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Scrapbook Sketches

Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author. I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Creating Scrapbook Pages From Sketches


Making A Scrapbook Page -Quick And Easy

Lots of people like to make scrapbooks but they can be time consuming. There is a way to create an almost professional scrapbook quickly and easily. Using these ideas will not only help you create your own scrapbooks, but you can create gift scrapbooks for those special occasions when you want to have something special that you made yourself. For those of us who scrapbook as a hobby, sometimes, you are in a project and your creative juices go a little dry. Following these ideas will get you on track to creating the perfect pages for your family memories. It's just a simple idea that will help you create pages for your scrapbooks that you never thought possible. It's a simple technique that anyone can learn from beginner to passionate artist. Best of all, it's free......It's simply using free scrapbook sketches that are available all over the internet.

Think of a scrapbook sketch like a blueprint. It gives you a general idea where to place your photos, title and other elements on the page. More often than not, they come in grey scale tones. That way you can think about the colors and patterns in the features that you have chosen for your page. It shows you how to place elements on your pages.

The scrapbook sketch is a starting point for your design. But there is no law that says you cannot move the elements of a page around. As you get used to using scrapbook sketches, you will start feeling more confident with going farther and farther with your own design.

Different Ways To Use Scrapbook Sketches

  1. Use them just as they are. Everything is there fr you. Your creativity lies in the embellishments and papers that you use. This is the quickest way to get a scrapbook page completed.
  2. Alter it just a bit. The sketch may have two pictures but you only have one. So you opt for one larger picture. In this case you alter one or two portions of the sketch.
  3. You rotate the sketch by 90-180 degrees. It gives you a new perspective. Rotating the sketch means that you will have at least 4 new layouts from the same sketch.
  4. Take an element away or add more. Removing an element creates a new sketch that you have customized for your own use. If you add one new element, start with that and build the other part around that element. You also can add multiples of the same element to create an entirely new look.
  5. Adapt the size. The sketch may be a 12" by12" sketch, but you are working on a smaller size scrapbook page. It is not that difficult to downsize the sketch.

Where To Find Scrapbook Sketches

There are so many free sources for scrapbook sketches, you should never be without ideas or resources

  • Start with your browsers. Just go to any browser that you have and type in free scrapbook sketches. Then go to images Download the sketch that you like and print it or store it on your computer
  • Look through Pinterest. Type in scrapbook sketches. When you find what you like, again download to keep it
  • Check out online scrapbook magazines. You can get a lot of information and ideas from free scrapbook magazines
  • Check out the program on your electronic cutting machine. One of the things that I love about Cricut Access program is that they offer free scrapbook page layouts. You see the layout and all the elements and they will be cut as you size them. Then all you have to do is cut them and put them together

More Free Scrapbook Sketches

How To Use Sketches

Converting a sketch into a scrapbook page is easy when you understand the elements

Converting a sketch into a scrapbook page is easy when you understand the elements


Things To Consider In A Scrapbook Sketch

When you are considering using a scrapbook sketch, there are a few things to consider before you commit to that particular layout:

  • Photo placement-where, how the photos are placed, and how many photos are on the sketch.
  • Paper Placement- Do you like where the paper is placed. Do you like any layers of paper? It it pleasing to your eye.

Remember, the sketch may show you a particular patterned or type of paper. You don't have to duplicate that paper. In fact more often than not, you are just going to substitute the papers that you own. For the purpose of the sketch, you are just looking at the size and placement of the papers. Do both elements inspire you?

You might see a border on the sketch. You do not need to use that border. You can substitute a border that you have or omit all together.

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How To Read A Scrapbook Sketch

Looking at the sketch, you can easily break down the elements for your use. Remember, it is up to you how you adapt the sketch for your use. You have options.

  • Dark rectangles are usually the photos
  • Lighter rectangles or squares are usually paper
  • Long rectangles or circles are die cut boarder embellishments, border stickers or punch board boarders
  • Other shapes are embellishments or stickers
  • Titles are larger writing, stickers with words or ABC stickers
  • Journal or lines are places to write

If the sketch does not tell you the size of the papers in the sketch, use your fingers top and bottom to measure the photo. You can approximate the size paper that you need. This is important, because most of us print sketches on 81/2 " copy paper. That will not be true to size, no matter what size scrapbook page you are making.


Create A Scrapbook Sketch Book

Keep Your sketches Handy In One Location

I have created a notebook where I keep my sketches handy. You can print them easy enough from your computer. You can spate them by category or by theme. I like to keep mine in page protectors to keep them handy and easy to use. When I create my own scrapbook sketch, I add the dimensions so that I have that information. If you don't want to create a notebook, you could create a separate file in my pictures on your computer. You could also keep them in an 8 x 10 scrapbook, it's up to you. Having them available makes all your pages easier and quicker than you ever thought possible

Recommended sections for your sketch book could include:

  • Single page layout
  • Double page layout
  • Themed layouts ( birthdays, holidays, ect)
  • 8" x 8" scrapbook layouts
  • 12" x12" scrapbook layouts
  • 2 photo layouts
  • 4 photo layouts
  • Blank templates


  • Three ring loose leaf binder
  • Page protectors
  • Section Dividers
  1. Set up your dividers. It is up to you what sections you use !
  2. Print out the sketch that you want to keep.
  3. Decide which section you want to keep it in
  4. Slip into a page protector

Remember, you can use both sides of the page protector to save space.

Another way to store your sketches is in files folders in an upright file system-either in a drawer or in a mobile file system

Elements Of A Scrapbook Sketch

So what's on a scrapbook page anyway? Well that is up to you. A scrapbook page can be simply a group of pages with pictures on them. But most people include a few more elements. Here are a few to consider

1. The pictures......these are the basics of your page. How you arrange them is up to you

2. Picture Mats......they are underneath the picture and act as a frame. They are especially useful with patterned paper

3. Titles......can almost be anywhere on the page

4. Journaling sections.....where you write about the events or people

5. Embellishments........those sweet little pieces of gems, paper and trinkets we all love to add

How To Create A Scrapbook Page with a Sketch

Following a scrapbook sketch is not really difficult. The best sketches have dimensions printed on them. That really makes it easy for you to cut the elements out. But if no sizing is given, you can approximate the sizes on the elements. Adapting them to your needs isn't hard to do.

Remember, you are building your page from the bottom up. So. you want to use a sturdy paper as your base. Thin paper is not heavy enough to to hold photos and embellishments. Make sure to start with a good base.

Time required: 15-25 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Depends on the materials you use


  • scrapbook paper-you will need paper for your background as well as paper for your photo mats and embellishments
  • photos
  • embellishments of your choice-they can be labels, letters, titles whatever the sketch calls for


  • scissors and/or paper cutter
  • scrapbook adhesive


  1. Choose the scrapbook sketch that you want to use.Chose either a single page or a double page layout
  2. Choose the photos to fit the layout. decide which photos will have to be trimmed. Trim them with a scissor or a paper trimmer the papers for your scrapbook page.
  3. Decide the papers for your scrapbook page or layout. If you use paper from a single collection, it makes it easy to match the papers.
  4. Chose the base page for your scrapbook page. Chose a color that will match any patterned papers that you are using. It needs to be a good weight paper so that it colds the elements of the page.
  5. Eyeball or measure any papers that are layered on the page and cut to fit
  6. Lay the layers on the base page to make sure that you do not need any adjustments.
  7. Cut any mats for behind your photos.
  8. Create the title for your page
  9. Create any journaling that you are planning for the page
  10. Cut, make or gather any embellishments that you are planning to use
  11. Lay out all of the elements of the page on the base page without taping them. Lay them out to be sure that you are pleased with the page
  12. Now you are ready to glue or tape all the elements on the page

Make Your Own Scrapbook Sketch - Easily Done With Just A Few Tools

Drawing your own scrapbook sketches isn't difficult at all. There are just a few things to consider. The elements that you will need for your page would include an area to place your photos, a title, any journaling, any embellishments..It's that simple. Look through scrapbook books, magazines and on the internet to find examples of pages that you really like. On some drawing paper with a pencil, ruler and circle drawer mark off those areas. Note the measurements of the different elements that you are adding to your page. It's just that simple ! Here are some of my must have tools for drawing scrapbook sketches

How To Adapt A Scrapbook Sketch

Single Page Photo Layout

One photo on a single page layout gives the special focal point to a single picture

One photo on a single page layout gives the special focal point to a single picture

How To Make Your Own Scrapbook Sketch

Free Scrapbook Sketches

Using Layers In Your Designs

Using layers in your designs adds lots of dimension to a single photo

Using layers in your designs adds lots of dimension to a single photo

How To Change A Scrapbook Sketch

You can adapt a scrapbook sketch to fit your needs, even if you do not have a lot of experience with scrapbook sketches or making scrapbook pages.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Rotate the sketch either left or right. Them line up the elements to fit your needs.
  • Flip the sketch so that the elements on the top are now on the bottom.
  • Remove a photo and use the space
  • Move or remove an element in the sketch

Two Page Photo Layout


Simple Scrapbook Page Layout

Simple three photo layout

Simple three photo layout

ScrapBook Galleries - Get More Inspiration

Scrapbook galleries are a great place to get sketch and design ideas. I frequently will visit several. Either I will print out the ones I like or draw sketches of the ones that I have the features that I need. If I print them, I keep them in my Scrapbook Sketch Book

Here are several of my favorites

Another Three Photo Layout


Three Photo Layouts

Resources On Scrapbook Sketches

I have several books devoted to scrapbook sketches. When my creative juices are dry, I refer to them and get some inspiration. Owning several of these books, make your scrapbooking hours a lot more enjoyable

© 2014 Linda F Correa

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