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The Cool Pom Pom Maker by Clover

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The cool Clover pom pom maker makes creating these fluffy yarn balls super easy!

The cool Clover pom pom maker makes creating these fluffy yarn balls super easy!

Super Easy and Fast Way to Make Beautifully Fluffy Pom Poms!

I’ve tried a whole range of different methods to make up my own yarn pomp poms from scratch and none of them have ever been that satisfactory to me. The old method of using your own cardboard pieces works but it is so tedious. I’ve even tried wrapping yarn around chair legs to make more than one at a time but I don’t think much to that either having attempted it.

When I saw that Clover had come up with these clever looking devices, I was a teeny bit hopeful. See Clover make a lot of really awesome things that I love to use for crochet and textile crafts so they already had a great reputation in my mind. So when I read many good reviews, I bought a pair from the large pack to test them out and I was very pleasantly surprised. Find out how to use this device below as well as more tips on what it can offer you.

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Simple to Use if You Know How They Work!

Although the pom pom makers in this range are really superb, the actual instructions are not particularly good (sometimes not even in English) and they leave many crafters looking for exactly how they work. My tutorial below will show you a very detailed step by step demonstration with clear photos and concise instructions that you can follow.

How to use a Clover pom pom maker - find out how this clever gadget works

How to use a Clover pom pom maker - find out how this clever gadget works

So Easy Even School Children Can Make Them!

Once you realize just how easy these gadgets are to use, they are very easy to work with and you can make a pom from start to finish in minutes. In fact, they are so easy that my young daughter sits and does this craft with me as well. She loves making them – the latest project was to make some to hang off her bootie slippers! We’ve got them hanging up as wall décor to add pops of color across a room – great for parties. And we like to use them for soft furnishings like cushions and pillows too.

If you do knitting or crochet, you are often left with odd balls and skeins of wool and yarn from projects. These oddments are perfect for using to make these fun embellishments as well. For my daughter’s birthday party, I made a huge line of banner bunting hanging from the walls and it was all from spare pieces of yarn that was sitting doing nothing in my wardrobe.

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You also need a small, sturdy and very sharp pair of scissors to cut around with. I like to use my sharp embroidery scissors for this job. Cutting is the best it.

The makers come in a range of sizes (normally with 2 in a pack) and I particularly like the large pack because the finished results are about the size of my palm and bigger which I think is ideal for fun party garlands and banners.

Color Change Yarn Can Create An Amazing Look

Variegated color change yarn pinks purples

Variegated color change yarn pinks purples

Try Variegated Yarn for a Really Cute Look!

If you want pom poms which are multi-colored, the easiest way is to use a ball of variegated yarn which changes color along the length of the yarn. The variegated designs tend to have colors which work well together and are ideal for using. Another way to achieve this look is to use 2,3 or 4 different yarns and wrap them around the maker at the same time. This works in a similar fashion and it makes wrapping even quicker too. I hope you've enjoyed reading this hub today, thanks for your visit. Enjoy your crafting!

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Marie (author) on May 16, 2014:

@Jerzimom: This is really fun. I wouldn't mind a pillow like that myself.

Cheryl Fay Mikesell from Mondovi, WI on May 16, 2014:

I love this! I use to have a pom pom pillow. I think it would be neat to make another one like it.

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