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How To Make Simple Dress For Women | Sundress Sew Pattern

Sewing A Dress | Simple Dress Making

Sewing basic dress for women can be fun and economical if you are a dressmaker. Many dressmakers can sew simple dresses without commercial patterns, they sew by measuring the dress wearer and using the measurements to cut and sew. If you are comfortable with commercial patterns, use a dress sewing pattern of your choice to make your basic dress.

Basic dress making entails marking and transferring all the pattern details to the fabric and cutting the fabric out. Whatever level of sewing skill you are, whether beginner or intermediate dressmaker, it is a good idea to tack the dress after cutting and try it on for fitting, so that if it does not fit as you desire, you can make adjustment before you start sewing the seams together.

The benefit of transferring pattern details to fabric is that, it enables the dressmaker to follow the pattern guide lines if there is any need to alter the dress later. To sew a simple dress, you should bear in mind the stages of making any type of dress. It does not matter what dress styles that you want to make, the stages and how the fabric pieces are assembled for tacking and stitching are the same.

The good thing in using a commercial sewing pattern for a dress is that you can sew a whole wardrobe by using the same pattern. All you have to do is to change the fabric material and the way you trim it to create a different fashion dress style. Also with the same pattern, you can shorten or lengthen the dress to create attractive styles.


Types Of Women Dress Styles

These are some of the types of dress styles for women. Depending on the dress style you choose, you can sew great looking women dresses

A-Line Dress

A line dresses are very narrow at the shoulders

Sheath Dress

Sheath dress has no waistline

Empire Dress

Empire dress has a high waistline

Shift Dress

Shift dresses are straight and fit loosely

Tent Dress

Tent dress is large and hang loosely

Blouson Dress

Blouson dress has fullness above the waist

Princess Dress

Princess dress has vertical seam lines

Other women dress styles are:

  • Shirt waist dress
  • Sundress
  • Coat dress
  • Asymmetrical dress, and many more

How To Mark Dress Pattern Details On Fabric

  • Place the fabric on a flat surface such as a table
  • Mark the pattern details on the back and front of the dress fabric
  • The center back fold line should be marked
  • The center front line should be marked from hem to neck

How To Prepare Dress For Fitting

  • All the darts should be pinned and tacked
  • Pin and tack center front seams
  • Pin and tack side and shoulder seams
  • Press seams
  • Turn up the hem
  • Do not make up the fastening detail at this level
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How To Stitch Women Dresses

There are about four important steps which a dressmaker should follow in sewing any women dress style. Before you start the sewing, note that under collar, armholes, tab and center front will require facings, so get the fabric facing to hand. Before you begin to stitch the dress, teat the sewing machine stitches on a piece of fabric.

These are the steps used in sewing a basic dress for women:

  1. The front of the dress which consist of the center front seam, darts, tab, wrap and fastening if any. If you want to sew on fastening to the front or back, it is better to work on it at this stage before continuing on to the next step. Sew darts on the side bust before stitching the center front seam.
  2. The back of the dress will consist of darts at the shoulder and waist. Sew these darts and press the seams flat.
  3. Joining the seams by pinning, tacking and sewing the side seams and shoulder seams and press seams open.
  4. Sew the sleeves on, that is, if the dress is to have sleeves, but make sure you sew the neckline first. A dress with collar should use facing for the under collar. Finish the hem of the dress and stitch on the dress fasteners.

How To Sew Women Dress Tutorial

How To Make Dress


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