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How To Make Kilt Pleats Pattern | Scottish Kilt Pleated Skirt

Kilt Making With Waist Band

Kilt pleat skirt is one of the most common worn pleated skirt called scottish kilt. Kilt can be worn by both men and women, although women wear it as fashion skirt styles more than men. Kilt skirt is made with fabric that make it look full and heavy when worn, just like any pleated skirt. Kilts are always associated with scottish tartans, other fabrics that can pleat well can also be used.

As kilt is always pleated to look full, it is best to use fine wool and any other man made fabrics that can be pressed easily to create the pleated garment or skirt. If you want your kilt to look professional, it is better to practice first with any piece of fabric and then follow the same method in making the kilt skirt.

To work out how much fabric you will need for the pleating, you will have to calculate the hip measurement for the fabric, as this is the largest part that the kilt will cover. Make sure you allow enough ease for the hip measurement. If you are a beginner to sewing, it is a good idea that you get a commercial pattern for kilt sewing.

Remember to take your measurements and compare them with the pattern measurements, and make adjustment where necessary. Many kilts are sewn using tartans or checks. If you are to use any one of these fabrics, make sure that the pattern matches how you want the kilt to look on you. Kilt uses much fabric, so buy sufficient fabric that will enable you to pleat the kilt successfully.

How To Make A Kilt

  • You will have to cut the fabric as you would for a normal pleated skirt. Mark the length of the skirt, waist and add hem seam allowances.
  • Before you start to pleat the kilt, tack the hem first and press
  • Mark and tack all the pleated lines, with the fabric right side up
  • The center front should be marked on both panels
  • Pin from the left panel to the right
  • Fold the upper front panel edge to meet the last pleat fold, this will create the inverted pleat
  • Start to tack the pleat from hip to hem
  • Join by tacking the skirt sections, make sure it creates the crease from the inside of the pleat.

How To Stitch Kilt

Before you start to stitch the kilt, try on the kilt skirt for fitting after making up.

  • You can begin by firmly stitching into position the top of each pleats
  • Press the pleats from hip line to hem
  • Try on the kilt skirt for fitting
  • Top stitch each pleat to the hip line from waist
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How To Attach Waist Band To Kilt Skirt

It all depends on how you want the kilt to fasten. To fasten kilt, you will need to attach a waist band to the kilt. There are many ways you can fasten kilt. You can fasten it with a buckle belt or you can use hook and eye fastener. There are about two ways that you can attach waist band to a kilt:

  1. You can attach an elasticated waist band, or
  2. You can use a plain waist band for the kilt

It does not matter which of the methods in attaching the waist band to the kilt you use, the only thing is that you should make sure that you use either a buckle or hook and eye for the fastener so that the kilt wrap can be able to hold in position.


Kilt Making Tutorials

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MrMaranatha from Somewhere in the third world. on May 26, 2012:

Ill have to come back later and read this more closely... Looks like something I would like to make for the wife and or my daughter...

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