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Make A Voodoo Doll



This lens has a lot of information so be sure to read all the way to the end. I am going to tell you how to make a New Orleans style Voodoo doll, how to make a voodoo poppet, and how to make a voodoo doll out of cling wrap. Then I am going to tell about several different types of voodoo dolls, and some great Voodoo books and resources. So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy reading all about making Voodoo dolls!




2 strong sticks

Spanish moss

scrap fabric cut in 2 inch strips, 2 to 3 feet long (color according to need: red (power), blue (love), green (money), purple (psychic development, dreams, mastery, commanding, compelling), yellow (success), black (repelling negativity)

yarn, string, hemp cord, or waxed thread

2 beads, buttons, or black-eyed peas to use as eyes

needle and thread in a color to match or contrast your fabric

tacky glue


First, you make a cross shape with the two sticks, Tie them together with the string, Then wrap the Spanish moss around the cross figure from top to bottom. Take the fabric strips and wrap them around the moss, leaving some of the moss to stick out at the hands and feet. Sew or glue on the two beads or black-eyed peas for eyes. Add hair using the yarn and feathers and decorate however you see fit. Viola! You have your very own New Orleans style Voodoo doll!

You can find detailed, illustrated instructions at my other lens How to Make a Voodoo Doll.

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Make a Voodoo Poppet

Materials needed:

*pattern (Voodoo Doll Patterns)



*black and white nylon thread or waxed beading *thread

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*hemp cord

*leather needle

*regular sewing needle

*fabric glue

*thin leather or felt

*fabric scraps

*straight pins

*Spanish moss or other herbs

*2-5 buttons

*patience & creativity

First, cut a poppet pattern out of the leather or felt. Sew around the edges leaving an opening where you can stuff it with the moss or other herbs. After stuffing the poppet, sew it closed. Add buttons for eyes and mouth, and decorate as you see fit.

Detailed, illustrated instructions can be found at my other lens:

Let's Make Voodoo Poppets!


Make Voodoo Doll out of Cling Wrap

Here is an example of how to make a voodoo doll out of a common household material , cling wrap. A detailed version of this process can be found at my fellow conjurer's site, Magic Spells and Potions.

In a nutshell, you make a ball out of the plastic wrap for the head. Make some longer pieces for the arms and legs and fashion them to look like a body. Then wrap the various parts with more plastic wrap until it takes the shape you like.

Starfield's version has a step by step pictorial that I am sure you will find more helpful than my description, so go check it out:

Magic Spells and Potions

Thank you Starfield for this 21st century rendition of an ancient art!


Ju Ju Guardian Dolls

What is lucky ju-ju? A JuJu is a blessed object that is said to keep evil and negativity at bay. Ju- ju is any object used as a fetish, charm, or amulet. It also refers to the supernatural power ascribed to such an object. These lucky Ju-Ju Guardian Voodoo dolls are used to protect the home, car, office, or anywhere you want to keep evil and negativity away. They are constructed out of Spanish moss, pine needles, sticks and a variety of adornments. They come in one of the three primary Mardi Gras colors: purple for justice, green for faith, or gold for power. Ju-Ju Guardian Charm dolls make an excellent companion to anyone searching for a means to acquire greater fortune, luck, happiness, or protection.

The Mystic Voodoo

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Voodoo Charm Dolls

These dolls are a lot of fun. They functions as ju jus in that they are said to bring good luck, fortune, happiness, and protection to their possessor. These dolls are made in the traditional New Orleans manner out of Spanish moss and sticks, and a variety of yarns, beads, buttons, and charms. Pictured is Mojo Mama.

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OYA, Ruler of the Winds and Hurricanes

Act on Inspiration!

Voodoo dolls are not just for exacting revenge. They can be inspired by the gods and goddesses of the Voodoo pantheon, or any other pantheon for that matter.

This is a picture of OYA, who is the Ruler of the winds and the hurricanes, and the Mistress of the Marketplace. In other words, she can help protect you from bad weather and help women, in particular, in business matters. She was made in the same way as in the How to Make a Voodoo Doll module at The main difference is that her face was hand sculpted out of polymer clay and painted. The choice of colors to use for clothing and feathers was guided by her favorites.

If a particular God or Goddess inspires you to make a Voodoo doll, read up on it and learn who they are and what they like or don't like. This can help you in the creative process.


Need Some Bling? Meet Bling Bling Boudreaux!

Make a Voodoo Doll for Good Luck and Prosperity

One very popular type of Voodoo doll made in New Orleans is the type made for good luck and prosperity. You will see names like Mista' Money, or my Bling Bling Boudreaux for example. These are typically created with green fabric and feathers, a dabloon or medallion symbolizing money, or maybe some dice for those Voodoo dolls made to boost gambling luck. They may also have a gris gris bag with a black eyed pea and other good luck items inside to bring you good luck.

Great Ju Ju on Amazon


He's the Man! A Different Type of Voodoo Doll

Make a Poppet

Okay, if you are following this lens series, I am sure you were waiting to see when I might address the LOVE...Well wait no more!

Yes, sex and love are extremely popular reasons for making Voodoo dolls in New Orleans. You can find them with anatomically correct body parts. Okay, it is probably more accurate to say with enhanced genetalia. After all, if your man has a hard time getting it up and keeping it there, or your woman needs a shot of libido, then the Voodoo doll will amplify those things. This is where the prinicples of Voodoo can be traced back to the ancient concept of sympathetic magic. Sympathetic magic is based on the metaphysical belief that like affects like. So a really big Hooha on your Voodoo doll can mean a really big Hooha on your man. Now what can be wrong with that?!!

Now these types of dolls can be made using sticks. Only, you'll want to get a stick that is anatomically correct, if you know what I mean. Or, you can make a Voodoo Poppet, which is a different type of Voodoo doll that is made out of cloth as opposed to sticks. You simply draw a pattern, cut it out, and stuff it. Yeah, I know, this means I have to create yet another lens. Anyway, you can see in the picture a doll of this sort that I call my Virility Voodoo doll.


Fertility Broom Dolls

For Health and Fertility

Okay, yet another type of Voodoo doll that is found in Louisiana is the Fertility Broom doll. These dolls are made out of brooms and are thought to bring good health, harmony, and fertility to the home. They are made much like the traditional 2 stick Voodoo doll only using a broom as one stick and another stick as the arms.

Pictured is a fertility broom doll.

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skatrise on July 02, 2013:

loved the way you have shared the making of voodoodoll

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same thing i want to do , please help me out, because my love left me and cheated on me and left me behind, well i still love her, how can i get her back, please help me out

archetekt lm on May 01, 2009:

Interesting lens! I never knew that they're so many types of voodoo dolls. I like the Bling Bling Boudreaux one!

anonymous on April 22, 2009:

[in reply to voodoomama]

How can i iritate sexualy somebody with voodoo dolls

Denise M Alvarado (author) from Southwest on November 24, 2008:

[in reply to Stephanie] Sure, you can use just about anything to make a Voodoo doll. You are limited only by your imagination. Good luck!

anonymous on October 03, 2008:

The cling wrap one is interesting...

anonymous on September 23, 2008:

Rob, you really shouldn't use it for revenge...

Anyway, do you have to have Spanish Moss for a voodoo doll? I live all the way in Washington, so i can't really get my hands on any easily... Can i just use like vines and leaves?

grandpas on February 14, 2008:

Thanks for sharing all this interesting info on Voodoo Dolls. See that Spanish Moss is one of the items necessary to make a good one! Nice.

anonymous on January 15, 2008:

I Want to know more about how to make voodoo dolls by stuff around the house...

anonymous on July 07, 2007:

Wow I'm Gonna Go Make One Now xD

anonymous on June 17, 2007:

to get revenge on my friend

Sensitive Fern on September 05, 2006:

Bling Bling Boudreux ROCKS!

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