x48 and the second is 30x40, both with a 2" gallery wrap. Paintings that are not in a gallery wrap will be framed in SOLID KOA! Rare find. I will offer the paintings for sale with or without the koa frame.



A Few of Kathy Ostman-Magnusen's Squidoos and Blogs

How cool! and it is all sprinkled with Hawaiian fairy glitter dust.


Want to know some special things to look for when you travel to Hawaii?

Hawaii Travel|Hawaiian Fun Food|Hawaiian Dance Posters|Hawaiian Gifts|Facts About Hawaii

Be sure to check out my new lens.

I am so excited. I am doing little tiny art. ACEO and ATC .. Art Cards Editions Originals and Art Trading Cards.

I am so used to giant stuff. I adore the giant work and will never not do it but it is fun to try new stuff.. always!

Kathy's ACEO on Squidoo

An Example:

"Style" ACEO Mixed media, Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Purchase my ACEO images on mugs, t-shirts and stuff at:


Another site I love:

Fantasy Art|Artwork in a Butterfly Garden|Legend of Pegasus|Fantasy Poetry

I adore my Lengend of Pegasus Squid Lens almost as much as I do this one. Oh! what am I saying? I love all my Squid Lenses! HUGE SMILE

"The Dancer" 48x36 oil, gold leaf on canvas

Smile.. no wait and maybe a circus?

"Circus" 48x36 oil, gold liner on canvas



How To Stay Creative

Do you get stumped creatively? Me too sometimes. There are things we can do.. sometimes I do them and sometimes I confess I don't. Here are some ideas though:

Mythical- Magical Journey's to Enchantment - How To Stay Creative

Mythical and magical journey's to enchantment isn't that the road artists of fairy, mermaids, goddesses, unicorns, dragons and and other enchanted creatures seek out? Abstract, pop art, landscapes, seascapes, how to stay inspired.

Do you struggle with how to motivate yourself towards creativity, because at times it does feel flat? I believe there are things we can do, as artists, to stimulate the process. Sometimes those things might be more simple than you might think.

Some of my ideas might work for you and some may not, but you will not know until you try. Goddess art, unicorns, dragons, grim reaper drawings and and other enchanted creatures might just be around the corner.

Some ideas might spin you into another idea, one I had never even dreamed of before, like pop art or abstract art, you might be more 'creative' towards your own adventure of artistic endeavors. No matter how you get there, with my ideas or your own, the destination needed is the one that catches the light of an idea then acting on it.

I have always been an artist, seeking mythical and magical journey's to enchantment ever since I was a little girl I knew mermaids and fantasy fairies, unicorns lived in my head. Art is all I think about so being creative is just kind of a a force that I can't help. I am not saying that I don't sometimes go short though. I do, but I can usually pull myself out of it by doing simple things.

Watching a DVD on art or artists like Camile Claudel or Basquait... those movies make me feel passionate again.

Books! I have an art library that I constantly add to.. all those art books on sale at Borders and stuff ya know? Who can resist?

I write a lot. I write poetry or stories or articles and post them on ezines. I also post articles 'about art' ... getting out there, how to deal with not being accepted in juried show and things like that. I feed the process.

I keep things around me that make me happy. Sometimes those things are kind of dumb.. I like dolls and tea sets and things that make no sense but who cares I like them.

I join artists groups and enter shows. I volunteered for 'everything'! I was shy at first but I knew that if I volunteered in art clubs, to do anything at all, I would get busy and come out of it. I have.

I go online a lot and look at what other people are creating. I have a MySpace and that is the place that continually surprises and makes me happy because of all the amazing work people do.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! Keep doing what you love.! You can only get better.. I do.. I get better every time I go to my canvas or put my hands in clay.

DON'T decide you stink based on one thing or one effort. I do that sometimes. If I am shut down somewhere I decide I stink about everything. Stupid but you know how your mind can get going right?

DO ART.. I saw a blog today where an artist posts one new work a day. What a great thing to do! I am thinking about it too.

Lastly, if you are an artist in your heart.. be sure an say so. If people ask you what you do... tell them, "I AM AN ARTIST" ... because you are! Mythical and magical journey's to enchantment are right there within your reach, how cool! Slay the dragon and don't limit yourself, stay inspired by the mermaids and fantasy fairies of youth.


I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you think of my

lens or just say "Aloha"

I also have a website with

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Ahhh yes, I know this tooth fairy well, her name is Dallyanna.

She is most eloquent with lavender bows and ribbons attached to tiny pink satin roses on a whimsical sky blue chiffon dress. Her hair is held fast by a wreath of stephanotis and lobelia blossoms found from trees on African mountains where she is often seen traveling. She fills the air with laughter and always makes me happy. Soft fairy dust meets her pathway as mist wherever she flies as one might suspect. Once in awhile she flutters by just to say hello and offer a bit of conversation or to share her love of poetry. We sit at a round glass table topped with a white linen tablecloth and dine on green tea and crumpets. I always have special jams and jellies on hand to impress my dear guest of magic.

Dallyanna often advises me on what gifts my friends, like you, might enjoy. We have a splendid time together as she shares legends of mermaids and her adventures of gifting children in exchange for their treasured tiny teeth. Smile.

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Some AMAZING Goddess artists......

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This is a site where I post my NUDE ART.

The link is at the bottom.


Still Here?

Yay.. so if you got past my wonderful friends above and decided to see this... you are still here!


Here below is some music that is special to me and more poems.


Mature Women.. yes I am one.

The image is a self portrait, oil on canvas.

We are not teenagers.. but that is when we met. We are indeed growing older, that is part of life. Here is one of my poems about that journey.

"Mature Women Aging? It Becomes Them Beautifully"

Mature women


spending time remembering

yet still making new plans

deciding what is healthy

what is worthy of the dance at hand.

She turns around

seeing days have slipped by


reflects on mistakes

reflects on the positives as well.

She grows into understanding

her own person

her own song.

She turns around

listens for the orchestra

yes it is still playing

and she sings:

I am not music without lyrics

I am a woman

of substance.

I have thoughts that I pursue

that speak volumes

age has brought me knowledge.

I have lists of things I've learned.

I embrace my worth

and no longer fear saying so.

I am not a hot flash

sweaty without warning

that is just a symptom of change.

'Tis true

I was feeling so fresh

pretty even

then my body reminded me

that I am human

I am a woman

and I say, yes!



And yet...

I stand steady

looking toward possibility.

Ohh yes!

Ready to understand my inner being better?

Oh yes indeed.

I am not music without lyrics

I am the song I always knew I could be.

I am the dance I dream of.

I am an artist

one who creates

be it cookies or a garden of flowers

be it paintings that line the walls of

beautiful older women galleries.

I create

be it a gratitude journal

blogs on line

I continue on and feel my own worth.

Mature women?

Keep singing

continue on

they create their own lyrics.

They know the song

they understand the tune

because it has become them

and it becomes them beautifully.

Written by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

February 2008



"In Loving Memory Verses"

Art often has a dark side... I would be remiss if I did not admit to mine. Here below is part of that picture.

"In Loving Memory Verses"

In loving memory


I set my sail

far beyond the light

my love prevails.

I lost my love

not long ago

yet I forever hold a candle

to his perfect glow.

I set my sail

inside my mind

I traveled there

my love to find.

He's gone away

never to return

yet in my heart

I will forever yearn

In loving memory


alive and singing

I sip tea and flowers groom

I feel their meaning.

The flowers that loom

in Summer time

describe the magic

of my lovers eyes.

The tea I sip

taking pause to think

remembering all

from where we linked.

This sorrowful tale

will find its way

to mark the loss

of my lovers days.

My life feels empty

void of his laughter

Yet I'll hear it forever

today and after.

And if you fall

on my same path

know that love

will always last.

I'll think of you

as you think of me

and write a note

of a lovers creed.

There is no forgetting

such love at stake

no softer vision

of a loss embraced.

In every way

I see his eyes

I'll forget him never

as days go by.

In loving memory


I set my sail

far beyond the light

my love

most assuredly


by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen



"A Goddess of Greek Mythology Met Me at My Gate and I Embraced Her"

This poem is dedicated to my dear sister Candy.

"A Goddess of Greek Mythology Met Me at My Gate and I Embraced Her"

I wrote your name on a sidewalk

with the wax of a candle

its potential lit

gave me insight.

I had decided you were from my youth

a goddess from Greek Mythology

and lords from the middle ages

gothic angel art.

I lived in another time.

I felt mesmerized by your stairway

that led to open ideas.


Alas a story real

the ones that artists feel.

Eventually we all feel magic

embrace flower petals that fall on our skin

Chinese floral prints

cherry blossoms, apple trees


Once in a while a demon


Grim reaper artwork

colored in with chalk.

Once in awhile I allow her in.

Or is it out?

It makes so little sense

allowing her at all.

She, sensing my longings for fantasy

my trappings at times

I agree

and yet

she is an evil doer.

My world outside this one

delivers a soothing soul

inside mine own...

and she

this grim reaper dealer

delivers fatal letters.

She places them inside my armor.

Nasty witch she is in deed.

Pointing out flaws...

stars cannot possibly be counted

the moon cannot be relied upon.

The sun will let you down at times

gardens are not always green

roses moan

birds lose their way

and sometimes don't return again at all.

People are not always careful

with each others hearts

they forget?

Oh, pointing out flaws

it can feel overwhelming.

And the evil in me said,

"Do you think that's true

do you?

That magic can abound?

Despite your loathsome ways?"

And at that point

noticing the rain had turned to glitter

the kind one finds in a jar

it became tainted

and turned then into soot.

I had to confess ...


no, there is no dream."

I bowed my head

protecting my eyes

and held out my hands

for a softer hope.

After the day had ended

I walked back to the sidewalk

where I had written your name.

Lords from the middle ages

gothic angel art

at my side.

Candle in hand

lit now to find my path.

There on the pavement

still fresh

still visible

it looked the same

as when I first wrote it down.

I was once again reminded

that I

only me

could allow that demon force to sing

cause me to fall

and tell me rain had been tainted

and could no longer birth new roses.

I could only stand there

looking down on your untouched name

squinting my eyes I could see

that it was mine

it was mine own name.

And the soot turned to rain once again.

I felt it on my tongue.

I held out my hands

wetness filled my palms.

I licked up every last drop

that a promise had displayed.

If there were flaws?

I was no longer daunted by them.

The night brought me new stars

and oh! I could not count them all!

Chills and tears.

My candle had lost its light

but the moon would guide me home.

I had a list in my pocket

new flowers I would plant

and I would wait for tiny birds

fledglings of flight

who would indeed find their way back

just like me.

A goddess of Greek Mythology

gothic angel art

met me at the gate.

I stayed up all night

under candlelight

drawing her lovely image.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2008





Inside Whimsical Angle Pictures


Buried Roses Inside Whimsical Angle Pictures- Fairies Illustrations

Beautiful older women galleries

dear Lily

I found your pictures there.

Fairies illustrations

gothic angel art

kept in a dust covered coffin.

Roses in each whimsical angel pictures hand.

Don't polish the roses unless you plan to keep them

they told me that they don't like being touched

and so I won't.

Clear intent

a line of chalk

gentle yet cumbersome

if you want to go chasing rainbows.

What's the matter with those bells?

neglected and yet

they continue ringing.

I never wondered why

until we buried the roses.

Pink mountains

invite the tainted noise

bells ring

reminding me roses were once present.

Lily, past the brazen trail

tried to save them

or maybe not.

I guess she was not breathing after all.

I thought I understood her goal.

She used to comb my hair for me

never how I liked it

but still

at least she knew how to weave the colors.

I never thought it was an intrusion

until now of course.

Now that the roses have been drowned.

Dying words

fragrance misunderstood

or maybe missing altogether?

We should never mess with nature

that's what Lily always says.

If I conform will you?

Will you Lily?

If we gather clippings

will you help me?

Have pity on the wounded bird

that is somehow us.

Set flowers on your table

noting the present and the past.

Penetrate the clouds

interrupt the rain

call it a special day.

Oh Lily!

I take so much back.

You shine where I couldn't

it is all a falsehood

those notions we grieved over.

Healing is actually blended

and roses that fell short

surface when sorrow is embraced.

Know that victim

and she will heal you.

I've met my mentor

coaxed from the devil


this woman at a gallery

we knew her when we were young.

I stroked that line

savored antics that seemed off limits

held up by all those boundaries

crumbling before our eyes.

Truth be told

it is they

that bells chime for.

Or maybe that's just me that thinks so.

After I find you again Lily

can we make a pact?

Lets assume that mistakes can meet cures

and once paraded above the wet ground

where all those roses lie

we will know

once again

their sorrow is fleeting.

Beautiful older women galleries

dear Lily

I found your pictures there.

Torn and worn


fairies illustrations

gothic angel art

kept in a dust covered coffin.

I pulled them out

still melting

yet hopeful.

I held my breath

or was it yours?

Oh Lily!

There among the leaves

roses awoke once more

in each whimsical angel pictures hand.

08 April 2008

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2008

Ahhh yes I am an art fantasy woman... I paint fantasy art, goddess art and whims of the mind.


Mature Women Aging Gracefully - Beautiful Older Women Galleries Reinvented

Beautiful older women galleries, mature women painting what has always been in their heart. Women finding new ways of expressing themselves, new interests that form fresh pathways of self fulfillment. Finding that person sometimes feels so hard.

How do I persuade myself that I am not a song without words, music without lyrics, nothing left to say, just because I am getting older?

How do I convince myself that there is still time to dance?

There is a struggle that goes on inside any woman (or man I am sure) as she approaches an age that is considered by her or society, to be older. That particular age can change from decade to decade, lol. When I turned twenty five I remember thinking that it was completely over for me. I cried and cried. Ahh me all too funny now. Iwish I was twenty five now, gads huh?! Now that I am a mature woman I try to understand how I can age with grace.

Sometimes I look at women, younger and prettier than me and it seems that everything has shifted and left me out of the scenario of living life. Talk about beautiful older women galleries, we all line up and remember those days I am sure.

Products are designed to appeal to youth unless they are specifically geared toward the aged, like special wheelchairs or meds or reverse mortgages, stuff like that. With all of this around me I know it is all the more important to 'feel' and understand my reason for being. I am not a hot flash, I am a woman having a hot flash. I may feel that I am no longer sexy but I must remind myself that sexy is an attitude. It is all about looking 'outside' of oneself, feeling energized by living and acting on that passion. Oh and there is soo much to see that I missed in youth.

As women get older they need to connect to their spiritual side more and I think they do. I find that I am able to look outside myself more and not worry as much about other women in the room. Who is the fairest of all and who shines the brightest. It is a time that holds visions and introspection and a time that should be embraced.

So go out as a mature woman, find those beautiful older women galleries, create your own lyrics to music that lost them. Shine!

by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

copyright 2008


Fantasy Art Warrior Women-Pictures of Cats-Drawings of Scorpions-Paint Them With Oils


As far as oil painting goes it's not as scary as some people think. If you want to create the visions that are in your head, be it fantasy art warrior women, pictures of cats, drawings of scorpions, or if you hope to one day obtain landscapes still life portrait commissions, whimsical angel drawings, you might want to consider oil painting as your goal. It is to me, the most respected medium.

It's true! Painting with oils may seem way scary, but it isn't at all really!

Lots of people get stuck into doing acrylics, watercolors or feel content to just draw. That is fine of course, those mediums are great, but oil painting need not be excluded because you think it is too hard.

I confess! When I first started painting with oils? I felt it was just so overwhelming to begin.

One thing I would do to get over fear of painting, and this is not exclusive to oils, is be a Jackson Pollack for the day. You can still slather on the paint to create pictures of cats, drawings of scorpions or fantasy fairies, just be loose about it. No pressure for realism.

Turn on your favorite music, pump up the volume and get ready for an art dance, or should we call it a dance of learning to play with art?

First find a piece of plywood lying around, or anything really. Search out some old house paint or go to the hardware store and buy some of their sale stuff.. just a few colors is fine. It does not have to be a major expense, in fact, that is the point, in order to free yourself up, it needs to be as little expense as possible. Find some old junk.. old jewelry, even Christmas wrapping paper or weird things you come across. Next take it all outside and PLAY! Just PLAY.. no pressure for anything to turn out. Dump stuff on the plywood and be a Pollack for the day. Let it dry and then go back and play again over the same piece, building up a patina effect. Metallic paints are great for this too!

OK, so after that you should feel a certain sense of freedom about painting. Now lets try some oils on canvas! How fun! (Yup no grumbling, this is gonna be fun.)

When oils are thinned down with turpentine they have a lot more ease. You can make it all really sloshiy (my word for messy) and PLAYFUL! That doesn't mean you only use thinned down oils but just think about that and use it as you will. Start out thin and end with thick.

First paint a background on as large a canvas as you can. The larger the better. I find that if you paint a small work it is actually more scary. You tend to tighten up and fret more. When the canvas is big you KNOW you have to really get in there and paint or it will take you forever. There is freedom to it.

Try 'sketching' with your sloshy colors and oil paints. Starting with your darkest colors 'slather' on your base, be it fantasy art warrior women, images taken from female photography, or lords of the middle ages PLAY. Then let it sit for a day or two. Go back after some drying time and add your medium toned colors, then let that sit.. give yourself a rest for a fresh look at your progress as well as some drying time. Lastly add your lights and highlights.

Cover it up and be a touchy artist! Don't let anyone see your work and/or let them lend comment. Others might sway your confidence because they cannot possibly see what is inside your heart and the end result. You may not either but the FEELING is there.. only worry about the feeling. Matisse said to feel the colors. Play with the colors as you create to one day produce fantasy art warrior women, pictures of lambs or landscapes still life portrait commissions is that is your goal. Learn to Play! This is what will set you free to paint by instinct rather than rules.

by Kathy Ostman-Magnsuen

copyright 2008



I know... 3 reader feedbacks.. Too funny!

A mistake at first but then I got too many entries to change it. Ohh way too funny!


I want to share something that I try to tell myself, remind myself, instill into my pea brain often. We all get side tracked with all the junk that comes up, yeah? I do! waa! That just 'kills' creativity and our own spirits... ya know? So here is what I remind me of and want to remind you of...

This is LIFE TAKE ONE! We can greet it with wonderful expectation or just let it happen... right?

Let's shine in our own movie. Say Aloha to me here if you agree or if you have other thoughts. I would love to hear from you.



Fantasy Art Woman | Beautiful Women Goddess Art - Do you believe in fantasy fairies & mermaids?

Open on February 17, 2015:

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Zainuri on February 15, 2015:

I want to express my thnkas to you just for bailing me out of this type of challenge. After exploring through the internet and coming across solutions which were not powerful, I was thinking my entire life was done. Living minus the strategies to the issues you have resolved as a result of your short post is a serious case, and those which could have adversely damaged my career if I hadn't encountered your blog. Your personal mastery and kindness in controlling a lot of things was very helpful. I am not sure what I would've done if I hadn't encountered such a point like this. It's possible to at this point look ahead to my future. Thank you very much for this skilled and results-oriented guide. I will not think twice to endorse your blog to any individual who requires guide about this situation.

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dream1983 on June 25, 2012:

I enjoy reading your lens, fantastic job!

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This is an amazing lens... good job

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DELETE THIS COMMENT: check spelling of Dquidoo in 2nd paragraph.

anonymous on December 29, 2011:

Well I went to write a comment, and I ended up somewhere else so that must be the fairies at work, you can feel your passion in this page, isn't it just the greatest feeling.

Blonde Blythe from U.S.A. on December 28, 2011:

Beautiful lens! A big congrats on the well-deserved purple star. Thank you so much for blessing my Twiggy lens. I appreciate it very much! :)

gottaloveit2 on December 27, 2011:

What a lovely lens. So much of your personality is in your writings here. Beautifully done and blessed.

kathysart (author) on December 23, 2011:

@Kailua-KonaGirl: Yay! I need to find out more about Squid Angels! I AM one but am not even sure that I am blessing people when I say I am.. lol. Thank you so much for including me though.. YAY and happy holidays!!

KonaGirl from New York on December 22, 2011:

I come back here every so often to see what else has happened since I have been gone. This time I return as a Squid Angel to bless this lens. I've added your link to My Squid Angel Wings to be featured in the "Arts & Design" neighborhood. Happy Happy Christmas, Kathy!

Joan Haines on December 19, 2011:

What a lovely, lovely lens! Your poetry just flows. The cat music is splendid.

Laraine Sims from Lake Country, B.C. on December 19, 2011:

I absolutely loved this lens! I am wondering how many have the book you mentioned, "The Four Agreements." I noticed that Jewelsofawe has it and I have it too. I have a rubber band wrapped around mine to hold it together. I won't part with it. Blessings until next time.

Patricia on December 19, 2011:

In loving memory is so sad and wistful. I love your poetry! I also love the book you have on here the Four Agreements. I have told many people to read that book. Blessing this lens!

Showpup LM on December 19, 2011:

I really enjoyed reading and admiring your art today. Just beautiful!

Delia on December 15, 2011:

Lovely lens and lovely creative artworks! you certainly have been born with the ability of creative art, and you used your gift.

Rhidawn on December 04, 2011:

Your paintings are exquisite. Absolutely breath taking! Great lens.

kimark421 on December 04, 2011:

Wonderful lens. You are very talented! (or practice a lot, depending on which viewpoint you believe!) Thanks for sharing!

Tolovaj Publishing House from Ljubljana on December 03, 2011:

Beautifully done. Thumbs up!

TLRaghavan on December 02, 2011:

Very impressive work.

SiochainGraSonas on December 02, 2011:

I enjoyed reading your lens.

goo2eyes lm on December 02, 2011:

you are an artist, painter, sculptor, poet, writer, all-in-one. you made a lens as long as mahabharata epic but it is nice to read it. i can see through your soul. whenever i tread in un-cleared areas, i say excuse me. i believe in elves and fairies.

goo2eyes lm on December 02, 2011:

you are an artist, painter, sculptor, poet, writer, all-in-one. you made a lens as long as mahabharata epic but it is nice to read it. i can see through your soul. whenever i tread in un-cleared areas, i say excuse me. i believe in elves and fairies.

sukkran trichy from Trichy/Tamil Nadu on November 30, 2011:

really enjoyed this page. awesome work.

kathysart (author) on November 29, 2011:

@anonymous: Love and light to you as well!

kathysart (author) on November 29, 2011:

@ShariBerry: Thanks so much!

Sharon Berry from Michigan on November 29, 2011:

You are a wonderful artist. I love your use of color. I truly enjoyed reading your lens.

anonymous on November 26, 2011:

Just returning to love this once again!

earthybirthymum from Ontario, Canada on November 25, 2011:

Great Lense!!!

earthybirthymum from Ontario, Canada on November 25, 2011:

Great Lense!!!

anonymous on November 23, 2011:

enjoyed my visit tonight on your lens, thank you for your effort and writing, squidliked it too.

ICanCook on October 23, 2011:

Beautiful Beautiful work of art here. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me.

RinchenChodron on August 07, 2011:

Very nice - I love your work! You should join us in our Photo Challenge. Just another way to monetize your art. I enjoyed your poetry as well.

anonymous on August 06, 2011:

Always beautiful, always inspirtational...

anonymous on August 05, 2011:

You are very creative! Great lens. Thanks.

Mayapearl on June 01, 2011:

Great lens, just love your paintings and poetry.

sushilkin lm on April 25, 2011:

Thanks for sharing on squidoo. Pls PRAY FOR JAPAN for Noble Cause

SelfishBeat on April 25, 2011:

Awesome paintings and rich lens.

anonymous on April 23, 2011:

What a beautiful, insightful lens! There's so much to love here that it's impossible to mention it all! I'll just say that I believe magic is everywhere, it's just that as we grow up, we forget how to see it. Thanks for teaching us how to remember.

Heard_Zazzle on April 20, 2011:

Wonderful lens. So inspirational!

pheonix76 from WNY on April 20, 2011:

Beautiful lens!!! Belated congrats on the purple star, this lens is very deserving. :)

Amy Fricano from WNY on April 18, 2011:

Ever so Purple Star. Love it.

Mickie Gee on March 30, 2011:

I am quite sure that my Military Gnomes would love the company of your enchanted fairies!

Beautiful art.

Norbert Isles from Philippines on March 26, 2011:

This is an awesome, delightful lens, beckoning me to immerse myself in a new world; so powerful, so enticing. I must come back again and again, there seem to be not enough time to savor your creations. Yours is like an ocean I'm yet watching from the shore. In time I'll plunge deep down and be refreshed, be enchanted with fullness. Your theme is especially close to my heart.

sorana lm on March 24, 2011:

Your lens is an absolute delight. I love the 'Sculptures of Mothers and Daughters' module. Your lens is not worth one Purple Star. If I could I would give you 5 Purple Stars.

elyria on March 23, 2011:

Wow, your Lens is just magical, absolutely loved it!

RinchenChodron on December 16, 2010:

You do beautiful work! Also the youtube with the piano playing cat is hilarious! Great job!

ZablonMukuba on October 17, 2010:

col lens, i love the art

WriterBuzz on October 04, 2010:

Your lens is great. Very informative. I liked your lens with a thumbs up.

RebeccaE on October 03, 2010:

this is an amazing lens, fromt eh poems to the art, you have some incrediable talent, thanks for this lens

kathysart (author) on September 26, 2010:

@ronpass lm: This was my very first Squid lens so it grew and grew as I wanted to share so many things. Books.. oh they give us so much and I wanted to share some of the ones that have done that for me and why. Hugs all day, Kathy

kathysart (author) on September 26, 2010:

@purplelady: Ohhh so nice! HUGE SMILE!

purplelady on September 25, 2010:

As I have told you before, you are an awesome artist; but it bears repeating. So let me repeat myself; You are an awesome artist and your lenses are a treat for the eyes. I also appreciate the way you try to help the rest of us find our own creativity.

ronpass lm on September 25, 2010:

Thanks for sharing your personal insights and encouragement. I love your art but I was also fascinated by the books you list and describe in such a personal way. I think a lot of the boundaries to our creativity are self-imposed and you have a way of drawing people out to explore the possible and their potentiality.

hlkljgk from Western Mass on September 25, 2010:

thanks for sharing YOU! :)

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