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How to Sew a Shirt Blouse for Women Tutorial - Stitch Women Tops


Making Shirts Blouses

Sew a basic fitted shirt blouse using these instructions. To sew a shirt, make sure you know the type of fabrics that are suitable for shirt blouse making. Fabrics such as cotton, light wool, printed silk, linen or plain silk. You should know how many yards of fabrics that you will require for the making of the shirt, interfacing sizes, matching threads, bed sheet and buttons.

Unless you are a professional dressmaker, make sure you use a commercial pattern and follow the pattern instructions. Get a pattern that has the kind of shirt that you want to make. These are the pieces you may find a shirt pattern: the shirt's front, back, shirt collar, shirt sleeves, cuffs and collar bands. You can wear your shirt with any style of skirts, trousers, jeans and mini skirts.

If you want to sew a basic shirt blouse to look perfect, you will need to use a front facing. The pattern you have should instruct you which pattern piece is the facing. Use the pattern to also cut the front edge, neck edge, lower edge and the shoulder. As a fitted shirt blouse for women, you will need to make darts on the front and back side of the shirt.

How To Cut Out Shirt Blouse Pieces From Pattern

  • Spread your shirt pattern on a flat surface, usually a table and from the layout, select your correct size.
  • Most patterns now have added seam and hem allowances added to them, so check if there are seam allowances added to your pattern pieces.
  • You should know the type of cuffs that you want to sew on the shirt sleeves
  • Cut out the collar pieces
  • Mark the details of the pattern on the fabric
  • Pay attention to collar and collar band marked details
  • Mark the sleeves details on the fabric and cut out the sleeves
  • Remove the pieces of the pattern from the fabric

How To Make Shirt Collars And Cuffs Interfacing

  • You need to interface shirt collars and cuffs to give it that extra crispness and strength
  • On the pattern layout cut out on the fold, one collar piece, one collar band and the center back from the interfacing.
  • Cut the shirt cuffs depending if you require single or double cuffs. Check your shirt pattern instructions.
  • Lay the interfacing pieces on the wrong side of corresponding shirt pieces
  • Pin and tack

How To Prepare Darts For Fitted Shirt Blouse For Women

  • From the darts marks on your shirt pieces, pin and tack the back darts, front darts, shoulder and side seams.
  • You will have to try the shirt on to know how the fitted the shirt is on you.
  • If the shirt blouse doesn't fit as you require, adjust the darts and follow the pattern instructions.
  • Tack the cuffs in position
  • Check the shirt sleeves to see if the length is what you like

Women Shirt Blouse Pattern Pieces


How To Sew Shirt Pieces Together

  • Pin, tack and sew the shirt pieces together with the right sides facing to the front edges
  • Edge tack and press the inside of the facings
  • Sew all the darts. The darts can be the side bust darts, back darts, under bust darts and press them along the center.
  • Use French seams to stitch shoulder and side seams
  • Machine stitch the second row towards the seam line
  • Press and turn up the hem

How To Make Shirt Collar

  • Use a flat surface such as a table
  • Lay the right sides of the under collar pieces and the top that you have interfaced together
  • Tack and sew along the front line and the upper curved seams
  • Trim the seam allowance and turn to the right side
  • Tack and press
  • At the stage, you can topstitch the collar
  • Turn the collar back to the wearing position
  • Tack in position the lower edge of the top collar along the seam line of the under collar
  • Stitch collar to the collar band
  • Make sure you match all the collar pattern markings on the shirt as you stitch

How To Stitch Collar On Shirt Blouse

  • Along the neckline, pin and tack the front facing to the shirt
  • Match the pattern details by pinning the inner side of the collar at the inside of the neckline
  • Pin, tack and stitch
  • Trim seam allowance
  • To cover the machine stitches on the outer collar band, turn the seam allowance
  • Hand sew along the tab cautiously as this part will show when you button the collar

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