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How To Sew Women Nightgown With Yoke

Women Nightie Nightgown Making With Yoke

Night dress, nightie or nightgown all mean the same thing, that is, clothes worn when a woman is ready to go to bed. Night dress is another easy to make a dress that a dressmaker can add to her wardrobe. Making a night dress will require a commercial night dress sewing pattern so that you can follow the sewing instructions on how to make the nightie fit and look good. Night dress is made to be loose fitting, this makes the wearer feel comfortable while wearing the nightie.

How To Cut Out Night Dress From A Pattern

  • Cut out the nightie pattern pieces and lay them on the base fabric
  • Check the pattern to see if there are seam and hem allowances added to them. Although most modern sewing patterns have seams and hem allowances added to the pattern pieces.
  • Cut out the fabric pieces
  • Make sure you cut a facing to the front opening
  • Two bias strips
  • From the neck edge, cut a slit in the centre front of the skirt

How To Stitch Night Dress Pieces Together

  • Lay the broderie trim on the edges of hem with right sides facing
  • Stitch the level of the raw edges
  • Press seam allowance
  • Use french seam to stitch the sleeve seams
  • Stitch shirring elastic on each sleeve with two rows of shirring
  • Knot ends of the shirring securely
  • At the underarm stitch french seam on the sleeves to the skirt
  • Press seam

How To Sew Yoke To Night Dress

  • Use french seam to stitch the shoulders
  • You will need three cut pieces of broderie Anglaise
  • From the raw edge gather each piece by machine stitch
  • At the centre front, machine gather the depth of the yoke short pieces
  • Pin and sew each front yoke pieces to the right side
  • At the gathering line, topstitch the yoke in place before using a zigzag stitch for the yoke's raw edge.
  • Make sure the gathered length will fit around your neck and the edges of the centre front
  • Pin, tack and stitch in place the raw edges of the yoke's right side
  • Bind the two centre front edges by using the short bias strips
  • At the fabric's straight grain, join the long bias strips
  • Stitch the right sides facing of the centrally placed strip along the neck edge
  • For the ties, stitch the strip into a rouleaux at each end
  • Complete the neck edge binding by turning therouleaux's right side
  • From the lower edge of the yoke, stay stitch
  • At the centre front, gather the rest of the broderie trim of the lower edge of the yoke to fit
  • From the edge of the yoke, tack and stitch to the right side of the yoke
  • Along the gathering line, machine stitch the yoke in place

How To Attach Skirt To Night Dress

  • Stitch centre back seam
  • The top edge of the skirt and sleeves are gathered with two rows
  • Pull the gathered lines to fit the yoke as you match notches to seams
  • Stitch and trim seam allowance
  • Use zigzag stitch or overlock to stitch the edges together
  • Press seams to upwards position
  • Neaten the facing of the raw edges
  • With right sides together, pin and stitch the facing centrally over the centre front
  • Between the stitching, slash
  • Use under stitch for the facing seam allowance
  • Turn to the inside
  • Use hand sew for the facing to stitch yoke seam top edges
  • At this stage, sew on fasteners, such as a hook and eye
  • Make hem on the skirt and stitch

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