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Hunchback of Notre Dame Paintings

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Paintings inspired by Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame

Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame as many different types of adaptations from movies, Radio plays, Musicals Ballets, Operas and more but it has also inspired lots of different kinds of artists. From Painting, sculpture, and illustration; there is many pieces based off the novel.

So please enjoy the art from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Paintings are arrange as they occur in the novel many use Esmeralda as a subject.

Reminder- this a page depicting works of art.

Also this not a complete list of all the Hunchback paintings. I'm sure there are more out there especially by fans.

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An Esmeralda and Phoebus Water Color Unknown Artist

A Water Color by Unknown Artist

A Water Color by Unknown Artist

This painting by an unknown artist and it depicts Phoebus meeting with Esmeralda.

This painting doesn't seem to depicts any scene from the book in particular but it's still a lovely painting.

The soft watercolors gives their meeting a romantic yet dreamlike quality. Given their relationship (or lack there of) in the novel it would seem that this painting is from Esmeralda's perceptive.

Wilhelm Marstrand - 1898

Wilhelm Marstrand 1898

Wilhelm Marstrand 1898

This painting by Wilhelm Marstrand depicts Esmeralda and Djali dancing.

Again this painting doesn't seem to come from any specific scene from the book. It's just Esmeralda and Djali having some fun.

The rough brushstrokes gives the works a feeling of active movement. Esmeralda also looks very youthful with big bright eyes.

William Gale

William Gale

William Gale

This painting by William Gale, depicts a spelling lesson. In the novel Esmeralda teaches Djali to spell 'Phoebus" using cards.

The novel doesn't actually go into the method of how she trains Djali to spell Phoebus but it's a major plot point in the book.

The painting is highly detailed and is quite lovely. You can't really make out Esmeralda's looks so one can imagines what her face looks like.

It's one of my favorites.

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Antoine Wiertz

Esmeralda Antoine Wiertz

Esmeralda Antoine Wiertz

Another painting of the spelling lesson. This painting is by Antoine Wiertz.

Unlike Gale's painting, Wiertz's Esmeralda seems to be taking a break from the lesson. Esmeralda seems to not be dress in a medieval clothing though and she is wearing red which is not a color she wears in the novel. Also Djali looks more gray here rather than white, which is the color she is describing having in the novel.

Still, it's a pretty painting.

Auguste Couder

Frollo stabbing Phoebus by Auguste Couder

Frollo stabbing Phoebus by Auguste Couder

This painting is by Auguste Couder and depicts Frollo stabbing Phoebus. Esmeralda notices but Phoebus is none the wiser.

This painting has a lot of details. For instance you can see Esmeralda's necklace which has great significance later in the novel. The different level of heights and the compositions add a lot of visual interest with Frollo in shadows but his height in the painting dominates the fate of the two would be lovers.

It is another favorite.

Charles Auguste Steuben 1839

Esmeralda petting Djali Charles Auguste Steuben 1839

Esmeralda petting Djali Charles Auguste Steuben 1839

This richly colored painting by Charles Auguste Steuben depicts Esmeralda caressing Djali.

In this painting she's in sanctuary in Notre Dame. You can tell this because she is wearing white and you can see Quasimodo behind her to the left side.

This painting has been used as the cover for the Oxford World's Classics version of Notre Dame de Paris.

I really like this painting as it such a good showcase for Esmeralda's attitude regrading Djali and Quasimodo. She cares more for her little goat than the man who saved her from the gallows.

Djali is really cute in this painting

Louis Boulanger

Frollo and Esmeralda Porte de Rouge scene Louis Boulanger

Frollo and Esmeralda Porte de Rouge scene Louis Boulanger

This Painting by Louis Boulanger depicts Frollo and Esmeralda in the Porte de Rouge scene where Frollo tries to force himself on Esmeralda in her cell.

Quasimodo saves her and nearly kills Frollo. Frollo crazed looks is really great to see.

Nicolas Eustache Maurin

Nicolas Eustache Maurin

Nicolas Eustache Maurin

This painting by Nicolas Eustache Maurin, depicts Esmeralda being taken to the gallows.

You can tell she is still alive in this painting because her Mother, Sister Gudule is clinging to her and Gudule dies right before Esmeralda does.

This painting is tragic and really well rendered, it's heartbreaking.

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Like the Paintings? Which one is your Favorite?

anonymous on February 06, 2012:

Good works all, but my favorite is Esmeralda meets Phoebus.

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