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Types Of Women Trousers Pants Styles To Sew | How To Make Pants For Ladies

How To Sew Types Of Women Trouser Styles | Pants Making Using Pattern Tutorial

The style of trousers or pants a dressmaker wants to make depends on how long you want the trousers to be. The name of any trousers depends on its length as well as its style. For example, starting from the hip, the trouser is called bikini, followed by shorts, Bermuda shorts, Gaucho pants, Capri and then classic length.

Some trousers are made with special designs such as palazzo, harem, culottes, knickers, jumpsuit, hip huggers and jeans. Trousers or pants can come in different shapes. Trousers that are flared from the waist are called evening fancy slacks, casual slacks are very comfortable loose fitting and it is very easy to make.

Stretch trousers are made by using stretch knit fabric. They are mostly worn for exercising as they are close fitting for sport activities and also very comfortable to wear. Shorts can be made in different styles. Shorts can be made to look smart or casual depending on which type of fabric you use. You can also make sport shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Cargo style trousers are used mainly as outdoor wear. They have several panels with pockets that has details and are loose fitting. Jeans are traditional casual wear that are mostly made in blue denim. Jeans come in different styles such as wide, straight or narrow leg trouser. Culottes are worn for cycling or horse riding. It is made to be above the knees and looks like a divided skirt.


The Making Of Women's Fitted Trousers

The variations in trouser styles allow dressmakers to make trousers that can fit well, no matter the shape or size of the wearer. You should choose a trouser pattern that is easy to sew, can fit well and can suit most figures. Making trousers is one of the easy sewing you should learn as trousers are acceptable garments anyone can make.

To save yourself some ill fitting trousers, it is better to study your figure type very carefully from all sides before you start sewing yourself any trouser.

How To Check Trousers Pattern

You should try to check the pattern size before you start cutting out the pattern pieces. Check the leg length, waist length to crotch. Check if there is any mismatch of your measurements with that of the pattern, because it is at this stage that you should adjust your pattern as you will not be able to correct this when you are fitting the trouser pieces together.

To get the correct measurements for your trousers, sit on a chair and along the side of your body from the waist to the chair, measure yourself. This is the waist to the crotch measurement. The inner leg length should be measured from the crotch to below the ankle bone.

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Choosing The Correct Fabric To Make Trousers

Trousers are made from different fabrics without considering if the fabric is suitable or not. Fabric used in making trousers is very important. It does not matter what size you are, you should avoid using jerseys and tweeds fabrics as these type of fabrics are bulky and will give rounded effects instead of an elongated shape which is how trousers should be.

You should also consider the occasion that you will be wearing the trousers for such as, will you be sitting down most of the time while wearing the trousers such as driving, or walking. Any trouser you make out of soft fabric should be lined. Fabrics that are suitable for making summer weight trousers are cotton, linen mixtures, denim, heavy cotton plus others.

How To Mark Pattern Details On Fabrics

  • You should select the size of your pattern layout and the fabric yards that you want to use
  • Pin the pattern on the fabric piece
  • Only cut out the back and front of the trouser
  • The waist band can be cut out later
  • Mark the pattern details on the fabric by tacking
  • The end of the zip stitching line should be marked
  • Measure the length of the zip after you have removed the pattern pieces

How To Prepare Trousers For Fitting

  • Pin and tack trousers side seam
  • Pin and tack individual inner leg seam
  • You have now made the two halves of your trousers by tacking
  • Pin and tack trouser waist darts
  • With right sides facing, slip the left trouser leg into the right leg
  • Pin and tack along the center back seam through the center front seam. This should be done to the center front seam of the zip marking end.
  • Pull out the trouser legs and press seams
  • Stitch each inner leg seam and press

How To Insert Zip Into Trousers For Women

In the center front opening, insert the zip. Many dressmakers use the lap over method. You can topstitch the front placket on the right side of the zip.

Trouser Waist Band

You can now stitch on the trouser waist band. As trousers normally fasten at the center front, it is a good idea to fasten the trouser waist-band with a button and buttonhole.

How To Sew Women Trousers Tutorial

How To Make Trousers For Women Video Tutorial


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