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How to build a partition wall - Make portable room divider

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partition wall

partition wall

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Partition Wall - Room divider

What is a Partition Wall

A structure that divides a space into two separate areas are called as partition. And a Wall is continuous upright structure forming side of room or building .So, Partition wall is a structure upright and dividing wall of a room or building.Partition wall is a temporary or movable or may be sometimes fixed wall created for making partition of big halls and class rooms even living rooms.Even for party arrangements partition walls being used. Where you can keep food items, until the party activities. Even we can do main hall partitions for privacy. In other words we call this partition wall as room divider.These are non-load bearing structures, which can be with grouted bolts or even attached to the roof , as well as can be hanged also.

Considering usage and for handling purposes , it should be of light in weight , easy to transport as well as patterns and color can be changeable to match with the surrounding real walls and interior. We shall make our livelihood by renting this type of partition wall for parties and halls for exhibitions, shows, and for class room activities.

Types of partitions wall

  1. Movable one
  2. Fixed one
  3. Holdable one
  4. Acoustic partition wall
  5. Curtain parttion

Depends on your requirements , you may choose partition walls.

1.Movable divider

Movable partition walls can be made out of wood or glass panels depends on your preferences. Mostly making with wood is easy and cost effective. It can be moved one place to other places. Even called as temporary. If you make this type of partition panels out of knock-down fittings, it can be moved one place to the other.Even sometime , we can fix the wheels for moving the partition wall here and there.

Movable partition walls can be of either screen or light weight materials such as plywood or hardboard or plastic sheets. This is because of easy handling and carrying one place to other place. This type of divider can be made with future options,like extensions depends on the room size and width for covering. You must avoid see through glasses. You can use either stained glass or decorative glasses . Most of the materials used for partitions should solve the purpose of noise reduction.

2. Fixed type divider

If you need to fix the partition permanently , it is possible to make it with using both wooden one and glass type.Here you need to plan before you start making. Once you made partition , it is not advisable to change now and then because it needs some permanent bolting to the floor. So, our decision should be taking care of all future requirements .

Big halls and offices with plenty of spaces and even houses should give provision like rails both bottom and top side in case of future partitions for divisions in offices , increasing rooms for daughter and son and arranging for no of small parties. Here we should only worry about fixing of the partition and choosing the material depends on the usage and exploitation.

3. Foldable divider

Where you feel to avoid the congestion , you can use holdable one. Holdable one made by using Hinges which can rotate 360 0 . To some extend this is also temporary only. Because you are going to use hinges , you can’t remove like movable one. This will weaken your timber screwing. Glass type also available like holdable one.

Foldable divider are best suitable for hotels and restrauants. Where you change the designs frequently to attract the customer. Here you no need much of privacy and soundproof. So the materials choosen for partition should be of the particular purposes. Don't spend too much money on this in order to adopt changing design and patterns of modern world.

Best suitable for beauty parlor, clinics and hotels and reception and restaurant. All this places , you need not much worried about privacy or silence. Especially for beauty parlor and clinics and reception , people are too attentive and maintain calmness.

4. Acoustic type divider

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Where you want avoid to noise from the other side, you are recommended for acoustic type partition wall. Both in wood and glass type you can prepare the Acoustic type partition wall. This type of panels weigh slightly higher due to the acoustic material . This type of acoustic partition wall can be of abovesaid movable or fixed or holdable one.

Even you can add this type of divider to an existing wall in order to increase the sound proof properties. This type of acoustic type divider suitable for offices and hospitals ,conference halls and where you need more calmness and quiet. Besides Acoustic type divider is suitable for recording room and Drama hall , where you want more of calmness and to avoid external disturbances.

5. Curtain divider

This type of partition is recommended for temporary for grouping as well as creating background for photographs and scenery . This is simple and easy just making a two wooden stands with four hooks then you tie the curtain.

Curtain divider used mostly in houses and clinics . This type of dividers are psychological one and acts like a barrier and not disturbing the frequent movement.

Tools requirements :

  • · Hacksaw or portable circular saw
  • · Pencil
  • · Measuring tape
  • · Spirit level
  • Plumb bob
  • Proper sketch of the room and room divider
  • Marking crayon or White chalk
  • Lengthy thread for checking straightness
  • Grouting bolts
  • Drilling machine (battery operated)
  • Screwing machine (battery operated)
  • Nail gun

Material required

  • · Planned sawn timber 100 x 50 mm
  • · Plywood 6mm thick or wood composite material like laminated chipboard
  • · Wire nails 2” and 11/2”
  • · Paint brush
  • · Paint
  • · Wooden moulding - coverstrip


  1. · Make skeleton of wood 100 x 50 ; this skeleton vary in size depends on your requirement.
  2. · Check the level of floor and the wooden frame skeleton;
  3. · Nail or screw or knock-down bolt and nut the plywood or wood composite material.
  4. · Fix the cover strip where panels are joined incase of fixed or movable partition.
  5. · Paint it.
  6. · Your partition wall is ready for use.

· Incase of partition panel - holdable type you should fix the hinges according to the length.

· Needed you can fix the plastic rollers for moving.

Japanese old design house with partition

Japanese old design house with partition

partitioning room

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