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How To Sew Kinds Of Necklines On Dresses and Different Types Of Dress Necklines

Types of Neckline Styles for Women

There are different types of neckline styles that are found on the neck area of garments. Necklines are classified as outer edges of clothes. Necklines on garments can frame a woman's face and neck. Neckline styles vary according to the way a neckline is sewn on the neck of the garment you choose.

To sew a neckline, the dressmaker will need to use facings. Facings are fabric pieces that a sewer sews to the outer edge of a garment and then finish the edge by turning to the inside.facing on dress is not a separate pieces of unit , it is a part of the garment. facing can be said to be an extension of the front of the garment.

There are different ways of finishing a neckline, a dressmaker can use piped neck edge, bound neck edge or bias neck edge technique. The method you can use in making necklines in stretch knits is different. You should finish the neckline with a decorative double banding or single banding. You should use a four thread overlock stitch to attach the banding on the neckline.

The types of necklines on women dresses will determine how such outfits will appear. Women can have the style on necklines on empire dress, halter neck, a-line dress and many more. Ladies will choose to pair the neckline on their dresses to match their style likes.

Different Types Of Neckline Styles

You can make the necklines to look low, raised or normal. It can be low in front and high in back or the opposite. Necklines can be "V" shaped, round, off the shoulder, keyhole, square or sweetheart type. These are some of the neckline styles that you can find on women's garment outer edges:

Scoop Necklines

Scoop neckline is round in style and a little lower in front than in the back side of the garment.

Cowl Neckline

Cowl necklines has a flowing folds and it drapes either to the front or back, at times both.

Square Necklines

Square neckline is a flat square of the outer edge of a garment. The front of the garment can be made to look square and the back can be round or the front and back of the garment can both be square.

Bateau or Boat Neckline

This type of neckline is straight from shoulder to shoulder. It is wide on both sides and usually high at the front area.

Decollete Neckline

Decollete neckline style is usually attached to strapless blouses and has low neckline

Round Necklines

Round neckline is round and plain. It looks like a circle that goes round the base of the neck.

You will need to have a pattern for the type of neckline that you want to sew. You should cut the pattern pieces and place them on the fabric to cut out the neckline that you choose. You will have to buy interfacing that you can fuse to the neckline to make it strong.

How To Sew Curved Neckline

  • Join the interfacing to the wrong side of the neck facing. Machine stitch the pieces together and finish the shoulder seams of the garment.
  • Press seams open
  • Machine stitch together the right sides of facing and dress garment
  • Press
  • Under stitch and tack facing

How To Sew Square Necklines

  • Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side
  • Join facing and garment seams at shoulder seams
  • Press seams
  • Machine stitch the right side of facing to right side of garment
  • Remember to pivot at corners by turning the fabric around the needle as you raise the machine's presser foot.
  • Stitch with short stitches as you lower the presser foot
  • When done, reset to regular stitch length
  • Clip into corners
  • Turn and under stitch

How To Sew Necklines Tutorials

How To Fuse Interfacing To Necklines Video Tutorial


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