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How To Sew Gored Skirts Free Gores Sewing Pattern

Gored Skirt Sewing For Women Step By Step Guide

Gored skirts styles vary according to fashion that is in vogue. For a dressmaker to make a well sewn gored skirt, the skirt should fit and be able to hang around the edge of the bottom, the skirt should be able to easily fit around the hips without the figure showing too closely, the skirt should give a slight flare from the hips to the skirt's bottom, the back of the skirt should be able to fall behind the figure and not fall in between the feet.

Simple Steps To Make Skirts

This is a general rule you can apply to sew any skirt of your choice bearing in mind the style you want to make.

  • If you are using a skirt pattern, depending on the length of the skirt you want to sew, you can shorten or lengthen the pattern.
  • Learn and know how to place the fabric
  • Know the method you can use to pin the pattern to avoid wasting the fabric
  • Cutting the fabric with the pattern on it
  • Pin or tack the skirt to lining
  • Join the skirt seams to fit
  • Machine stitch
  • Press the skirt
  • Finish the seams and the placket
  • Sewing on waist band
  • Adjust the skirt's length and finish the bottom
  • Sew on fastenings such as loops, hooks and eyes or buttons.

The above steps will be highlighted below.

Women can pair their gored skirts with any lovely tops or blouses. Gored skirts are classical skirts that women loves to wear. You can always find four gored skirt, six or seven gored skit.


How To Lengthen or Shorten Skirt Patterns

To Shorten A Skirt Pattern

  • If the skirt pattern is too short, you can use the measurement of the person who will wear the skirt to shorten the pattern to the right length size or pin the pattern on the fabric and cut around the top of the gored skirt using 2/3 from the top.
  • Remove the pins
  • Place the pattern to the bottom
  • Cut the length that you want

To Lengthen A Skirt Pattern

  • To lengthen a gored skirt pattern, make a 2/3 fold in each gore skirt from the top
  • Cut the required length
  • If you want the gored skirt to be pleated or tucked, make sure the gores are of the same width and the seams are the right length.

How To Test Patterns For Skirts

If you are new to dressmaking, it is always advisable to use cheap fabrics to test your sewing after using pattern to cut the fabric. This means, using the steps above, that is, cut the fabric, tack and sew to fit.

How To Place Skirt Patterns

  • Lay the pattern half of the front gore skirt in a lengthwise fold position on the fabric
  • Fold the fabric lengthwise and cut double the other gores if the fabric you are cutting from is wide. Fold the fabric from end to end after you have cut out the middle gored skirt and cut it double, if you are using a narrow fabric.

How To Pin Gored Skirt Pattern

  • Do not use too many pins
  • Pin at the middle of the pattern on the fabric and work towards the end
  • Pin at the top and bottom
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How To Cut Out Gore Skirt

  • After pinning the patterns , baste all the marked notches with thread or tailor's chalk
  • Using a sharp, long shears, open the shears and cut out the skirt
  • Cut out the back of the skirt the same way. Note that the back of the skirt is always wider than the front of skirts.
  • Remove pins
  • Pin all the pieces together

How To Join Gored Skirts

  • In order to join a skirt properly, you will have to first pin the side of the skirt to the front
  • Tack the skirt across the seams downward from the top
  • Try the skirt on and make any necessary adjustment
  • Machine stitch

Gored Skirts Free Online Patterns And Sewing Instructions

How To Line Skirts

  • Make the lining and fit it first
  • Rip the sides of the skirt
  • Tack the outside of the skirt to the lining
  • Lay the outside warp and the lining the same way

How To Stitch Skirts

  • Use medium length stitch on all fabric seams
  • The stitching line should be parallel both inside and outside of the baste
  • You can use cotton or silk thread to stitch skirts
  • Check that the needle is not coarse

How To Finish Skirt Seams

  • When you have finished machine stitching the gore skirt, remove all tacks by cutting the thread from several places and pull the tacks out gently.
  • Open the seams and press
  • Finish the seams either with overcast, binding notch or flat stitch

How To Sew On Placket To Gore Skirts

  • It is a good idea to finish the placket before joining the gores
  • Sew an under-lap fabric on the left side of the skirt. Let it extend below the end of the opening.
  • On the right side of the fabric, face it with fabric
  • You can cat stitch or hem the placket to the skirt
  • Finish the skirt by sewing on fasteners to help secure the placket

How To Sew Bands On Skirts

  • Cut a band that is parallel to the selvage
  • Allow the length of the under-lap fabric to be longer than the measurement of the waist
  • Do not use a band that is too thick or tight
  • Fit the band after trying on the skirt
  • Tack the band to the skirt with small stitches
  • Machine stitch
  • Finish with fasteners


Theresa D (author) from England, UK on February 25, 2013:

Thanks pao2, gored skirts are actually my favorite skirts. I like the design and the way some of the designs flare and give room when you move.

pao on February 22, 2013:

love it!

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