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Hunger Games Origami Projects

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Marie (aka CraftyMarie) has written hundreds of craft pages across the Internet. She writes many fun tutorials mostly for adult crafters.

Hunger games origami paper folded projects resource page

Hunger games origami paper folded projects resource page

Fun Paper Folding Projects and Crafts Inspired by the Hunger Games Movies and Books

Hunting down some fun Hunger Games Origami? Did you love the popular movies and books? Well now you can enjoy seeing a selection of resources for paper folded projects and instructions all on one handy page that were put together by a fan. I love fantasy tales and I also love crafting - put the two together and it's even more fun.

You'll discover where you can find some fictional Mockingjay birds, paper folded fire and flames, folded hunting arrows like Katniss uses, and Effie inspired paper fashion. I loved putting together this page for you, so I hope you love it too. And may the odds be ever in your favor when you're doing these origami tutorials.

For making really great HG Origami, Metallic Foil Origami Papers in golds, oranges and reds look especially good - just like they're catching fire! You can see how I used foils in my own example on this page.

Have you watched any of the HG movies or just read the books? Are you craving some themed paper crafts for yourself or to keep kids occupied with their obsession over the new Catching Fire?

Here's a selection of Origami Project Resources I've taken the time to present on one handy page which feature themes and motifs you'll recognize from this novel Hunger Games series. There isn't currently much in the way of actual origami which has specifically been made for these popular movies so I got very creative.

The fictional Mockingjay bird motif is very similar to hummingbird designs which I've selected instead. And I even found some fire for you to fold too. Make sure you scroll further down the page for Katniss and Effie inspired projects as well.

Origami Projects and Designs - Roughly Ordered from Easy to Hard Instructions

Use Gold for Mockingjay Designs

Origami Paper Sheets Gold Metallic Assortment

Origami Paper Sheets Gold Metallic Assortment

Gold Paper for a Mockingjay

Give your paper craft project a special look by folding the Mockingjay bird with some gold colored foil paper.

Katniss is such a powerful Hunger Games character: brave and strong yet compassionate too. The most obvious reminder of Katniss is her hunting equipment in the form of a bow and arrow. So I found some excellent weaponry arrow origami and even one tutorial where you can make a 3D arrow by folding paper and it looks pretty much like the real thing. Kids can have pretend hunting sessions with that.

For Katniss, the beautiful yellow dandelion flower presents a symbol of hope. You'll find some fairly easy dandelion paper projects which you can fold although they're not strictly origami because they do involve some cutting with scissors.

The other thing which reminds me of Kat is her braided hair. There's a fantastic braided bookmark project just below which can be made from strips of paper. Have fun but don't forget there's some excellent Effie origami and she's my favorite character.

Origami Inspired by Katniss Everdeen

  • Origami Arrows: A Scrapbook Tutorial
    I wanted to put a spin on the everyday arrow for this tutorial. Origami arrows, with their added dimension, are the perfect little twist to this favorite embellishment.
  • Katniss Origami Dandelion Video
    Another reasonably easy dandelion design made by cutting and folding the colored origami paper.
  • Dandelion, Origami instructions
    Origami instructions: How to make an origami dandelion. My efforts to design an origami dandelion met with failure. Did I reach success?

Yellow Shades for Dandelions

Make the symbol of hope flower with yellow origami papers.

Effie's my personal favorite Hunger Games character, can you tell! She's really loud and proud with her amazing sense of style and fashion. And I just adore her awesome clothes!

If you love Effie as much as I do, or even if you're just into fashion paper crafting, there's some fab project links above to take you to some inspired origami projects based on her character. Effie loves those oversized floral decorations she wears in her hair and on her costumes. Picked out for you are some great flower and bloom tutorials that she would be really proud of.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this hub today, thanks for your visit. Below, you'll find some paper folding projects to make a dress and shoes for Ms Trinket and even a pair of really fun, moving origami lips which are amazing.

Origami inspired by Effie Trinket

  • How to Make Origami Flowers - Dream a Little Bigger
    Learn how to fold simple origami flowers, the Kusudama flower. Simple enough for children but entertaining to make for crafters of all ages.
  • How to make Origami Kissing Lips
    These Origami Kissing Lips are really quite brilliant! These lips can be given to someone as a card so it's a great activity for Valentine's Day too.
  • High Heel Origami Shoes
    Make some high heeled shoes for Effie - how about gold color ones? This is a complete step-by-step photo tutorial. When you're done, snip off the tips of the toes on your paper folded shoes as Effie likes to wear peep-toe heels!

Effie Trinket Origami on YouTube

Make More Flower Blooms for Effie

Effie loves to wear flowers in her hair - why not make some big blooms from origami and wear those in yours?

© 2012 Marie

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Marie (author) on July 06, 2012:

@melissiaoliver: Yes, I enjoy grouping origami projects together - makes it so much more fun and good when doing activities with kids on a theme like The Hunger Games too. Thanks for stopping by :)

melissiaoliver on July 06, 2012:

Some really fun and interesting ideas here! I hadn't thought of origami in terms of themes before.

Marie (author) on June 20, 2012:

@Annamadagan: Thanks for visiting my Hunger Games Origami page:)

Annamadagan on June 15, 2012:

Very cool! The Hunger Games was a great book.

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